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The Top Twelve Obama Foreign Policy Disasters

Barack Obama’s presidency has been marked by one overseas catastrophe after another. The screw ups are so legion, the incompetence so prolific, that, understandably, it gets confusing.

So White House Dossier has helpfully compiled for you a list of the top foreign policy disasters wrought by the unrivaled fecklessness of our president. We think you’ll agree, it’s quite stunning to view them all together.

In no particular order:

1. Establishment of the first Caliphate in nearly 100 years.

2. Wreckage of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

3. Near completion of am Iranian nuclear weapon.

4. Renewal of civil war and mass killings in Iraq.

5. Deaths of more than 100,000 in Syria.

6. Revival of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

7. Inauguration of hostile relations with Russia.

8. Emboldening of a newly assertive China.

9. Solidification of leftist regimes throughout Latin America.

10. Mistrust of America by its traditional Arab and Asian allies.

11. Rise of Islamism and chaos in Libya.

12. Spread of war on terror to Yemen and Mali.

For balance, we include here a list of Obama foreign policy successes:

1. The killing of Osama Bin Laden.

At least his former Secretary of State was fired and ushered into an ignominious retirement, never to be heard from again.

Oh, wait a second . . .

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  1. I know this is sort of OT, but I listened to a book by Ray LeMoine called BABYLON BY BUS–it’s a memoir of two 20-something guys who have nothing else to do so they go to Iraq in 2004 and hire on to an NGO (no pay but plenty of Green Zone parties). It gives a view of Post-Bremer Iraq and the calls made then and you can see how the effects are being felt now. Because it’s two dudes and not a white paper, it’s interesting and easy to grasp.

      1. Soon you might be saying “thinin'”, as in “I’ll do the ‘thinnin’ around here, and doooon’t you forget e-it!” (Quickdraw McGraw to Baba Looey).

  2. There is another foreign policy “success” that strikes home especially for the Troops and those who support them…

    … the recovery of a deserting Army traitor in exchange for four devoted terror leaders.

  3. “One man’s disasters are another man’s accomplishments.”
    Barack Hussein Obama
    A note from me (can’t afford an attorney). This is not a real quote.

  4. I don’t know if we can blame Obama on China.
    China is our biggest enemy and has been for decades. In fact, the world’s biggest enemy. They sit there, biding they time knowing they can not be touched. they wait for others to take each other out. Meanwhile they allow(ed) North Korea, Iran and Pakistan to gain nukes. they stop the US and the powers of good, with their veto power, whenever they can.

    They are waiting for everyone else to blow each other up. They’ve been around for thousands of years and they feel they can keep waiting. They are patient.

      1. China is a different animal then say Russia. China’s plan has been since Mao died and they were allowed into the UN Security Council, to wait and see. Let everyone implode, explode, and let’s do whatever we have to in order to instigate problems or in order to allow problems to fester. No one is going to start with us, ever.
        they can take over Taiwan or at least destroy it. They do things by inches not miles until finally they sneak up on you.

        they gave North Korea, Iran and Pakistan nuclear secrets and materials. Without China none of them would have nuclear weapons (Iran – I assume is almost there).
        They don’t help with regards to Islamists even though they are not friends with them. But as long as Islamists are going after everyone else and not a real threat to China (yet) they won’t help.

        China is not Obama’s fault. It’s been our enemy since the end of WWII.

      1. The possible literary and historical scenarios for our Jean Francois are vast. More recently I think he could be found in and around the Vichy government, and that’s just one. :)

        For what it’s worth, Javert.

  5. 13. The nullification of our southern border.

    THAT is a foreign policy screw up as much as it is a defense policy mess up.

    If you accept the argument that the “children” are fleeing violence and corruption, then you have to acknowledge that the situation has been festering as a result of foreign policy neglect.

    If you recognize that the FACTS point out that this wave of illegal border crossings is NOT 100% “children”, then you have to look at other foreign policy blunders. For example…. there are reports that a percentage of the border crossers are from Southwest Asia. Last time I checked, there is no land bridge connecting Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to Mexico. How is this possible without accepting this as a foreign policy blunder? This is a situation of either neglect, incompetence, or lack of redress

    1. They are coming because they believe, either because of what they have been told by others or by what Obama’s policies lead them to believe, that if they come — from where ever they will receive amnesty.

      Obama needs to address the world that America’s borders are inviolate and if you come illegally you will be turned back. And then he needs to make sure that is enacted. Short of this it is a purposeful political plan of the President of the United States, to gather strength for a majority party by appealing in the most crass form to its lowest base, to place burden and undue financial and social stress on the American people, and to undermine our Republic. Fish or cut bait. This is BS Barack.

    2. The nulification of our Southern border is a deliberate strategy to change the demographics of America and to help the Democrats politically. This is not a screw up, its intentional.

  6. Since we are talking foreign policy here — try a bit of Realpolitik, A public comment from elsewhere
    My Fear? Putin sees this for the opportunity it is… and backs Israel in the UN.
    Because if he can get his foot in the door, the combination of Russian industry, and Israeli Technology… in weapons…. would be a game changer.

  7. No evidence that the so-called bin Laden raid actually occurred; in fact, Pentagon records do not include bin Laden’s alleged ‘burial at sea’.

    The ‘storyboard’ script initially released was refuted on many points – including the bull dung that bin Laden was on the rooftop shooting at the helicopters.

    Furthermore, the photo of bin Laden’s corpse circulating early on to members of Congress was FAKE.

    Before her assassination, Benazhir Bhutto stated that bin Laden had died circa 2002.

    It may still not resonate, but the alleged ‘raid’ was timed to offset the immediate outcry that the ‘long form birth certificate’ aka Obama presented 27 April 2011 was forged and fraudulent; what’s more, it was a digital creation, not a scan of a paper document. Why is there no real document supporting the identity “BHO II”? Identity Fraud, in service to stealing the U.S. Presidency.

    Keith, you are but a few paces away from your eye-opening, mind-boggling experience of *seeing* aka Obama for the ENEMY WITHIN that he is. Prepare yourself.

    Too bad your colleagues in the WH Press Corp still sit there, day after day, gullible fools. My Italian immigrant grandmother had a powerfully descriptive adjective, which comes to mind whenever I watch them sitting at the daily briefings:


    Translation: USELESS.

  8. After all these years it seems that MrO has no interest in foreign affairs other than to give his opinion, tell others what to do, and then let the chips fall where they may.
    He does seem to have a bias toward the Islamists, against Christians and Jews, and a high sense of his own worth.

    He wasn’t ready to be POTUS, he probably never thought he’d actually be elected, then when it happened, he had no idea of what to do or how to do it. Just because he’s supposedly highly educated doesn’t mean that he understood our political system or how it worked. All along, he’s been shocked and dismayed that Congress didn’t do what he wanted, as if he thought being President was akin to being DearLeader.
    We’ll survive this, we’ll fix what needs done here in the US, but the rest of the world that depended on the good will, money, security and friendship of the USA might never be right again.

  9. And…Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama is a failure and he was re-elected as a result of the ignorant voter.

    How are we to make it two more years with a President that despises the American people and our way of life and whose goal is to dismantle the foundation of democracy?

    Congress is more concerned with protecting their personal perks and their own positions of power.

  10. Obama would say all of them are successes rather than catastrophes. Part of his fundamental transformation of America has been to purposefully insult our allies and do everything he can to bolster our enemies as his true goal is to knock us down and out of our superpower status, give his terrorist brothers and supporters time to help him destroy our ability to defend ourselves and give China and the third world Socialist/Communist/Islamic nations more of our wealth. He really is pure evil.

  11. Unfortunately, his only foreign policy “success” alienated our ally Pakistan and drove them into the arms of our enemies, and resulted in the loss of some advanced aviation technology which was also passed into the hands of said enemies.

  12. Keith if you really believe Osama bin Laden was taken down by SEAL TEAM SIX you haven’t done any serious reading on the topic. Will be happy to discuss you have my Email. That’s for the great article, J.C.

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