As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Caption Contest Winner

Okay, that’s a trick headline.

Because there is no winner to yesterday’s caption contest. It’s the era of Obama, and liberalism, and so EVERYBODY is a winner! Because you know these days, everybody wins, everybody gets a trophy, and everybody gets a handout.

Really, thanks for your great contributions. There were many seriously funny headline suggestions. We’ll definitely play again soon.


17 Responses to Caption Contest Winner

  1. I am unclear on the Obama era liberal award rules. I did not submit. I was there. I was on the bench. I applauded. I delighted. I participated. I won?

  2. I didn’t know we were having a contest! now I feel really bad that I wasn’t one of the many winners. you have shaken my self-esteem, Keith, and that’s not allowed in Obamaville. can I sue you for pain and suffering?

  3. btw I’m also feeling very dissed by your commenting software, which keeps giving me strange messages like “webpage not available” and then when I try again, “Looks like you’ve already posted that comment!”

    it’s toying with me.