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Michelle and Daughters Discovered at Beyonce Concert

Looks First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters got photographed by this girl in the foreground, who caught them in a selfie.

Michelle daughterr beyonce

Michelle was in Chicago Thursday for a DNC fundraiser, and she took her girls afterward to the Beyonce and Jay-Z show.

Want to have some fun? Fine. But this is rank hypocrisy.

Michelle styles herself as someone who cares deeply about kids. But Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z rake in millions peddling overt sexuality and other forms of vile entertainment to children.

Not to mention the $50 million Beyonce is making selling Pepsi to kids, a campaign that will stuff so much sugar into their veins that one might suggest Michelle’s “Let’s Move” initiative include a program for rescuing children from diabetic comas.

Beyonce is one of the pioneers in the move to finish long, slow process of achieving the final putrefaction of American culture. No American first lady should stand with someone like Beyonce. But this one does.

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  1. This is not about morals or values. This is about pop culture, “Gee, we know them and they hang out with us. Aren’t we cool?”

  2. Liberal, progressive, and hypocrite are synonyms, Keith. Couldn’t agree more with your words. Just another limousine liberal trying to tell me how to raise my kid while exposing her kids to this trash. God help us all these next few years.

  3. Barack gets to hobnob with NBA players

    Michelle gets to chum with Bey.

    We get to pay for it.

    (While both Barack and Michelle rail against the evil rich influence in politics, while imploring Democrats to “write the biggest, fattest check you can write).

    Hyp, hyp, hoo hah.

  4. stereoculturesociety

    What a bunch of idiots. These comments prove exactly why the country has moved away from the GOP. It’s a mom and her daughters at concert. Grow up and get outside the idiotic right-wing news bubble. They’re making your party dumber and dumber. Sad but still yet funny.

      1. 2014/2016, neither can get here fast enough. GOD help us get the hope and change we need. Where is the famous Dad? Probably could not go due to his Saturday golfing commitment with staffers.

    1. Ohhh. I thought this post was about the First Lady of the United States of America and her impressionable teenage daughter. Pardon my idiocy.

      1. Yes like Bill and Hillary and their fairy tale marriage. It’s not Bill’s
        fault it was his dead mothers how Freudian bet that was hard for the brain trust molding the new improved granny/understanding ‘wife’. Sadly like in 2008 and 2012 there are enough completely
        besotted and bewildered to vote for another really big mistake.

    2. These comments prove exactly why the country has moved away from the GOP.

      Yeah. That’s why the majority of the nation’s governors are Republican. And why the majority of state houses/senates are Republican. And why the US House of Representatives is Republican-controlled. And why there’s a very good chance the US Senate will be in Republican hands after November.

      Because the country is clearly moving away from the GOP.

      I hope it’s physically painful for you to be this stupid.

    3. stereo, if you cannot understand Mr. Koffler’s post, or see why Me’Chelle’s attendance with her young daughters at this event was so wrong and such a perfect example of hypocrisy, you’re the one who is “sad but still yet funny”.

    4. Actually I agree. The country should move away from the GOP. At least the Republican establishment.
      The Obamas and the rest of the political elite don’t speak for anyone but the powerful.
      That’s the saddest thing.

    5. The country is not moving away from the Republican Party, or put another way, if people do leave the GOP, it’s because they are more conservative and are declaring themselves independents. They are certainly not moving to the Democratic Party. I guess you haven’t heard of the dire predictions for the Democrats in November.

  5. Better she goes to concerts with her kids than fundraisers. I cannot fault her on this one. But wheres the old man?


    1. “(CBS) – First Lady Michelle Obama came to Chicago Thursday to help rake in money for Democrats, grab dinner, and catch a Beyoncé concert.”

      “BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — President Barack Obama is playing golf at a private club in Maryland with the hosts of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” ”

      1. So guess who is paying for their air travel?? I also have read from different comments that the concert started 2 hours late because the Obamas weren’t there yet, but haven’t been able to verify.

        1. Here’s a comment from the Chicago Tribune article:
          “How did Kot (who in my opinion is not very competent) fail to mention the duo was nearly 2 hours late in starting the show?”

          1. I was in Chicago that day. Secret Service and the cops had blocked off Rush St. so Me’Chelle and her daughters could shop ’til they dropped at Marc Jacobs. Perhaps the cause of the concert delay?

  6. Pretty much as long as she is in the picture Mooch will stand anywhere, anytime. Best way to ward her off — an American flag and a patriotic song.

    1. And I’m sure you’d say the exact same thing if Laura Bush were to take her daughters to, say, a Ted Nugent concert, right?

      Of course you would, bless your heart.

      1. Funny! I liked that one. Let’s see…what would I say? This is difficult bec Mrs Bush has dignity and judgment. Somehow I see her as more of classical music fan than country raunch.

    2. I can think of better role models for impressionable young girls. If Michelle wants to go fine but I would not expose my teenage girls to it.

    3. Barry, have you seen Beyonce’s videos? It’s been in the news how she’s pushing a new raunch level.

      I personally think she’s so stupid that she thinks acting like an expensive whore IS a good role model for girls.

  7. Bless the Brits saw it there in the wee hours. I thought I saw Granny too.
    They’ve run out of words to describe what an utter embarrassment the
    whole family has been to our country. Someone said Queen Bey was a poor example well Michelle is hot on her backside to see who can lower
    standards and morals. We paid for that too a pre-vacation humiliation.

  8. And in other news in the Chicago area: 1300 fast food employees in Villa Park (a suburb of Chicago) have promised to reek havoc because they want $15.00 per hour and a union to join. They are backed by none other than SEIU.

    1. Yes, it looks like a new nose. Perhaps why the Princesses Obama have not been much in the public eye the last few months? Healing?

  9. At one time she held up Beyonce as a role model for her girls. I wonder what the lyrics were. No, on second thought, I don’t want to know.

  10. Funny that … just happened to be in Chicago to raise money – told the Democrats to dig deep (after scolding about the large amounts of money in politics). And happened to catch a concert – guess the taxpayers didn’t pick up the whole tab on this trip (other than for extra SS, a motocade, etc.) The DNC did! IF they pay the gov’t back the percentage they are supposed to. .

  11. So, Malia has been working on Halle Barry’s new TV show this summer at our expense. My question did she meet Mom in Chicago and then all three return to DC or does she return to Hollywood on the taxpayers dime?

  12. Why should it surprise that she and her daughters are attending this concert. After all, her husband invited Snoop Dog to the White House. And Snoop later stated he was smoking dope there.
    Now, I thought anybody visiting the W.H. would have to go through some kind of scrutiny or search.

    1. Nope. Not if you’re black. Having some form of illegal substance on their person is a cultural thing. Just like co-sleeping. To judge it would be racist. Only whites get par-downs when visiting the WH. Except for John Koskinen.

      1. excuse me, but Willie Nelson smoked pot in the White House years ago as a guest of another president–I honestly can’t remember which one. might’ve been Bush I.

        I’m not an Obama fan, and I’m not a Moochelle fan, but this has nothing to do with color.

  13. The Obamas are trash, just like the sycophantic media acolytes who got them elected.

    Running Biden as VP was a pretty epic move on the part of the Dems. Think about it.

  14. August 9-25 is the scheduled Vineyard vacation for the Obama’s.

    Another photo op of Obama eating a snow cone and visiting the book store …..Since most of the homes are “summer residences” maybe we should transport 1,000 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard where they can live and work.

    1. Plans to bring, I think, 1,000 illegals to Cape Cod were announced. The local bleeding heart liberals threw a fit. Ah, the irony…

  15. No, there is no hypocrisy as it doesn’t exist when the self-appointed aristocrats live in opposition to their demands for the lower classes. And the “entertainers” are the culture-shapers who have always served as the “we will push the envelope to the brink” class who have introduced all of the perverted, demented, demeaning, sinful and evil ideas (along with writers and producers and artists) into the world.

  16. Michelle once said that if she could be anyone else in the world she would be Beyonce.

    I don’t have a problem with her enjoying Beyonce’s music. I do have a problem with her being a hypocrite and living large off our dime while telling us how to live.

    just one more reason why the Romneys would have been much better residents of the WH (what’s that, reason #4,567?). they’re already rich; they wouldn’t have been seduced by the luxurious lifestyle and the celebrities and all that.

    vote Republican in November. fire Harry Reid. stop Obama.

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