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Live Stream – Obama Statement on Ukraine

The event has concluded.

18 thoughts on “Live Stream – Obama Statement on Ukraine”

  1. “Obama Statement” = see you in 45 minutes…

    At least then I can turn on ESPN to avoid Obama making a bland ‘statement’… (and taking NO! QUESTIONS! from the “press”)

  2. Anyone have an idea of how late he will be today?
    Do you think they are now debating if he should take questions, or discussing what he wants for dinner?

  3. I second I heard Shep “liberal rainbow panties” Smith on FNC said Dear Leader Obama was walking out to ‘speak’ I turned on NFL Insiders on ESPN

    1. …tell me tommorow what Obama said/made-up/lied about as he stuck his nose in the air reading some tele-prompter, as he flew off to a fund-raiser…

  4. Outrage?
    Since shootdown have failed to pursue diplomatic actions.
    Satillite images show forces have launched artillery strikes to Ukraine.
    Since beginning we supported Ukraine, Ha.
    Have worked with allies, yesterday several more leaders.
    Blocking goods, expanding sanctions to more Russian Banks
    Suspending credit
    EU will stop exporting to Russia.
    The sanctions will have bigger bite.
    Major sanctions will send pressure up, and isolating itself.
    We will support people of Ukraine.

    Not knew Cold War.
    Ask about arms. He said how do we provent bloodshed.
    I have heard enough. I typed notes as fast as I could.

      1. I just responded and the site was knocked off the screen.
        I mentioned something to the effect that I can’t listen or watch him either. Since Keith took the time, to provide it, I watched.
        Don’t feel any better after listening to him.

  5. Here’s my take on his comments:

    VaJar has told him he needs to make more statements because the optics of incessant rounds of golf are bad. O, very begrudgingly, makes some lame statement, even more begrudgingly take two questions with half-a** answers, then says “gotta run, fundraising more important’. My helicopter awaits. Ugh.

  6. So now he’s MrToughGuy, except he’s a day late and no one cares.

    No one is telling Putin what to do, or how to do it. He has the support of the Russian people and that’s all he cares about.

    1. Oh gees, Denise and grace – you should have gone for the Daily Double. I think it was a “sternly worded message” – LOL

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