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The Obama Morning News || July 25, 2014

Obama would make Hondurans refugees . . . Newsmax
The Obama administration is considering a two-year, $47 million pilot program that would screen children and young adults in Honduras to qualify them to enter the U.S. as refugees or on humanitarian emergency grounds.

Obama’s evolving immigration rhetoric . . . Politico
President Obama insisted for years that he had absolutely no legal authority — none whatsoever, zero, zilch — to slow deportations on a broad scale. Forget everything he’s said.

WH brings in Clinton aides for help . . . Fox News
After a brutal week for the White House communications team, Press Secretary Josh Earnest hosted three of his predecessors from the Clinton administration for a strategy session on Thursday. 

House to slam Bergdahl swap . . . National Journal
Some Democrats have signed on with Republicans to condemn Obama for approving the prisoner swap.

Lawmakers attack Obama Iraq strategy . . . National Journal
Members of Congress doubt Iraqi government can root out terrorists.

Obama: Israel flight ban “prudent” . . . The Hill
Obama defended the FAA’s decision earlier in the week to ban flights to Tel Aviv, saying that it took “prudent action” based on facts and not politics or the country’s relationship with Israel.

Central Americans blame US for crisis . . . Washington Times
The presidents of Honduras and Guatemala blamed the wave of unaccompanied children inundating the U.S. on American foreign policy and on gridlock in Congress over immigration reform.

WH cleared of Hatch Act violations . . . Politico
The federal watchdog tasked with enforcing the Hatch Act has cleared the White House’s political affairs office of any wrongdoing in violation of the 20th century law that bars political activity by executive branch employees.

IMF downgrades US growth prospects . . . Newsmax
The IMF now expects just 1.7 percent U.S. growth in 2014, which would be the weakest since the recession officially ended five years ago.

Carson sells more books than Hillary . . . Daily Caller
For many book buyers last week, choosing whether to buy Ben Carson’s new book or Hillary Clinton’s new memoir was not a hard choice.

Hillary: I need to work on press relations . . . Politico
Clinton, who has long had a tempestuous relationship with the media, on Thursday said she may need to “work on” her “expectations” of the press.

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 25, 2014

  1. Pre-screen? WTF?
    Why don’t we just raise the white flag now as there seems to be nothing that can stop the strategy of overloading the system to ensure a permanent voting underclass for democrats decades to come. It IS an impeachable offense but with a public as ignorant as it is today there’s no chance of that so again it’s another day another dose of depression.

    • Not only violating his oath of office and the laws of the land, but in your face fundamentally transforming the country.

      Going to get illegal aliens from their home countries is not a step too far, it is a lawless act of a radical dictator.

  2. Watch Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Admit in 2012 That Subsidies Were Limited to State-Run Exchanges.

    “What’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits—but your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill. So you’re essentially saying [to] your citizens you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country. I hope that that’s a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at stake here in setting up these exchanges. But, you know, once again the politics can get ugly around this. ”

    Update: Earlier this week, Gruber was on MNSBC to address the Halbig ruling. He was asked if the language limiting subsidies to state-run exchanges was a typo. His response: “It is unambiguous this is a typo. Literally every single person involved in the crafting of this law has said that it`s a typo, that they had no intention of excluding the federal states.”

  3. So Obama has managed to get Honduras and Guatemala to weigh in on “immigration reform” aka amnesty. So not only the UN and the Catholic Church are now telling the US what to do but also the Banana Republics. And Obama and politicians on both sides are listening to them but not the American people who put them into office.

    • I would prefer that they were meeting to plan a way to stop the drugs, gangs, etc. There Countries would be better off, as well as ours. That issue has been going on for years, and years.
      Why didn’t O just send MRE’s like he did to Ukraine?

    • what the Presidents of Honduras and Guatemala are really saying is:

      “Our nations suck. We don’t even like it here. When is the US going to take us all in?”

    • Pretty much I do think this is more than satisfactory with Obama. Our allies will now be a bunch of tin horned dictators and we will be the leader of a bunch of third world republics. There will be rich corrupt people and a whole bunch of slums and desperate people.

      Everybody has their hand out and Obama is willing to spend the our money to see that our decline continues. Banana Republic.

      And apparently if we don’t let all these people stay, then Obama will just send planes to go and round up some more — that is his solution to the border problem.

  4. Why are people from Honduras the target group for the escapade?
    Yes, I wrote escapade.
    I do not believe anyone has asked or asnwered this question.

  5. Congress is unserious. They now have a bill, I think a Dem sponsored bill but who knows, that will tie funding for the Iron Dome with these recent illegal invaders. And oh yeah, fires. Because Mikulski says best to treat all “emergencies” together. In other words, we have done jack all year and now at the final hour before our more than generous month long holiday we have to hustle.

    • The House has clearly stated their well founded reason for not passing any “comprehensive” immigration bill.
      They see the effect of “comprehensive health care bill” for one.

      They also know for a fact, Obama only enforces the laws he chooses to, not the laws duly passed signed and implemented.
      Can’t say I blame them.