As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Tune In to See More Koffler

I’ll be appearing this evening on One American News Network’s Rick Amato Show, which airs at 7:00 pm PT and 10:00 pm ET. I’ll be discussing my piece about President Obama’s dangerous, divisive new rhetoric.

OANN is on AT&T U-verse; channels 208 standard definition and 1208 high def; VerizonFiOS at 116 SD and 616 HD; and CenturyLink on 209 SD and 1209 HD.

They have a sprawling new studio in Washington just across from Capitol Hill. Looks like they’re in the TV news network game for real.


23 Responses to Tune In to See More Koffler

  1. Good news.

    So when do you head to the Newseum and retire George to GMA?

    OTOH, I understand MTP could use a good replacement to up their ratings (and standards).

  2. Geez — OT — Gotta’ give the Israelis credit — they have agreed to yet again another CeaseFire. They deserve to be able to defend themselves and stop Hamas. Hamas is not only bad for Israel it’s bad for the Palestinians.

    • Hamas will never stop and the Palestinians voted for Hamas to be there. Hamas needs the big bomb to flatten them, ’cause they will never stop, these people are sick with hate and that includes the Palestinians. And if Israel were not there, the Palestinians, Hamas, etc. would be killing someone else. They have been doing this for centuries. The only way is to get rid of them unfortunately. But also Obama gives them money and he knows they buy weapons with the money — Hamas never even builds bomb shelters for the people, Hamas hides in underground tunnels while the people get killed.

  3. Obama is doing a full court press to create the impression that the Republicans are about to impeach him. This is to garner sympathy for himself and rally the Democrats to go out and vote in November.

    • We do not need him to give a boo hoo speech about himself.

      We needed/need him to go to work, cut off money to Hamas.
      Along with upteen another things/calls he should be doing.