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Obama Buddy Erdogan: Israel Worse than Hitler

Words do matter, at some point, whatever the motivation.

The Turkish prime minister, the man who was supposedly Obama’s dear overseas friend, the world leader he had an actual relationship with, the shining light of Muslim democracy, is busy comparing Jews to Nazis.

Very busy. He keeps doing it, in fact.

“You can see what Israel does to Palestine, to Gaza right now, surpasses what Hitler did to them,” said Mr Erdogan in his most recent recourse to vicious calumny, during an interview Thursday with CNN. “We do not accept this persecution, the massacre, the genocide by Israel.”


The White House is now making it clear that Obama’s relationship with Erdogan has cooled. But just a year ago, during a Rose Garden press conference, it seemed like the Obamas and the Erdogans were planning to vacation together

It is a great pleasure to welcome my friend, Prime Minister Erdogan, back to the White House.  This visit is also another opportunity for me to return the extraordinary hospitality that the Prime Minister and the Turkish people showed me on my visit to Turkey four years ago.  And that included my visit to the Prime Minister’s beautiful hometown of Istanbul.

This visit reflects the importance that the United States places on our relationship with our ally, Turkey, and I value so much the partnership that I’ve been able to develop with Prime Minister Erdogan . . .

I want to thank you for being here and for being such a strong ally and partner in the region and around the world.  I know that Michelle appreciates the opportunity to host Mrs. Erdoğan and your two wonderful daughters this morning.

I’m looking forward to our dinner tonight.  And, as always, among the topics where I appreciate your advice is close to our hearts, and that’s how to raise our daughters well. You’re a little ahead of me in terms of their ages.

It’s just another of Obama’s grand misjudgments. This president who supposedly was a man of the world, with roots in the United States and elsewhere too – turns out he understands the world very little.

Whatever his background, his knowledge of foreign cultures is shaped by left wing professors, naive assumptions about the motives of our “partners” overseas, and a moral relativism that posits the United States can’t be much better than other nations.

Too bad he has to learn the truth about the world on the job, if he’s learning it at all.

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  1. Bingo! Great post.

    …IF he’s learning at all. Not possible. He’s a lousy lazy student with his close-minded head in the choom cloud.

  2. Obama is well aware of what his “friends” truly believe. He only distances himself from them when their true faces are exposed. We know he was raised and mentored by and surrounded himself with the scum of the earth. That will never change.

  3. The insulting comments from the Turkish leader should be strongly rebuked and backed up with actions. Unfortunately Obummer only rebukes those of the opposing political party and views because that is easy with the media bullies on his side. When he needs to take strong positions against the bullies and truly dangerous around the world he shrinks in stature and drifts off to play golf. His lack of experience, moral fiber and integrity is, to our disadvantage, displayed daily.

  4. Mr. Obama is at best, a professor. You remember those days…walk in to class, sit down, listen to the Prof drone on for an hour or two about his beliefs, how the world should run, why its not the utopian society that it should be. Full of bluster and confident that he knew best, all you had to do was listen.

    Then the bell rings, students exit, and the Prof, in his own little mind, has solved the worlds issues. Do it again the following day.

    This is our President. Heavy on words and ideas, but the bell rings and he goes out the door.

    He is simply unable to act on this thoughts, because he never had to.

    He will do just fine at Cal Berkeley in 2017.


  5. Why didn’t she ask him, If you had bombs, missiles being fired on your Country, would you sit back and not protect your citizens, fire back?

  6. I hate to keep bringing up the Laura Bush book I’m reading, but she does go into quite a bit of detail how GWB formed relationships with world leaders. When they visited, they stayed at the White House, Camp David or the Crawford Ranch (the Putins!) and formed bonding friendships with them. Laura has a way of humanizing these leaders with cute little anecdotes about their visits. When the Bush’s travelled to visit their countries, the hospitality was returned. Not at all how the Obama’s roll.

    Even the parts when Pelosi and Reid were calling GWB a lousy, lying President on the Senate and House floors, they were still frequent guests at the WH for dinners and parties. Reaching out :)

  7. Hitler/Nazi
    There aren’t many left on earth who either experienced Hitler/Nazi atrocities or who witnessed them. There aren’t even many left on earth who were told about these things by those who lived through it, or saw what Hitler/Nazis did to innocent people.
    To claim that any Jew, anywhere or for any reason, is Hitler-like is a despicable lie of such proportion it becomes a mark of insanity.

    IMO, any anti-Israel conversation, news item, or political discussion is a thinly veiled anti-Semetic attack. It is not about the rights of a nation to protect itself, it’s about using public opinion to force Jews to accept their fate as victims, again.

    • Great point. My grandmother passed three years ago. She was the last relative from that generation to leave us in our family.
      She would tell me different things (taught) me though out my entire life (From that time period). My grandfather fought in WWII, he did not discuss the war with us. However always told us to read.
      I do my best to tell my grown sons, now and in the past what was told to me.

    • No other nation on earth is held to the same impossible standards as Israel. No critic of Israel expresses proportional outrage at the much worse behavior of other nations. Therefore, hostility to Israel is anti-Semitic at its core.

      The only way to pretty it up is by saying that there’s a reason to expect much, much better behavior from Israelis — i.e. to give them credit for being fundamentally more civilized than the nations or peoples that behave much worse. Maybe some Israel-critics do make this judgment at some level; maybe they take a patronizing view of the “Palestinians” in which civilized behavior should not be expected. But what they say is quite different.

  8. Let us play the Hypothetical Game for a moment……. Castro takes control of Cuba in 1959. The USSR is not involved with Cuba at this point. Castro sends one missile into Miami to show he despises the US.

    Would Cuba be our 51st state within a month??

    Hamas shoots over 1,000 rockets into Israeli and because of the technology that Israeli invested in years ago to protect their sovereign nation only 90% of the rockets get through. Hamas places military targets in schools, hospital, beaches,etc putting citizens (there cheap version of Israeli missile dome) at risk. The fact is the Hamas has taken a page out of Nazi Germany’s play book. The Nazi’s put military factories in towns and villages thinking the Allied’s would not bomb these targets. They were wrong, as much as, Hamas is now.

    • to enhance your analogy…

      let’s say mexico, who’s government has sworn to the annihilation of the United States starts shooting missiles into the US. Not just at Texas, or Arizona, but they can now reach DC, Chicago, and Portland. 2/3 of the people in the US are now directly affected.

      now what do we do?

  9. The both of them can KMA. A-holes.
    I stand with Israel. Don’t like it, see above.
    Tea time.
    Special mention to Misistry of Propaganda. Thanks for one sided/ slanted”reporting”.

  10. And, as always, among the topics where I appreciate your advice is close to our hearts, and that’s how to raise our daughters well.

    Where does this flabbery tripe come from? Also, that Erdogen guy should wait until the toll nears 6 million before making these hideous comparisons.