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The Obama Morning News || July 28, 2014

Obama may give millions of illegals status . . . Newsmax
As President Obama prepares to announce his executive orders on immigration in the coming weeks, he is believed to be considering two major actions: granting temporary relief from deportation and giving work authorization to millions of illegal immigrants.

House to pass “skinnied down” border bill . . . Newsmax
House Republicans intend to pass emergency funding legislation this week before the August recess to address the border crisis, but it is expected to fall far short of the $3.7 billion requested by Obama, said Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn.

Obama tells Netanyahu to stop . . . Atlantic Wire
The diplomatic dance between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, two leaders with a famously testy relationship, continued amid the one of the fastest-growing crises of both of their administrations.

Romney tops Obama? Don’t get excited . . . Jon Hinderaker
The CNN poll actually has more bad news than good for Republicans.

Tentative deal on VA reform . . . Newsmax
The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees have reached a tentative agreement on a plan to improve veterans’ healthcare.

Obama, Staff, not even pretending . . . Joe Curl
Obama and his sycophantic minions don’t even bother any more to come up with plausible answers to queries from the suddenly awakened media. Instead, they just repeat past talking points.

US help for Syrian rebels: too late . . . Washington Post
A U.S.-backed effort to arm the moderate Syrian opposition is finally ramping up along the Turkey-Syria border, but it may come too late to save the rebels from defeats on two fronts, by Assad and ISIS.

Ten years later: Obama’s hits and misses . . . Politico
Obama’s Democratic National Convention keynote delivered 10 years ago Sunday evening started his journey to the White House. Some of it looks like an out-of-date high school yearbook hairdo.

Palin to WashPost: Cover Obama like Nixon . . . Newsmax
Sarah Palin issued a challenge to the Washington Post to do the same job investigating Obama as it did with Richard Nixon during Watergate.

Palin launches online TV channel . . . USA Today
“Tired of media filters? Well, so am I,” the former Alaska governor proclaimed Sunday on her Facebook page.

Is Paul Ryan running for president? . . . Examiner
Rep. Paul Ryan has a lot of reasons to run for president in 2016: Support from major donors, national name recognition and a suite of policy ideas he’d like to enact. One thing he’s lacking: any apparent plans to do so.

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 28, 2014

  1. The only thing cease firs do is allow the loser to restock.

    Winners never call for cease fires.

    Let Israel destroy the terror org once and for all.

  2. I read the article regarding O tells Netanyahu to stop.
    I feel when Netanyahu hung up the phone, he felt that was a waste of his time.
    The next time O calls Netanyahu is going to tell his associates, to tell O:
    Tell O I am in the shower!

    • By the way Netanyahu wants to get rid of the tunnels.
      We had/have tunnels in between Mexico and U.S.
      I don’t know if those tunnels are even being used.
      O invited them to walk on over (above ground).

  3. The border bill, the unaccompanied minors, the refugees, the whole enchilada: as reports of thousands of these illegal minors are settled around the country at our expense the question never asked or implied is “who is making the travel plans for these minors” and “who is tasked with finding the relatives eager to house these children”.
    The logistics have to be monumental, next to impossible and complicated.
    So who’s doing these transfers, who found the relatives, is there a “800” number for relatives from the southern countries to call looking for a certain child?
    If, for instance, one of you dropped your child at my doorstep and I had to find a willing relative to care for this child and all I had was a phone number or a surname, and neither child nor adult relative speaks English, how long would it take for this transfer of responsiblity? Suppose I can’t find this elusive relative, then what happens to the child, does it go into the foster system to languish until some Spanish speaking family passes muster to take on the responsibility of raising the child.
    There is a whole multitude of suspicious activity going on with these minors (and adults) and we have a right to know just who and what is working behind the screen of government.

    Just asking: there was a report that the “government” was seeking to house hundreds of illegals in an empty shopping mall in a northeastern state. How in the world do we house hundreds of people in an empty store, who maintains the property, how are they fed or schooled, and who is in charge to protect the children from predators?
    Who found these places, who made the calls. Questions no one is asking.

    • I read a piece regarding Fema helping in part with this matter.
      After the response of Katrina, I would rather the Red Cross.
      Another note in the pictures (we were) seeing, all the babies, young kids seemed to be with an adult. My question: Were these adults who volunteered to help, or did these adults walk over the border as well.
      It would cost as much of our money to bring them back safely, than it will cost us to place them, feed them (with future food stamps, welfare), as well as the cost to teach them, etc.
      These kids did not run away from abuse, or a war, etc. They were welcomed here and sent by their parents.
      What poor Country in the world are we going to choose next, to welcome all their kids?

    • Someone is dishing out three hots and a cot all this time. I saw one Hispanic foster fam say they would take kids–they were eager to. If Obama is using his dopey phone and pen to deal with this–and making people work-eligible–this would not include kids unless we bring back sneaker and Persian rug manufacture to our shores. What a mess–and apparently one the admin wanted.

        • Pretty much that is what Congress should tell Obama. With a stroke of the pen or a ring of the phone he could have all these children reassembled and transported with the best humanitarian care and security back to their countries. As for the money — there are ample funds for bonuses, attorneys for the many criminals operating in or on retirement or leave from the Administration for starters — there are funds. And they can be directed. We have shrouded the simple with the complex and all we get are excuses and mewing and bs. OId Nike slogan — Just Do It. This President has no problem circumventing the law in a way that serves his progressive socialist goals — about time he uses it for the good of the country.

          Of course, none of that will happen. We will be overtaken by these illegals and by ourselves. While Obama is on vacation — foreign policy will be conducted by Valerie Jarrett as is everything every day — and immigration will go to Gutierrez — directed by Claire Munoz, formerly of LaRaza.

          As for the Catholics — and I am one — enough crying on the balcony. The Church has a lot of diplomatic and financial power. Use it. Stand up for Christians.