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Obama Cries for Palestine

I have finally figured out the Obama Doctrine of Foreign Policy. Let me present it to you, in all its complexity and sophistication:

If someone’s getting hurt, omigod we gotta do something!

That’s the strategic logic going on in the White House and at Foggy Bottom. Forget the forces of history, the culture of those involved in conflict, matters of who’s right and who is wrong – not to mention who is an ally and who is not – long term US strategic interests, or anything else previous administrations have considered.

Just we gotta help these poor people!

Well, you know where that leaves Israel in its struggle for survival against Hamas and its other enemies. Because Israel is strong and can defend itself, it falls into the category of oppressor. And when it does defend itself, inevitably, more of its enemies and the civilians its enemies hide behind are killed.

And that gets you on the wrong side of the Obama Doctrine.

Here you go Hamas!
Here you go Hamas!

Israel at this moment is winning the Gaza war it started after it deciding Hamas had dropped too many bombs on the heads of its citizens. It is killing Hamas fighters and leaders, eliminating many of the missiles, and finding and destroying the tunnels Hamas has dug to gain entry into Israel and kill Jews.

Lemme tell ya, if Mexicans were launching missiles into Texas, we’d invade Mexico in about a minute. At least, a normal president would, not sure about this one.

But Israel, while achieving its mission, is also killing many civilians. It’s tragic. But war is tragic. Just ask the citizens of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. We had to bomb them, but it wasn’t pleasant.

And so, since someone’s getting hurt, in complete violation of the Obama Doctrine, Secretary of State John Kerry came up with a ceasefire plan last week that rewarded Hamas for building tunnels and lobbing missiles by promising billions in aid – and meeting other Hamas demands – in return for an end to hostilities.

The Israelis, even the dovish ones, had a good laugh and went right back to demolishing tunnels.

So Obama himself was on the phone Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu talking ceasefire, this time without cookies and treats for Hamas. But he was still demanding, according to a White House statement “an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now.”

Obama, who has a proven record of not fulfilling commitments and defending red lines, said there would be FUTURE BENEFITS for Israel:

The President stressed the U.S. view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.

Oh really? Who’s going to disarm these monsters? Robocop? Harry Potter?

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren had another suggestion for what Israel’s supposed ally could do for it:

Give us diplomatic cover in the U.N. The best thing that Kerry can do is stay out. We need time to do the job, we need to inflict a painful and unequivocal blow on Hamas. Anything less would be a Hamas victory.

Mr. President, this is a war. It is being fought for a reason. Like all wars, there is tragedy. Hamas is responsible for the tragedy. Rewarding Hamas for its actions will only create future tragedies. Letting Israel make clear once and for all the price of Hamas’ dirty business will prevent future tragedies.

So tell Samantha Power to stop crying at the UN, tell John Kerry to stop pissing his pants, and get yourself a serious approach to foreign policy.

And fall in behind our ally.

I’d thought I’d end by directing you to an eloquent expression of disgust with the world’s reaction to Israel, “Don’t cry for us Israelis,” written by Naomi Ragen, an American-born Israeli author:

I’m sitting here in Jerusalem after a week of heartbreak over three murdered teens, followed by almost three weeks of sirens, bomb blasts, and finally, the funerals of young IDF soldiers, of whom one-third are students who should be taking their final exams instead of risking their lives. I’m reading on the internet about what a horrible person I am as an Israeli and as a Jew, and what a terrible, immoral country I live in.

All this criticism comes mainly from the European press: The Guardian, the BBC, papers in Italy, Norway, France, and don’t forget America: The New York Times, CNN.

And I’m thinking: Gee, the British should understand. After all, they lived through the blitz, Nazis raining bombs indiscriminately down on them, the way Hamas is raining bombs down on us. And when the brave pilots of the RAF aimed their bombs at Dresden and killed 300,000 men, women and children, they didn’t throw down leaflets telling people to politely evacuate . . .

You can read the rest of her piece here.

54 Responses to Obama Cries for Palestine

  1. I agree–Hamas is winning the PR war. The body count! I think some of that is indeed deliberate. I saw the sullen Hamas leader on MoJoe–why not ask him for a cease fire, tunnel inspections, tunnel collapse by the UN or something. But no–just keep banging on the Israelis. They said never again–and they mean never again!

    • Yes Star, never again means never again. Those bent on destroying Israel and the Jewish people will never ever understand the meaning of those two words and the resolve behihand them.
      “…We shall go on to the end…we shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them on the landing fields and in the streets, we shall fight them in the hills, we shall NEVER surrender…”
      Winston Churchill
      “Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, zzzzzz, burp belch.
      Barry Obama.

    • Khaled Meshaal? He lives the good life in Qatar, where we sent the last batch of Gitmo prisoners. The POS kept babbling on about “occupiers” during an interview with Charlie Rose. Meshaal went on and on about wanting peace with Jews, Christians, but not the “occupiers” – the veiled word for Israelis.

  2. Keith, Obama has already failed to protect our county from Mexico. At this point, Mexico could lob a nuke at us and Obama would sill not come in from the golf course. I hope Israel does not give in, I hope they pound Hamas into dust. If Palestinian civilians don’t care enough about themselves, that is their own fault.

    • Here we go with the misinformation…Mexico is a friend, just like Israel is, and to even suggest they would attack the U.S. is simply ridiculous. However, if Big Chief Blowing Smoke (Obama) tries to stir up trouble with them, it would be a serious mistake. Illegal immigration from Central American countries is the current issue, not the possibility of a nuclear attack!

  3. We are seeing and reading things said about and to the Jewish community that i thought would never be again.
    My parent’s generation fought and died so that we would never again see one community try to obliterate another. My generation went to school with children who were the last survivors of their whole family.

    We promised, so we have a duty and obligation to protect Israel and it’s people from all who wish them obliterated.

  4. And it is my understanding that the RAF literally targeted the “city of Dresden”, as opposed to the Isrealis who are targeting Hamas, who is hiding in Gaza.

  5. Obama’s failure to stand up for Israel is truly sad. But it is not surprising. Nor is anything else that he is doing that fails to protect the security of this country or the integrity of the US. He is a tin horn and we are rapidly becoming a Third World Banana Republic.

    I pray that Israel prevails. They have a much better chance than we do. Israel will fight. We will not.

  6. International anti-semitism is at the highest that I have ever seen it in my lifetime. I dont know why Europe has a guilt complex over the Palestinians…they did not care when Jews did not have a homeland. Palestinians enjoy their victimhood and status and have no intention of doing it for themselves. If the Jews were to vacate Israel tomorrow and move somewhere else…some other Arabs would move right next to them and start the mess all over. I am laughing along with the IDF….go right back to destroying those tunnels, because if Obama, Kerry, the dumb ass anti-semite Europeans had their druthers, Israel would cease to exist.

    • I read of a pro-Israel demonstration in Marseilles, France today. All those anti-Israel ones are stocked with Muslims who have invaded Europe for the most part.

      • oh, were they allowed to have it? a pro-Israel march in Denmark was cancelled after the Danish authorities said they couldn’t guarantee the safety of the pro-Israel marchers. thus giving in, once again, as usual, to the Muslim hordes.

        • Vomit inducing; Europeans were cowards during WWII and their children and grandchildren are cowards now. Long live Israel and God bless Benjamin Netanyahu.

          • I hate to say it. And I never thought I would see it or say it. But we have a goodly number of anti Semites in America today and cowards too.

          • I sincerely hope you aren’t including the British in your claim that Europeans were “cowards’ during WWII. My dad, the Brits and their allies who fought and died to save Europe were not cowards, and to say so is an insult.

      • Listening to a radio station today from France……many, many Jews are leaving France. As one caller said, “It is no longer safe for Jews in France.”

  7. Obama cries for Palestine and Jean Francois Kerree reverts to type:
    Looking at Kerry’s recent disgraceful performance in the Middle East, it’s clear that this is what Kerry does. He sides with murderous totalitarian regimes against his country and her allies. When it comes to Kerry’s embrace of Hamas, he is just acting true to form.

  8. In 2008 Obama penned a letter to his local Hyde Park paper maintaining that the 911 terrorists were motivated by poverty, helplessness and despair. Ridiculous on the face of it considering OBL was the son of a wealthy Saudi, M. Atta came from a prosperous family, and so on.

    This is nothing more than Obama’s pathetic, life-long battle to create class warfare by posing as the modern day Robin Hood. A poll came out today showing that only 46% of Americans believe that Obama cares for them , as compared to 81% a few years ago. The reality is Obama hates Americal, capitalism, and the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 200 years. He’s doing his best to fundamentally destroy it by taking sides with those who share his beliefs.

  9. I’m not as confident as you that if Mexico started lobbing missiles across the southern border, Obama would retaliate. Or even the pusillanimous Republicans because they wouldn’t want to offend his majesty. Now Rick Perry, Jan Brewster, or Martinez might.

  10. Sparing the details, I called my Senators office. An aide explained somewhat the process to me regarding the illegal children — how many,where, cost and what will be done with them. No response to why they are being dumped in states without Governors’ knowledge, who is receiving them — families, legal or illegal, sponsors, traffickers –. Silent agreement that these people — in the wind and on the dole forever. We sort of agreed that this was illegal, bad, etc. And the bottomline is there is legislation……lots of it.

    No answers. No solutions. Lots of frustration and angst. And he said to me “What would you have the Senator do”. I suggested collecting them all — if they can’t figure out where to put them then we have a larger problem — safely and securely transporting them back to their home countries. And then closing the border until such time as it was secure. Admittedly not a brilliant plan, but it was off the cuff, and beats “lots of legislation”.

    Thankfully , he had the good sense to not remind me that there are laws perhaps standing in the way of this solution. Because clearly what this situation illustrates is that there are no laws that are being enforced, or written to deal with this. It is a done deal.

    I read today that there are militia groups assisting at the border in Texas. Some Democrat in Houston said that pointing a gun in a child’s face was no solution. I agree, Elian Gonzalez. Janet Reno. Eric Holder. Bill Clinton.

  11. Typical Obama. Appoints a Rabbi as Religious Freedom Ambassador who is opposed to the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision (about religious liberty and freedom) and not exactly a pro life guy.

    So, the stage is set. Bold, daring, the first non Christian Ambassador! And if you oppose him guess what you will be called by the Obamobots who cannot find it in themselves to stand for Israel — ding, ding, ding. You got it — anti semitic. Yessiree, right up there with racist.

    Guess he couldn’t find a female black Rabbi. Trifecta.

    Honestly, Barry and Valerie must sit up at night, smoking, drinking, hanging out to come up with all manner of things like this. Gotcha’ again America — suck on that!

    • all you need to know about this guy is that he’s a Reform rabbi. Reform Jews are just barely Jewish–think Unitarians with yarmulkes. they place a much higher premium on being liberals than on being Jews. many of the Reform Jews in my town are actually on the Palestinians’ side.

      so yeah–totally makes sense that this is the kind of rabbi Obama would pick.

  12. This is an ignorant depiction of what’s going on in Palestine.
    Palestine belongs to Palestine. Period.
    If we were displaced and Mexico took our land, drove us into a small section of the states, then we fight back–does that make us terrorists???
    You are BLIND.

    • for more interesting takes on what’s going on in Israel, you guys should read the Times of Israel.

      they’ve been having a field day recently describing our SecState’s ham-handed attempts to broker a ceasefire without bothering to involve Israel or the PA: . I have to say, I didn’t think Israel and Fatah would agree on anything, but they agree on this: John Kerry, go home.

      • Thanks for this. Did you hear Psaki’s pitiful response — something to the effect that this is not the way partners and allies treat one another. Beyond laughable that one.

  13. Neither the MSM nor the Obama administration seem to have read or paid much attention to the Hamas Charter–their operating manual, if you will. Hamas has no desire to reach any kind of agreement with Israel. They will never top killing Jews. It’s their entire reason for existence. I’ve been studying the Charter for the last couple of days. Know your enemy. Here’s a link.

  14. Neither the MSM nor the Obama administration seem to have read or paid much attention to the Hamas Charter–their operating manual, if you will. Hamas has no desire to reach any kind of agreement with Israel. They will never top killing Jews. It’s their entire reason for existence. I’ve been studying the Charter for the last couple of days. Know your enemy. Here’s a link. be sure you are sitting down.

  15. People are weary of wars. They just want to live in peace but the ugly truth is, there will always be wars. But today we are living in a time never seen before in human history where free people are so tired of reality and especially the reality that Islam is the most insidious and evil force ever devised by man against man, they go out of their way to suppress the natural instinct of survival. They promote and defend all of the evils that will exterminate them.

    • There will be more wars and conflicts now that Obama has abdicated America’s role in the world and a giant, yawning vacuum has been created as a sandbox for bad actors and rogue states.

  16. The bottom line…Obama is a Muslim…he proves that time and time again, making enemies of former friends and allies, supplying rebels with money, supplies, and weapons, etc. There is no doubt that Israel will win the war against Hamas. History has proven the strength of their military power. Yet, there is no excuse for the lack of support for Israel by Obama and his cronies. Such hypocrisy and disloyalty should not be condoned. It is so true that war is war, and there will be casualties …on both sides. But, the media only show one side of the story, fanning the flames with recycled pics and propaganda. The sheeple follow along blindly with the barrage of misinformation and deception. Until and unless Obama and his gang are removed, the U.S. will continue on the downward path he has created.

    • Are you serious ?? Obama is a Muslim ? Really ? I think if he was a Muslim he would do more for them. All he does is say Israel has a right to defend itself. Israel is a racist fake country that was stolen from the Palestinians when are people like you going to realize this ? And look what’s happening they are murdering hundreds of innocent civilians most of them children and you mean to tell me this is war ? Obama does nothing but kiss israeli ass. It’s sad I feel like Israel is controlling the US, the whole world is against what Israel is doing except for the USA. I’m a proud American and not an Israeli, I want what’s best for America and Israel is what’s the worst for America and how the world looks at us

  17. i say that palestin and lebanon people should not have simple rockets. that has not problem with univesal laws and humans right. why israel has chemical and nuclear wepoans ???
    leaders of Israel are War criminal.

    genesis 17:20
    ולישמעאל שמעתיך הנה ברכתי אתו והפריתי אתו והרביתי אתו ב “מאדמאד” שנים עשר נשיאם יוליד ונתתיו לגוי גדול.
    translate from hebrew to english. And Ishmael
    but in english genesis translated say you that twelve princes are Ishmael’s twelve sons.
    ture english translated:i will select twelve princes between Ishmael’s sons.
    has not means selecting twelve persons between twelve persons . twelve princes are shias imams because they were most popular [brave, well behaved,large hearted,clever].

    The most important gift of God to every human being has the right to life.

  18. How blind are you and how blind do you think we Americans are to believe all these lies. Israel is the monster ! They stole the Palestinian land, killed there families. This is not a war it’s genocide!!! They bombed over 6 UN facilities for god sakes!! And they found out Hamas was not even responsible for the kidnapping of the 3 Israelis, and even if they where, if Mexico kidnapped 3 Americans and killed them would we start war with them and kill over 1200 innocent civilians?? The whole world is with Palestine and against Israel accept the US what does that tell you ? That the whole world is wrong ?? Wake up people !!! They stole the land they live in and keep stealing more everyday !!! Sanctions are needed on Israel so they stop all these war crimes against humanity !!! The whole world is watching