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Obama’s Worshipful Heckler Quashers

I noticed that President Obama got heckled during his remarks in Los Angeles last week. I thought the way the crowd of supporters helped him take care of things was interesting.

Have a listen.

That’s right, Obama! Obama!

Here’s another one, from earlier this year. Same audience response, this time from the DNC.

As you probably know, I covered the entire administration of George W. Bush. He was of course heckled many times. What did Republican partisans shout to drown out the heckler?

Three letters:


I’m just saying . . .

25 Responses to Obama’s Worshipful Heckler Quashers

  1. Dead on Keith. Like the notable poster of GW with the question, “MISS ME YET?” Damn right we do. 2016 can’t come soon enough

  2. The whole Obama pageant has an eerie, chilling aspect that has not been seen in the US before this. From worshipful fans who see something saintly or awesome in his very being, all the way to the boot-licking Press that covered his sins, his omissions, and failed their constitutional duty, this is one scary dude.
    We always wonder at the steady 40% of voters who still support this lying, incompetent, and socialist fraud, but we don’t see or hear from them until they appear in public with him. They protect him, support him, find excuses for what he does or doesn’t do, and somehow feel a bond with him.
    For every Obama-supporting troll who would attack anyone who carps or complains there five more lurking in the shadows.
    There are more of us than them, but they’re more vocal, more aggressive than we could ever be.

    • As far as the vocal. There are people afraid to speak of him in public. In the past since Nixon and Kennedy I spoke my mind, even as a child on things I agreed upon or disagreed upon.
      Planes are being shot down with innocent people, and I did not see one person in public speaking their mind in public.
      That is just one of MANY examples.

    • The reason Obama cancelled out of Kimmel was knowing he would get heckled and booed and no one there would have shouted Obama, Obama. He is in the tank and he knows it.

    • Maybe the hecklers are paid by the O camp to’ make his speeches ‘interesting’ and ‘news worthy’…?
      Fainters and hecklers……..
      Just a thought.

  3. wow…interesting difference.

    If you think about it…even the once saying USA USA during Bush’s time were stating that the Hecklers have a right to free speech since they are in America.

    The Obama supporters are saying…don’t speak against our guy.

  4. Obama believes the US is an imperialistic, capitalistic power. He seeks to destabilize it, and remove its influence from world affairs and power.

    Most likely if you chanted USA USA at an Obama event you would be escorted out or arrested as a domestic terrorist.

      • The flag pin on the lapel is just more fakery, I agree. Considering the way he seems to have checked out, maybe that will disappear.

        • Valerie probably has a few extras in her desk for special occasions. Flag Pins: Iran, Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Kenya, Pakistan, Martha’s Vineyard, Rancho Mirage.

  5. The way obama just grins and “aw shucks” bugs me. Kind of the way Clinton would always have that stupid grin on his face or the smirk.

    And, if anyone should get some new material as obama advised for the heckler, it’s obama. He’s repeated the same rhetoric and vitriol for the last 6-7 years.

  6. I am glad I never go to where he is telling all his lies.
    I probably would get arrested,,, and trust me,,, I am NOT a violent person,, but I would probably throw something at him!