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Obama Playing Golf at Congressional

President Obama is┬áplaying golf today at the famous Congressional Country Club course with aide-de-camp Marvin Nicholson, sportswriter Tony Kornheiser, and Michael Wilbon of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption.

He like things nice and light on the golf course and this is the perfect group not to bring up Gaza.

Seems like he’s getting tired of the Fort Belvoir and Joint Base Andrews courses and going upscale more often.

It’s outing #26 for the year and #183 for the Obama presidency.

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    1. I’m a golf fan, and I don’t know if you are one or not. Tiger Woods has had a very bad year both before and after his back surgery. Every two years there is a tournament called the Ryder Cup in which the best players from the USA play the best Europeans. Nine players get on the team by points (aka $$$ earned), but the captain gets to make three captain’s choices from the players who did not get on the team by points. There has been a lot of pressure on the US captain, Tom Watson, to choose Woods as a captain’s choice because he certainly isn’t going to go to Scotland based on his points this year.

      I mention this because I imagine there was some discussion going on between the ESPN people and Obama, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all that Obama will come out and say Woods should be on the US team. The Europeans have bested the US more times than the reverse, but you know how Obama likes to have winning sports teams at the WH. Anything can happen in golf, and should the US team win, Obama would not like the optics of hosting an all-white team.

  2. So where are our “new friends” to remind us it’s only a golf game, can’t the President play golf with his friends, geeesh, no wonder the GOP is losing people hee, hee.

    1. I haven’t been reading comments lately. Oh dear, has there been a “troll infestation”? They do share traits with cockroaches darting in and out of the cracks. Just give them a checkered cloth to wear as a parting gift and send them to France or Gaza.

    2. Ok, Ok.
      What, can’t a guy have a day off to relax. It’s not like someone won’t tell him if, you know, bad stuff is happening. You anti-golf right–wingers are just a bunch of old White racist haters. No one likes you and you won’t be invited to the picnic.
      (how’s that?)

  3. 150k to join this golf club and a ten year waiting list. Dictators don’t ever need to worry about costs and don’t wait in line for nothin. Especially communist dictators who play golf allude time. Ahhhh! Ain’t life grand when your a totalitarian despot!!

    Once again a great question that will never be asked by our fearlessly honest media at the next White House daily propaganda event: How does Dictator Obama justify all of his time on the golf course and who pays for all of his green fees and how much does it cost the taxpayers for his massive motorcade and security detail to indulge his obsession with golf.

    1. Isn’t he promoting something to encourage young black men? How about leading by example and spending some quality family time with the “little” wifee and girlies?

      1. Because she’s busy chasing Beyonce around the country trying to be like her! Why didn’t MO and the girls, while in Chicago, do some charity stops or insperational talks with the boyz n girls from the hood to stop with all the shoots!

  4. He has decimated and politicized the military and turned his back on the VA so it is prudent that he avoid military courses. Congressional — I really would like someone to ask him how he liked playing Congressional just to see if he can work in mean, hateful, Republicans who want to impeach me into it.

    But I stray. I was making a nice salad with arugula which led me to Mooch which led me to the Beyonce thing which led me, not surprisingly to hypocrisy. We have a valid overwheming “humanitarian crisis” on our hands — largely with people fleeing Central America. Where the heck are the celebs — where are the likes of Madonna and Sandra Bullock and all the aficionados of saving and adopting children from foreign lands, where are the George Clooneys and the Sean Penns , and even although I admire the work she has done, where is Angelia Jolie. Here a humanitarian crisis in the their own country — just ripe for the picking — all the press, all the opportunity to bad mouth Americans who are against illegal immigration, etc etc. Where are these people?

    So the hypocrisy of an arugula and eating healthy eating touting, lobster and champagne eating, kinda gal, married to a junk food addict a step up in eateries from Bill Clinton, led me here. And by the way, really — she couldn’t invite a few teen illegals to the concert? After they traveled all this way? And Barack, not a few boys — if not to play — then at least to drive the cart or hand over the club? Show them what they too can become in America – if they play the system right.

    A pox on all their houses.

    1. You know he cancelled out on Jimmy Kimmel last week. My son brought up a good point. With his poll numbers through the floor, he could really get dissed n front of a live audience. He will not take the chance on a live, uncontrolled, unedited television appearance.

      1. I agree — that he cancelled because he knew he would get dissed from Kimmel in some fashion — thats the first thing I thought of too — he would never cancel something like that unless he was afraid — let’s face it — he’s a coward — wouldn’t go to the border either, probably afraid he might catch something or maybe he’d get dissed there too. He’s not fooling anybody, we all know he’s a coward and obnoxious too — always showing off that he’s golfing, turning the screws on all of us. Meanwhile the Obamas’ partying while Israel and Libya and Russia, all burning but they’re having fun — typical ghetto losers.

    1. Interesting that you left out George W. Bush and his 24 rounds of golf in eight years.

      Obama had already played 24 rounds of golf this year alone before the All-Star break.

      As for Reagan, he played one round of golf per year. One.

      Clinton played quite a bit of golf, and–in true Clinton fashion–was prone to being, shall we say, a bit generous when it came to recording his own scores.

      Thanks for playing. Now kindly go kick rocks.

  5. I am so worried about Israel and then I read that the U.S. President is playing golf AGAIN while people are suffering because of a terrorist group named Hamas. On CNN this afternoon Wolf Blitzer wanted to know why Obama does business with Cutter?(spell?)and gives money to them who then bankrolls Hamas to start wars with Israel. The answer why he does that was that Obama tells Cutter?(spell) not to give the money to Hamas. Really? if you believe that Obama doesn’t know that Cutter gives money to Hamas, you must believe in Santa Claus. I guess I always knew that Obama wants Israel to lose their country, but I was shocked to hear that on CNN. What a traitor he is, I find it so hard to believe these things but every day something else comes out about him. How much evil can there be in one man?

  6. CNN taking the side of Hamas and the Palestinians who voted for the terrorist group Hamas. CNN — videos of the bombings in Gaza over and over — nothing about Hamas starting another war again by constantly firing rockets in Israel, just pictures about the Palestinians and nothing about Israel. I got news for you CNN, Israel will WIN and flatten Gaza for good and all. (I hope).

  7. OT Even the left in Israel is beginning to unmask John Kerry and Barack Obama’s faux support of Israel. Jean Francois Kerree gets his butt kicked in this article.

    Also in many credible places there are stories about the tunnels into Israel, in particular an alleged plot for a deadly surge on Rosh Hashana. (sp) Maybe someone should inform the Administration — or at the very least Kerree. Perhaps a tunnel tour might be in order.

    Here’s a brief discussion.

  8. Saturday or Sunday rounds of golf thus far this year: 26/30 weekends

    Another round with the ESPN folks…..why doesn’t Obama just resign as he would rather hang out with sports celebrities.

    And Michelle would rather hang out with Beyonce’ and her ilk. Yet another Beyonce concert paid for courtesy of the taxpayer.

    1. I assume he plays with ESPN for two reasons. First, they won’t ask any hard questions on the economy or foreign affairs. Second, the ESPN guys can afford to be members of the club and pick up the greens fees, etc.

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