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Caption Contest Winner

Okay, that’s a trick headline.

Because there is no winner to yesterday’s caption contest. It’s the era of Obama, and liberalism, and so EVERYBODY is a winner! Because you know these days, everybody wins, everybody gets a trophy, and everybody gets a handout.

Really, thanks for your great contributions. There were many seriously funny headline suggestions. We’ll definitely play again soon.


17 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winner”

  1. I am unclear on the Obama era liberal award rules. I did not submit. I was there. I was on the bench. I applauded. I delighted. I participated. I won?

  2. I didn’t know we were having a contest! now I feel really bad that I wasn’t one of the many winners. you have shaken my self-esteem, Keith, and that’s not allowed in Obamaville. can I sue you for pain and suffering?

  3. btw I’m also feeling very dissed by your commenting software, which keeps giving me strange messages like “webpage not available” and then when I try again, “Looks like you’ve already posted that comment!”

    it’s toying with me.

    1. you won’t have to–the SEIU will send their voters to the polls FOR you! (in which case there just might BE a third Obama term…)

    1. I won an 8-track tape player in a radio contest in 1970. I’m sure I would have won this contest except for Keith’s war on women (and the fact that I didn’t submit anything.)

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