In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Caption Contest Winner

Okay, that’s a trick headline. Because there is no winner to yesterday’s caption contest. It’s the era of Obama, and liberalism, and so EVERYBODY is a winner! Because you know these days, everybody wins, everybody gets a trophy, and everybody gets a handout. Really, thanks for your great contributions. There were many seriously funny headline suggestions. We’ll definitely play again soon. Keith

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Stop Them Before They Impeach! Send Five Dollars Today.

As you may be aware, the White House has been talking up the possibility that President Obama is going to be impeached – IMPEACHED, I TELL YA – by Republicans. Well, Democratic fundraisers, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, have been talking it up too and raising tons of cash on the possibility. Nothing like a little fear and loathing to get the money

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The Top Twelve Obama Foreign Policy Disasters

Barack Obama’s presidency has been marked by one overseas catastrophe after another. The screw ups are so legion, the incompetence so prolific, that, understandably, it gets confusing. So White House Dossier has helpfully compiled for you a list of the top foreign policy disasters wrought by the unrivaled fecklessness of our president. We think you’ll agree, it’s quite stunning to view them all together. In

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Video || Illegal Immigrants Outside the White House

If you want to understand what a joke the rule of law has become under President Obama, you might want to take note of why the illegal immigrants outside the White House are there: They want to be included in future White House meetings about immigration. No more meetings about us without us, they are chanting in the video below. That’s right, not only are

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The Obama Morning News || July 29, 2014

Netanyahu: Be ready for long war . . . Associated Press Rebuffing ceasefire demands, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israelis Monday to be ready for a “prolonged” war. Israelis heap criticism on Kerry . . . Washington Post The secretary of state has been lambasted by all sides for his apparent failure in attempts to negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. White House furious .

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