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Sunday Open Thread || July 27, 2014

It’s now or never.

Okay, it’s now or next week, but please go ahead and comment.

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    1. Well I’ll tell yaa… JW would probably discribe Obama as short on ears and long on mouth. Enjoyed the John Wayne marathon day yesterday anyway. :o)

        1. Thanks AFV! My husband and I used to go to a lot of air shows, and that brought back every sound, every smell, every sight… I’d forgotten how they play “vintage” music in the background, which adds so much to the whole thing. The only thing missing was my favorite plane, the B17 (or if it was in there, I blinked and missed it)!

          Ahh… what a nice diversion…

          1. There was no B-17.
            I’m glad that you liked it Artcat.
            I am becoming worn out on the political issues, I just thought that this might be a nice Patriotic diversion.
            Air shows are becoming few and far between, as it takes a lot of money to maintain these old aircraft.
            It also takes a lot of money to feed them fuel.
            Those engines are very thirsty.

          2. Yes, and the parts… You are in Ohio, right? You may already know about this, but there is a photographer who takes amazing photos of abandoned bulidings. He discovered a warplane graveyard in Newbury Ohio and his photos of the planes are amazing. The man who collected them has since died, but his family refuses to part with the planes, not even to museums. Think of the flying warbirds that could benefit from the use of those parts just sitting there.
            (sorry to link to Huff Post, but it had the most pictures!)

          3. If I were them, I would learn to be a machinist, borrow those parts and make new ones as needed to keep vintage planes alive & well. That would be a great hobby, and probably lucrative. (Just thinking out loud and considering options for a second career…)

  1. An amazing amount of moral relativity around the world regarding Hamas terrorists vs Israel, Christians being murdered and driven from centuries old homelands, and a POTUS actually contemplating using taxpayer dollars to fly planes to central America to bring back future democrat voters.
    And yet those of us who dare utter the phrase “It’s time to tack back America”, WE are labeled racist.
    Has anyone seen Alice? I do believe I’m late for tea.

    1. People in Congress should be yelling take your comment and fly. They should make the point, if Superman was in office, citizens would be just as critical.

    2. I saw a huge protest in Boston (thousands) protesting the governor’s decision to accept 1,000 illegal unaccompanied children to the state. Liberals are such hypocrites: they’re all for it in other places but “not in my backyard!”

      1. We need to stop calling these illegals “unaccompanied children”. It only serves to perpetuate and feed the talking points of this lawless administration. Most of these illegal invaders are families: women with their children.

        1. That’s what the media call them whether it’s true or not, and therefore that is the message the American public gets. Even believing the media, Americans apparently are not softened to what is happening.

          1. Once in a while I turn on CBS to see what news they are not showing. It is truly amazing. Normally I watch Fox Cable news, then I get sick of the repetitious ads and change. As far as I can tell they are still reporting the
            news, Fox that is. CBS not so good.

        2. Also adult men/older teens hanging off of trains!
          That picture I saw last week of the number of people inside and hanging off the train did not make the MSM.

          1. I am surprised at how well dressed in properly fitting clothing these “refugee” mothers and children appear. No hand-me-downs to be seen.

          2. Those ‘gently used’ fresh duds you see are courtesy of you…and me. U.S. taxpayers. The ‘refugees’ are given showers, fresh clothes, cash, and an EBT card before they leave for their new homes.

          1. You are calling these people murderers? We are all mutts. I blogged last week on Tyra Banks’s view of the future and one thing she said is people’s races will become so mixed, if not already, that race won’t be a credible issue. Now Tyra may not be Krauthammer, but she has a point. She says models will also be things of the past–clothes will be shown on avatars.

          2. I had an anthropology prof. in college (this was 1979), who said the same thing, (about races, not models). She thought the Polynesians were a great and beautiful mixed-race people, and all that the races should mix. No one in the class was permitted to have a different opinion.

          3. You are a riot! And so right, there will be muslims all over us and killing and fighting and lawlessness, thats what Obama is doing to us with his presidency. Say goodbye to the civilized world as we know it pretty soon. Let’s see how the democrats like that lifestyle with everyone mixed and insane. I am beginning to think God is punishing America now because of Roe v. Wade and murder of millions of human life thrown into the garbage. He gave us Obama to punish us forever.

          4. I’m not a mutt! I resent that we are all mutts? I am 100% American, born and raised. And I resent that we have to take in “mutts”? and pay for these bums. Sorry, but thats how I feel. Why should we be invaded like this and have to support them? The people should have been able to vote one way or another if we wanted all these people stomping all over our country without our approval and just the approval of an idiot in the White House? President whatever he is, he is supposed to work for us and not steal our money for his crackpot and dangerous mental condition. My grandfather waited on line to come here. Why can’t they wait their turn which is the law. What are we, the sewer of the world now? My dogs aren’t even mutts no matter what they are mixed with.

          5. I believe at this point that most people have some “mixed” blood, except maybe for the far reaches of the northern great lakes states or someplace. I think it’s pointless to call people demeaning names like mutts. In dog terms, mutts are often the healthiest and least genetically challenged or inbred. I agree people should wait their turn, follow the procedure–but I do not agree with the mean name calling. Let he or she who is without …what…flaw…weakness..etc. I know you think I am a Goody Two Shoes, but these comments make me think less of the commenter.

    3. The media needs to heed this fact: not every American is dumb and uninformed. Take heed of that fact, Media….there are more of us than you and we know how to use the net…
      Just sayin’

      1. You’d think the Obama media would pay attention to those low tv ratings and bad print circulations as a sign, it’s not the economy, it’s the crappy reporting ?

        Ever since Keith shared the One America News network with us (lucky me, I have Verizon/Fios) it’s the only news channel my husband will watch now. He’s not an internet guy, but when he really got disgusted with Fox, I told him to try OAN. Loved it!

  2. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi still sits in a mexican prison while Obama golfs and Michelle does her “let’s move” routine at the Beyonce concert this weekend,

    Michelle Obama and Jill Biden profess to be supporters of the military and their families….just words as their actions and those of their husbands indicate otherwise.

    1. It is a disgrace that he still sits in that jail. I do not resent the so called leader of this country out golfing every weekend, but I do resent it when he lets things like this slide away in the meantime.

    2. Having a deep background in activist liberal politics, I assure you the Michelle/Jill wing of military support comes from politics, not real troops or veterans.

      Remember when they were throwing Baby Showers on a base while Obama/Biden were slashing/freezing/pay/benefits for the troops……in war zones? Oh, and shutting down the memorials? I do. The MSM never covered it….

      1. Denise,

        What you see in published / released to the media concerning the first family and the active duty military is totally controlled by by the WH & DOD. Active Duty members must comply if ordered to attend a “All Hands” gathering as ordered by their command. For larger events families attends also. With the way the military is now, you do not show up, it will find it’s way onto the members next evaluation. Instant career killer.

        I look at it as as younger members and families, they are on usually their 1st or 2nd tour , and under 8 yrs of service. They have not seen or been immersed in all the heavy back door politics that go on behind the scenes. This is typical for junior officers and enlisted. And they are the ones you normally see at the “grip and grin” exercises put on to appease the WH photo ops. Ever see allot of senior enlisted or senior officers at these MOTUS loves the military events?? Of course not. Only if they HAVE to be there (and usually without their families).

    3. So sad, I think about how Obama doesn’t lift a finger to help the guy. If he was black Obama and Holder would have been all over the story and the guy would have been out in two days, thats for sure.

  3. Obama and his minions are talking impeachment in order to raise money.
    Republicans should ignore this and get on with winning the Senate and leave impeachment totally off the table for now because that is what Obama wants to talk about to rally his own progressive base.
    He is a sneak.

        1. I appreciate the act being put aside due to an election coming up. Any other time in the past, fine. It is just that the List just keeps getting longer and longer. No one is being held accountable for anything.
          Election another topic. The issue of double voting, etc from the last election still has not been dealt with. How many double voters do you think are scared of doing it again?

    1. I can’t remember who it was but some Republican and perhaps more than one, have come out and been quite clear, about how Obama is using the Impeachment theme as a fundraising tool.

      Obama — ever the victim, the downtrodden, the put upon.

    2. Yes Annie, Obama’s only hope is to be IMPEACHED so he can be the VICTIM heading into the midterms, Nov2014. He has nothing else.

      Probably the first time I’m disagreeing with Sarah Palin since 2008. She has a good case for impeachment, but the dolts in the Dem Party will turn it into sympathy for Obama.

    3. ‘Sneak’ is my favorite word for Obama. Everything does is to subvert the Constitution and destroy the opposition; not to uphold our laws and unite the parties. He doesn’t have an honest bone in his body.

        1. They do have bones. Snakes are full of bones, from their sectioned backbones, to which are attached from one to 145 pairs or ribs, to the ball and joint sockets, which attach the many sections of backbone together. It’s Obama who doesn’t have a backbone. ;+}

  4. Anybody know the status of this “before we go home we will deal with the border issue” bill — that includes money for Israel, the hook, and funds for fires, with money for the current illegal invasion, and yet nothing but nothing solid about border security? If this thing passes or has passed?

    1. Nothing passed for King O’s signature yet and my bet is that if Dems insist on tying to Israel iron dome they’ll be severely disappointed when the hypocrisy of such an act is exposed and the House sends back a giant middle finger.

      1. Thanks Geoff. Hope your right. Guess funding for transport back to their countries and securing or closing the border until it is secure out of the question.

        1. Somewhere on cyber space I read that McDonnell put forward a bill to unlink money for Israel/Iron Dome to immigration. The rat bastards in congress who thought that linking the two separate and distinct issues was a good idea, should drop dead.

          1. Sadie,
            The hate and insensitive you show towards rats and bastards is deeply offensive to me. Please report to sensitivity training tomorrow morning, 10am sharp and the local immigration hearing court of your choice. It will be the empty room waiting on all those illegals with “notices to appear” to actually appear.

      2. How do you like the way Obama ties the iron dome for Israel in with the immigration? Pure blackmail, but how heartless to Israel as they are now fighting off thousands of rockets and Obama is playing politics with it? He just has no intelligence, no empathy, no loyalty, just doesn’t have what it takes, yes, sneaky is the word, sneaks the illegals to different states without warning them first, he is a sneak and he is more than that, worse than we had ever imagined in our lifetime.

  5. Obama going all out to destroy the country in his final 2 years. Doing everything the extreme left wants.
    Immigration = amnesty
    Gun control = confiscation
    Coal industry = destroy it
    Carbon Tax = more money to spend on “income equality”
    Gays and Lesbian = the way we all should be
    Israel = support for the terrorists
    Equal rights = he hates whites
    Middle class = only for his leftist buddy s
    And to infinity and beyond !!

    1. I’m beginning to think that when (if) they knock on your front door, (instead of kicking it in), maybe we should just claim, “well, I’m gay. no, that didn’t happen here” — the flip-side is them spray painting a symbol on your front door for when the caliphate-partisans move into the neighborhood…
      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

  6. Good morning. Keith -question ?
    Has anyone else had trouble getting on this site? Three different days this past week, I could not get here and this is my 1st go to page every day. I had no trouble logging onto any other web page.

    1. Yes, I could not bring up the site. Every other site I visit was fine, came up as it should. Now everything works> except me, of course.

    2. Have the same problem, Zephyr. I always get ‘this web page is not available’. So I started copying my comment and paste it over and over until it posts. Frustrating.

      1. Girly, next time you get “this web page is not available”, try hitting the “refresh” button. The web page should show up with your comment posted :-)

        1. I’m glad it isn’t just me! This was not trying to post comments, the whole page could not be found because “their server was not available”.

  7. Question — Sarah Palin is apparently talking Impeachment again. Helpful not helpful?

    We all know Obama deserves to be impeached. And we can all figure out pretty much why he won’t be at this time or perhaps ever. And we have been advised that Obama is playing the victim on this one, and the Dems are using it as campaign and fund raising fodder.

    Given her presence, and how controversial she is — love her/hate her is about where it lands when all is said and done — I am not sure it is helpful.

    1. Moot. Better to focus on mid-terms and neuter Obama. I would have used the word “spade” but don’t want to be accused of racism. I don’t want him to have an easy out, I want him to shrivel and have a meltdown like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.

        1. I don’t think he gives a damn which way it goes. He just likes to whine and complain and lecture all white Americans. He likes that he put the coal miners out work, and that some don’t have money to buy food. How do the Obamas and the Clintons sleep at night? We gotta get rid of them, they are only out for power and money nothing else. They love Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and give them tons of our taxpayer money.

    2. Not helpful. Obama will just use the episode to wipe other issues off the table and make it about him. Something he is well versed at.

    1. Well, since we are not spending any money on a Real border, and since Obama wants some money to fix this problem, how about we buy a boat load of tracking devices (like those ankle bracelets they put on felons) to make sure all these people are showing up for their hearings.That way we won’t lose track of them. (and yes, even on the little children)

  8. Jeh Johnson testified to Congress that he knew about the surge of foreigners illegally crossing our border as early as January. And President Obama just met with the presidents from Central America last week?

    1. Obama had to let enough come through so as to have a “real” crisis on his hands to justify his coming executive actions.
      As cynical as it gets but straight out of Alinsky, Cloward, and Piven.
      Obama is accomplishing what no foreign army could.

      1. Your last sentence stuck ” Obama is accomplshing what no foreign army could”.
        But, the illegal aliens, the non-Americans have to be considered a foreign army because of their huge numbers. Just as Nazi Germany would insist the French speak German had they not been defeated, the illegal aliens insist that everything be translated into Spanish.
        No other foreign immigrant group has had the courtesy of their homeland’s language prominently supported by our government or every agency- public or private.
        The Hispanic illegals present their children to our schools insisting that WE, the taxpayer, teach them how to read, but to also read and write English. They present themselves to our hospitals insisting that WE pay for their treatment.
        We provide them with food, housing, and a hundred other necessities, and if they get into trouble, WE provide them with a an attorney to represent them in court.
        They march in the streets demanding that WE do this for them or WE do that for them, as if they were our conquerors who had the right to have all their wishes granted.

        Just like an invading foreign army, they kill, rob, rape, and generally ignore our laws. They take over whole communities, have no allegiance to the USA, and generally consider themselves subjects of their native country.
        An invading army, indeed.

          1. Just like an invading foreign army, they kill, rob, rape, and generally ignore our laws

            Kind of broad? There have been examples of this, but I don’t think the word “generally” works. We ignore our laws when we drive too fast or drive after a few belts or sneak in a text on the freeway. Obama ignores our laws when he lets his buds skate on buying health care. People born here rape other people born here. People are known for looking for loopholes. Remember the WC Fields line? He was looking through a bible, and someone asked him what he was doing, and he said, “Looking for loopholes, my dear boy, looking for loopholes.”

          2. People are really angry Star. And free speech is free speech. Perhaps not a solution. But it is what it is. We get nowhere by being silent. The Obama years have proven that.

          3. C’mon, common sense will tell you that open borders will bring ebola virus, robbers, murderers and worst of all, another 9/11 with the borders letting anyone and everyone come in. You can get insulted because we called them murders, robbers or whatever, but there are bound to be some of them coming in. People have a short memory when 3,000 people were killed on a September 11, 2001 and it will happen again if the border isn’t closed. What are we now, the sewer of the world, letting anything and everything just come right in and take our money? Why do we have to support law breakers? Because filthy Obama said so? Go ahead, see what happens.

  9. Egypt is taking action at Gaza’s southern border into the Sinai. Mubarak, was not a saint, but he also detested the MB and knew that Gaza was an accident waiting to happen. You gotta ask yourself, why was Obama so readily happy to insist that Mubarak had to go and quickly gave support to Morsi and most importantly once Sisi/Army overthrew Morsi to restore security to Egypt, why did Obama delay acknowledgment of the regime change. There is only one answer!

    1. We might find that the Muslim Brotherhood characters Obama has peppered in the Executive Office had a BIG say in how Obama was to handle Mubarak’s overthrow, and for why it made him so happy to See Mubarak go. Mubarak had banned the MB from Egypt, knowing they are the core source of the world-wide jihadist movement. Here’s another tip. Extreme whacko leftists Bill Ayers (yes, THAT Bill Ayers), Bernadine Dohrn and Jody Evans (Code Pink co- founder) were in Egypt several times formenting the MB and encouraging them to overthrow Mubarak. It seems pretty obvious to me that Obama had to know about this crass attempt to overthrow a government (if he didn’t then he is even dumber than I thought).

      1. *St. Pancakes. The entire lot of creeps. I am no longer playing the pc game and mincing words. The Ayers and their whacko BFFs can all go to hell – it’s the only immigration I am interested in. I’ve officially declared Jewhad ™ – this Jew has had enough of the crap.

        *Rachel Corrie reference

        1. The pc game has become a substitute for the truth in recent years. (always, actually). I feel bad for the past two or three generations of kids who have had their critical thinking skills beaten to a pulp because of “pc” indoctrination at the high school and college levels.

        1. You made me laugh about the flotilla becoming like the Titanic when the Israelis get a hold of it. I pray that Israel won’t give in to this disgusting hellish Hamas. Obama is a liar, a deceiver, treasonous, and he won’t help Israel at all because he loves the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and Hillary (Miss Piggy) Clinton loves the Muslim Brotherhood too — if she wins, God forbid, because the elections now are being stolen by the Democrats and Axelrod and company, anyway, if she wins and she shouldn’t, because she is not fit to be President, mentally or physically, if she wins the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to stay in the White House with Hillary’s assistant also, one of them. What has happened to our wonderful country, being taken over by communists and terrorists?

  10. Exactly, Srdem65.

    In 1997 I stood with my feet in a United States National Park (Organ Pipe National Monument) with my four-year-old in hand. We had planned on visiting Quitobaquito Springs to see the rare Quitobaquito pupfish. As we prepared to walk to the springs we watched a flatbed truck stop on the Mexican side of the three strand barbed wire fence. We watched as six or so Mexican nationals disembarked from the truck. After a little discussion, my husband headed down the trail first and noticed the “gentlemen” were now hiding in the bushes. We returned to our car and they returned to their truck. We waved to them and they waved back.

    We told our story to a border patrol agent later that day. He told us they would have stolen our car and left us stranded in 98 degree heat. But, hey, it was a dry heat. (Ah, yes. the best and the brightest are coming here. (sarc))

    A few years later a young park ranger was shot in the back not far from where we stood. The park service has since rerouted the roads and the Quitobaquito pup fish reside in an aquarium at the visitors service. They also put up a border fence that prohibits vehicles, but allows the two and four legged to migrate freely.

    It is indeed telling to note that this administration wants to regulate everything except unwanted migration .

    1. Just because I reject the idea that generally people waltzing across the border now–many little kids–are rapists and murderers does not mean I am for an open border. We need a paperwork system, check pts, fences, a way of recording who comes and goes and when, and long-term systems of oversight of non-citizens here. Maybe in 20 yrs, if they even want to, they can become citizens if they follow the rules.This goes for airports, too. Being alone in a deserted area with people who sneaked across could indeed have ended tragically. These dangers are real. Parts of AZ–people’s yards almost–are battlegrounds. The govt’s job is to prevent this and if it happens, protect us. But hating on children and calling people ugly names is not the answer in my opinion.

      1. Good for you! You have your opinion but if you look at the illegals in front of the White House protesting, THEY ARE UGLY! FAT AND UGLY! And Obama let them protest even though they broke the law. Obama letting illegals protest in front OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!!! How low can he go. That is your President — he has no use for the law. He should be impeached and thrown out immediately. He is guilty of treason and many other offenses. He is hurting all of us and loving it!

    2. Years ago they started shoving Spanish down our throats.
      If you called a company, you than had to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish.
      That may sound unimportant with all the other problems on hand. I still don’t appreiate my time being taken by a recording telling me what to press.
      Everyone just went along……………….with it. No one said NO!
      Now we have thousands of these people walking right on over. Our teachers will have to teach our children different (less), so ALL the other foreign students can catch up.
      It would cost less to pack them all up, bring them home safely.
      As far as the gangs walking right over that is a fear.
      Than it takes just one terrible terrorist to come in that route as well. Why doesn’t anyone understand?

        1. And don’t let’s forget, in Obama’s world every country is “exceptional”, including Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, Columbia…. I guess that’s why they all want to flee to the country that ‘isn’t exceptional’. (That this alleged ‘constitutional scholar’ is not just willfully ignorant about the meaning of the term, but also antagonistic to it, could be a long lecture in-and of itself.)

    3. Not sure it is running in all markets, but good ol’ Verizon runs an ad in NM offering discounted rates when calling Mexico and Central America. I have heard it a few times and it pisses me off every time!

  11. Re the ‘unaccompanied minors’: Yesterday I asked my Honduran gardener, whose 16 y..o. nephew was among the ‘children’ who arrived, why the respective C.A. govts/police don’t do something to curb the gang activity. He replied that the police are terrified of the gangbangers. Everyone, including minors, has to pay ‘rent’ to them. If they don’t, they are killed. The ones who can’t afford the ‘rent’ are the ones coming here.

    What he neglected to say is the gangbangers are also coming here! If we can’t send all of them back, we should at least put every single ‘refugee’ over the age of 12 without a parent in the U.S. on the next plane out of here with enough $$$ to pay the ‘rent’. We don’t have enough prisons to house the criminals who are already here. Obama just released all of them from the jails!

      1. The gardener may not have been “legal.” I think a number of the ones I have hired were not. Oddly, they don’t seem to be murderers, either–except of weeds.

      2. The family is probably illegal – I never asked. He has worked for me for 10 years and most of his family is here. Nice people.

        1. I know–my sister’s cleaning help, we learned at one pt or another, are not legal. One woman was sent back to Mexico with her fam for a bogus SS card. She writes and now can come here for visits–we are not sure of how. One does not ask–in AZ, it’s just a person, we don’t check papers. I sure don’t, anyway. Mexican guys in beatup trucks come by and come to the door and ask can they trim your palms etc. I ask how much–sometimes I do it, sometimes not. Their immigration status is not an issue.

          1. And by the way, I don’t even have a beatup vehicle. They are one up on me. Also, they take checks–they have ID to cash them or bank accts. Do you have to be a citizen? I haveno idea.

          2. Having lived in SoCal my entire life, I’m guessing 95% of everyone from Mexico and C.A. is illegal. I never ask. I write checks too. All I can say is the Hondurans especially are hard working, polite, and honest. I know their life stories..and it wasn’t easy for them. They appreciate this country. I also discovered from my experiences that it’s the Mexicans who take more advantage of the system – they’re hipper I guess.

            It’s not all rosy. There are some really bad hombres from Honduras – the worst of the worst. Obama isn’t sorting them out – he doesn’t give a damn. He has been encouraging it for six years. What a way to run the country – straight into the ground.

          3. Star Girly1 — I am not passing judgement. I too have lived a long time in CA — I know how it goes. But this is really part of the problem. We have to somehow be able to sift through illegals here and act according to how they have lived and worked, deal with the current situation, enforce the borders and stop accepting illegals as a fact of life in American.

            Most of us have used illegal labor personally or professionally. In my direct family, the Hispanics are documented and working on citizenship. Procedure has been followed. And we really have to get back to that.

            If I was in line for legal immigration and saw this crap — not only at the border now, but how easily we accommodate it in the fabric of our society I would be hopping mad.

            And the fact is, no matter how nice these people are or how industrious or how hard working, if all the immigrants were documented and of legal status and laws were followed — we might have higher labor cost and there might be more competition for low end jobs. But there would be jobs and the rule of law and we still have our sovereignty.

            I am not at all sympathetic to illegals, but I can certainly see how their case might be made if one simply looks at the reality.

          4. Most every restaurant in Santa Fe hires illegals. It is not the yard people or the cleaning people that are the problem. Their numbers are not very great. It is the many businesses that hire them at steeply discounted wages. Santa Fe’s minimum wage is one of the highest in the country, $10.75 an hour. If the businesses can hire them at $8. an hour and pay them under the table, they will. No insurance, social security or income tax to withhold. It is the businesses that should be raided and heavily fined. Of course, who will do that? Not the local police. Only the Border Patrol, and they are too busy feeding children and changing diapers. I am also intrigued by the fact that all of the pictures I have seen of these poor little immigrant children, show well dressed kids in well fitting clothing. No hand me downs for them.

          5. I agree it’s not all rosy. The legals here are not backing letting people in wholesale. And I would not want to be in an isolated area like one commenter with heaven knows who coming across in the nite–just as I would be cautious on a big city street at nite (as I was in DC). This isn’t Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm–people are taking a huge expensive risk to cross or send people across. It’s high stakes. But anyone on this list who says they have never dealt with someone here illegally, I would have my doubts. Obama even has illegals over for drinks and speeches.

  12. Border patrol up north seems to be working fine with a group of American boy scouts. One commented had it right “This is what tyranny looks like”.

    Too many feds and local law enforcement are over armed and beginning to use their power against people in a very frightening and tryannical way. SWAT is more common. And idiots like this agent. Ok, may be a bad apple. But dimes to donuts he will go unpunished.

    Someone should transfer him to the southern border and see how well he does his job there.

    1. Thanks for posting that. I read that yesterday and was so disgusted by it at the time. I meant to post it later in the day.
      Back to Free Country, Scouts (boys) with a firearm aimed at them.

    2. You can’t get much more Orwellian than a government turning on its own citizens and turning a blind eye or abetting gang members coming across the southern border.

      1. Just a passing thought — or musing –on the irony. We have lost critical liberties, rights and privacy during the reign of Barack Obama. Our freedom of speech is challenged under all manner of political correctness — resulting some times in people losing their jobs or being forced to serve those they choose not to according to their faith. The IRS has become a political tool of the President and his Party. We cannot photograph police or government events. The Press (such as it is) is denied access. The American public is spoon fed Obama through the lens of Souza.

        And yet, to this day, we the American people, do not have access to even his college transcripts. On no planet does this make sense. And yet, all of this is taking place, in America today and the very simple publication of college transcripts — something most people applying for their jobs at some point, must provide. It is insane.

  13. Thousands and thousands of illegal aliens are flowing across the southern border, while Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t allowed into the States from Canada, due to an expired visa.
    Harry would have performed a spell or used his cloak of invisibility to get in!

  14. Did anyone see Chris Wallace interview the new House Majority Whip Scalise today? I didn’t but I just read a summary of it from a commenter elsewhere. It does not sound encouraging. I am hesitant usually to copy full force without permission or citation– but it is a public comment and sums it up well.

    If anyone saw it — was this your take as well?
    I just listened to Chris Wallace interview Steve Scalise, the incoming House Majority whip. I am not impressed.
    No matter how many times Wallace pressed him on certain issues (what are Republicans going to do to stop Obama’s Executive Order on immigration, will your party stay in DC until the issue is fixed or leave for vacation), he out Democrated Democrats in skirting the issue. He spent most of the interview slamming Obama and Democrats and offered little beyond the usual platitutdes about what he/they are going to do.
    thoroughly unenlightening and thoroughly frustrating.
    We can do better. We have to.

    Doesn’t sound good on the possibility of something real coming out of the House on the border issue and/or immigration. My Rep sent out a survey on it today.

    1. Just an idea..?
      Deport the House and the Senate ..They are not solving the immigration issues or securing our borders.
      How are they keeping Americans safe from foreign invaders?
      How are they keeping the Ranchers safe and secure who are living on the border?
      How are they keeping American visitors safe who enter Mexico?
      Hoe are they protecting our Border Agents their jobs have been politicized and restructured into babysitting?
      American’s are in danger and our Government does not seem to take that as a serious issue.
      Do these elected officials deserve their salaries? They don’t solve the problems …they create more problems. Polluto-ticians are just that …polluted!

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