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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 30, 2014

11:05 am CT || Delivers remarks on the economy; Uptown Theatre, Kansas City
1:15 pm CT || Departs Kansas City
4:40 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

26 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 30, 2014”

    1. Looking at the late morning time for his speech, could have fit in a fundraising breakfast or early tee time ?

      Makes me wonder if Team Obama will start leaving fundraisers off his schedule? You know, if it’s not published it didn’t happen ;)

      1. Denise, that thought went through my mind, that they now leave off the fundraisers. And here’s how skeptical I am now… I’m thinking New Josh reads our comments and is now toying with us. Bet he said “We could put a visit to Walter Reed on the schedule, and these people would still find something to criticize.”

  1. What the (insert bad word here) is he flying to Kansas City when he could do a Skype deal? It would seem that AF1 is his personal blankie…

      1. That’s because it’s other people’s (our) money. What the heck does the man who calls himself “Obama” care?

    1. maybe he’s trying to practice for his after-presidency $300,000 a speech…since that’s what it’ll cost the US Taxpayer just to fly him there.

    1. “51%” of the idiot ‘voters’ and all the sycophants in the ‘Media’ are more than foolish enough to believe this crap.

    1. He throws a couple of comments to the Press yesterday about Ukraine, and than coughs down ribs.
      Shouldn’t we all feel better now. sarc.

  2. Ironically, Sky King couldn’t even afford to buy himself an airline tkt to the DNC back in 2004 when he gave the keynote speech. His credit cards were all maxed out.

    1. Aww… I loved the old Sky King tv show… you have to find another name for this money waster! Obama Airlines? Freeloader Airways? TPA (taxpayer airways)?

      I cannot imagine what this man will do without AF1 at his beck and call after he leaves office.

      1. The Clinton’s took almost everything from the WH when they left, BO may try to take AF1 with him!! Artcat, I think TPA is the winner!!!

        1. Too funny and a real possibility about taking AF1 with him.

          If only it were so simple. Here’s the deal Barack — the American taxpayers will gift you AF1 if you leave now.

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