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Chuck Todd: America has Obama Fatigue

Commenting on the new CNN poll which shows Mitt Romney handily defeating Barack Obama – but easily losing to Hillary – NBC News correspondent Chuck Todd diagnosed a clear case of Obama fatigue gripping the nation.

Todd spoke this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “This is a country that is fatigued from this president,” he said. “The more foreign policy problems that crop up, you see a lack of confidence in him.”

Even CNN’s Candy Crowley on her State of the Union program Sunday seemed flummoxed by the State of our President:

“He’s out fundraising and the whole world seems to be blowing up,” said Candy, prompting guest Nancy Pelosi to issue the delusional response, “The president leadership has been very strong.”

44 Responses to Chuck Todd: America has Obama Fatigue

  1. Translation:
    Fatigue =
    1. Sick and Tired and Disgusted
    2. Wishing he would retire and go away
    3. Counting the days to the next President

    • The anti-Hillary wing of the Dem Party has already declared their love and support for Eliz. Warren. Hillary would be smart to switch parties at this point. The same people who pushed Obama on us think they can do the same for Warren, heaven help us!

  2. Was Nancy saying something? I was too busy admiring her Pebbles necklace and cheery blue flower sprigs adorning that lovely blush pink tailored suit.

      • I agree–that suit is the DC look or what it used to be 20 yrs ago when I wore it. Sans the bow tie at the neck–that needed to go and it did. I also notice on Covert Affairs, the sleeveless look at the office has given way to more appropriate work wear. Now if we could get Fox to cut the sparkles and cleavage.

  3. After Nancy Pelosi talks about “the president’s strong leadership” with a straight face, she probably goes back to her dressing room and throws up.

    • I listened to the interview via satellite yesterday and couldn’t believe someone so clueless, so partisan, so devoid of truth, hold such a high position in a national political party.
      If she and Harry Reid aren’t proof of how the Dem party today has gone so far to the left that communists don’t even recognize it anymore, then nothing is.

    • Pelosi. Reid. Obama. (Both of them.) Josh Earnest, Eric Schultz, and Jay Carney before them. These are professional liars delivering scripted responses with no basis in reality or truth. It is Logocracy, and it is sadly the reality of life under this regime.

      When they handed out the white lab coats to fake doctors for the Obamacare photo op, I knew we, as a nation and a people, had reached a point-of-no-return.

    • It also speaks to how unpopular the opposition party is, even in comparison to an administration that has been robbed of every shred of credibility.

    • You are absolutely correct. Just look at “Watters’ World”
      sometime. The stupidity you will encounter will set your
      hair on fire.

  4. Nancy is an old woman….takes one to know one, so I am not criticizing her appearance.
    Fact: She continually licks her lips…old people do that.
    (Do not know if that is a Botox side effect.)
    She thinks she is still attractive. FYI, Lip licking is not attractive, Nancy.
    I believe in growing old gracefully and with integrity.
    I recently read:
    “Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me. I’m proud of the way I look. I’ve traveled a long way. And some of the roads weren’t paved.” ( My husband says that some of the roads were just paths. :-)
    She is not a “score” to any media interviewer. She has nothing to say….absolutely nothing to say – to me or to anyone.
    “I’ve traveled a long way.” Thank you, Lord.

    • My paths were gravel! I dunno about the lip licking–Mom was 95 when she died and I don’t think she did it. Her sister is still with us at 98. As I posted before, Nan does not look too snappy.

  5. I am tired of the daily LIES more than anything else.

    I HOPE Obama spends all his time fundraising and golfing because when he works he HURTS this country!

  6. Hillary is the intelligent person in the room, distancing herself carefully from the misguided and misalignments of the current administration. But in the end, she will not run, too rigorous, too many hurdles, too many Bill stories, too many past questions. Make your millions, do your speeches, be a grandma and be happy, leave us alone.

    And Nancy, your loyalty to this President will not go unrewarded. You will go down with the ship. Women and spineless first!


  7. Nancy Pelosi is ever delusional. Nothing new there. The real concern is Hillary leading anyone, in any poll, ever. We need a strong, telegenic, forthright candidate who is, preferably, not more rich than Hillary. One who will not be “too nice” to shoot straight during the campaign, because you can be assured she won’t pull any punches. If we run Mittens, or Jeb, or Rand, or some other whack job, we are completely lost.

  8. I call for ALL elected officials to be subject to the most in depth MENTAL HEALTH check and criminal background check to run for office.

    If those who attempt to exercise their civil right to purchase a firearm are subject to such tests, those running for office that is NOT A CIVIL RIGHT and who actually write the laws, should be subject to an even MORE STRINGENT test.

    It would prevent issues like a sitting Congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr, from running for reelection while confined to a mental ward waiting to be sentenced for his felony convictions.

    It may very well disqualify those like Pelosi and Reid who both show signs of a deteriorating mental disability.

  9. Both hilary and obummer are wanted in multiple countries of Africa for war crimes against humanity. Folks in Arkansas never forgot what her and billy boy did to that state (wouldn’t surprise me if the woman who threw her show is from Arkansas). 25 years to shine and not a single accomplishment. Dick Morris can affirm that. Remember obamacare? Guess who came up with idea? Tip. Once in the early 90s, and again during her 2008 campaign. Every idea she came up with was a total flop. All her ideas were immediately vetoed by her own party. She has done nothing. Being given a position doesn’t count as an accomplishment. She slept around with almost every politician in Arkansas (men AND women) to promote ol billy boy. Raped an 18 year old woman. Had a personal hitman (Larry nichols) to cover her tracks. Lied about the murdered victims committing suicide. Who ever heard of people shooting themselves in the BACK of the head…TWICE?! You mean these folks rose from the dead to shoot themselves again?! Everyone lies, but they usually try to make it believable. As for Benghazi, she lied about not receiving cables when she did. The four dead soldiers were denied back up. She lied about that, then had the audacity to blame on a video. Since when do people start dying during the filming of a movie? I always complained about TV commercials not making sense and directors needing create movies more realistic, but these bastards went a bit too far didn’t they?! (no animals were harmed during the filming of this movie…with the exception of four dead soldiers. give me a break. tell us another one hilary). She’s the mother of Chelsea, but ol billy boy had nothing to do with it! Retired secret servicemen have some very interesting stories to tell about the clintons; how they had to break them up constantly. “keep that crazy bitch away from me,” bill would say. She is a member of the California communist party (already have aone now, don’t need another one).

  10. Folks say hilary and bill have an open marriage. I don’t believe they’re married at all. If this is the case, that would make her a bogus first lady. If you think Obama is bad, hilary will show you what bad is all about. Only difference is she’s a natural born citizen. This makes her more frightening because, being a natural born citizen, everything she throws would stick! Other than male hating/bashing feminists (and unions), who in their right mind would vote for the poster child for useless people?! Hitlery over Romney? Some folks never learn. To make it plain and simple: hilary and Obama are in the same boat. They have the same ideology, same mindset, and same policies. If that pos gets elected, there would be an enormous epidemic of folks renouncing their US citizenship. They’re already doing that now, but the number of folks lining up to get out would be preposterous

  11. If Ross Perot didn’t interfere in 92, glass straggle would never have been repealed, those four soldiers in Libya might still be alive, and hilary would be working at the vision center at Walmart screwing up eye prescriptions. Most apparently, this wouldn’t be a topic.