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Stop Them Before They Impeach! Send Five Dollars Today.

As you may be aware, the White House has been talking up the possibility that President Obama is going to be impeached – IMPEACHED, I TELL YA – by Republicans.

Well, Democratic fundraisers, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, have been talking it up too and raising tons of cash on the possibility. Nothing like a little fear and loathing to get the money pot stirring.

This, even though nobody serious on Capitol Hill is talking about it, and most conservatives have come to realize impeachment would be politically disastrous. In fact, that’s why they’re suing Obama instead.

Well, ABC’s Jonathan Karl wanted to know today if the White House is being used as platform for raising cash. He quizzed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about whether the White House was coordinating with the DCCC on the OMG, they’re going to impeach the president meme.

House Speaker John Beohner today called the impeachment talk what it is, a “scam” being run out of the White House.

What’s going on is, memories of 1998 are dancing in Democrats’ heads. It was the sixth year of Bill Clinton’s presidency, a midterm year that should have been disastrous for them, but they gained seats in the House as Republicans cranked up the impeachment machinery.

Boehner, who was the fourth ranking House Republican at the time, well remembers the episode. Then-Speaker Gingrich was predicting a gain of more than 20 seats, and the GOP lost five. Gingrich was soon out as Speaker, and Boehner was jettisoned from the leadership as well.

Thus the passion you see above. Impeachment has now been converted, by executive action of the Speaker of the House, from an 11-letter to a four-letter word.

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  1. Problem is, for the uninformed electorate, which is the vast majority of the democrat electorate, a law suit is the same as impeachment. A calculation that totally eluded the hapless establishment republicans.

  2. When Barack Obama arrived on the scene years ago, I dubbed him ‘con artist extraordinare’. He has not disappointed. Even though he deserves to be impeached more than any of his predecessors, one has to remember that he is, first and foremost, a scam artist. The term also applies to the wife as well.

    Kudos to Boehner for shutting down the rumors and recognizing Obama for what he is – a con artist extraordinaire. Too bad the lo-info voters couldn’t see through this fraud six years ago. He will get his comeuppance eventually.

    It may just turn out that Obama’s Waterloo will turn out to be his diabolical plot to fill the country with unidentified, undocumented, unaccompanied ‘minors’ from foreign countries by luring them here as human shields to fight the anti-amnesty crowd in November. Seems like it’s not just the nasty Repubs who don’t want them here…nimby’s come in all colors and strpes.

    1. I agree Girly1, I ,too,recognized him as a fraud and scam from the very beginning. Fast talker who had been lying and scamming all his life. His wife is just kinda thick not as wiley but still is taking us. Impeachment wouldn’t get him far enough away from us decent “FOLKS”

    2. Out on a limb I go.
      I read the Left Behind book series years ago. When I first heard of Baroko Bamma I saw him as very similar to the anti- Christ in those books…an unknown ‘good looking’ (to some) smooth talker with rotten to the core ideologies & plans to be ruler of the world.

    3. I shall assume you are a Republican, is rich, and watches Fox news…. Also, that you are white, racist, and stupid (simply because you believe propaganda).

      Actually, I assume this entire site, and the authors in it have been bribed/blackmailed by some very rich and powerful oil companies (maybe Exon Mobile? or maybe the Republican party itself?).

  3. Impeachment is far too good for Hussein anyway. Arrest and conviction for treason is more appropriate (after the mid-terms, of course).
    Obama put the POS in POTUS.

  4. There is a profound difference between the impeachment of Clinton verses the hypothetical impeachment of Obama. Governor Palin’s call for the impeachment of Obama is provoked by his gross dereliction of his official duties. Clinton’s impeachment was specifically related to his perjury, but his perjury was in the context of his illicit sexual relationships. The electorate deemed the perjury forgivable and the impeachment unwarranted because it was about sex.

    IMHO, Gingrich would have been wiser to destroy Clinton’s political career and influence by the simple expedient of publicizing the Paula Jones affidavit describing the distinguishing characteristics and substantiate that affidavit by referencing Gennifer Flowers interview in PENTHOUSE magazine in which she referenced Clinton’s diminutive endowement.

  5. Playing the Impeach Card is no better than the RNC playing the Guilt Care recently. Both parties disgust me right now. I really hope the Tea Party rises over this dust, yeah, I could get behind a third party right now if they’re not in jail :D

    1. no Denise, no. you could not “get behind a third party.” none of us can afford to do that. we have no choice but to unite behind the Republicans, icky as that may strike some of you.

      I don’t care about icky. I just want to stop Obama. and we can do that much more effectively if the GOP takes the Senate.

      1. I also think it is time for a third party. Look what all these suckers have done for themselves to the detriment of their voters. Too many of both D & R’s have succomed to the vileness of being DC insiders. Of them, by them, for them. Enough is enough!

  6. Obama will grant amnesty to millions of the Central American illegals he invited into the country. This will be an impeachable offense. We will not impeach.

    Oh yeah, that amnesty thing — probably issued at the Vineyard.

  7. He should be impeached. That the Republicans are so afraid to start impeachment proceedings tells us they have no courage, no integrity, and no desire to protect our Constitutional Republic. Of course they think only of their own political careers rather than serving the people and defending the attack against our freedoms and rights that have never been as blatant as those of Obama and the Democratic (sic) Party in our history.

    1. I shall assume you are a Republican, is rich, and watches Fox news…. Also, that you are white, racist, and stupid (simply because you believe propaganda).

      Actually, I assume this entire site, and the authors in it have been bribed/blackmailed by some very rich and powerful oil companies (maybe Exon Mobile? or maybe the Republican party itself?).

      1. Assume what you like. We, in turn, may make assumptions about you. I assume you are a low information slave to Barry.

  8. Why is everybody (and I do mean EVERYbody) being so nicey, nicey about impeaching Obama. Threats and acusations are flying all over the place that treat the issue in an absolute vaccum of knowledge.

    Ignoring the true issue must be a tribute to Obama’s absolute genius in picking a vice president. Yet, no commentator seems to have the cahones to even mention the unthinkable possibility of unseating Obama and replacing him with Biden. Having Biden as vice president builds a thousand mile wide and 10,000 foot deep moat around Obama to protect him from the warriors of impeachment.

    1. Both Holder and Obama should be impeached. There is no doubt about that. The genius is not in Biden as his VP, but that as the first black president and the first black AG, impeachment would bring on unprededented rioting throughout the country. We are totally screwed.

  9. So, Earnest is very concerned that Republicans have a ‘priority’ to sue the president while America’s middle class suffers?

    To be honest,Josh, we are all concerned that our president is playing golf and fundraising while the world is coming apart and our southern borderline is in crisis. How about those priorities?

  10. Sounds like JOSHing in EARNEST is parsing a bit in claiming Obama will be sued “just for doing his job”. BHO seems to be doing his “job” in a rather unpresidential (and yes, unprecedented) manner. (Actually — see below — Josh is just parroting his boss).

    As to the fundraising: In the past four days, I have gotten email after email (33 so far) imploring me to be part of a historical fundraising effort. Besides the DNC / DSCC, those emails have been from Nancy Pelosi ( 2 ), Harry Reid ( 5 ), Joe Biden ( 2 ), Paul Begala, Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama, who wrote: “Joe Biden has emailed you.
    Michelle has emailed you. And now I’ve emailed you. We wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t so important. Right now, Republicans in Congress are
    trying to sue me for simply doing my job. Yes, it’s outrageous. But it also makes this the most important fundraising deadline we’ve faced together. We’re down to our last 72 hours and still coming up 100,000 donations short of our goal. Can I count on you?

    Coordination? What coordination?

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