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Done Raising Money Yet?

To paraphrase someone famous, At some point, you’ve raised enough money.

President Obama’s decision to go on a whirlwind West Coast fundraising tour while facing so many foreign policy crises is so incomprehensible it even has Democratic allies who stand to benefit from the loot he picks up scratching their heads.

“I think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said of one of the many overseas problems Obama faces.

Obama Easter BunnyI wanna tell you something. The issue is not just – as many in the press are suggesting – the symbolism, the “optics,” the need for a president to look serious and resolute during tough times. The problem is substantive.

I do not for a moment believe that the president is as focused on world affairs and the demands of his job while he’s schmoozing donors and hopscotching around the West Coast as he would be were he in the Oval Office or the Situation Room, assuming he’s there without Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The president doesn’t just arrive at these fundraisers, speak, scoop up checks and leave.

He presumably has to do some preparation so he knows who he is going to be hitting up for money. And then he has to do some amount of glad handing.

For example, last night at the home of Hollywood producer Shonda Rhimes, the president made a little speech and then spent 90 MINUTES hanging out. Ninety minutes. We don’t know what he was doing because the press was shoveled out of sight following the remarks.

Total roundtrip time from Obama’s hotel in Los Angeles to the fundraiser at Rhimes’s pad was nearly three hours.

Now let me ask you who are working, or who are retired and surely remember your workdays: How often did you have the ability to create a three hour hole in your day? How much work would you have gotten done that day?

And it’s not like this is a president who gets up early and knocks items off his to-do list like some champion self-starter.

The RNC jumped all over the Obama’s MIA status with a skillfully made ad. I’m sure it will resonate with Americans wondering why their president isn’t putting country before politics.

35 thoughts on “Done Raising Money Yet?”

    1. Fundraising in Chicago. Well Mooch certainly has HER priorities, just like her husband.
      Meanwhile, the both ignore this. Look at the racial makeup of who’s getting shot/killed in Chicago, “that toddiling/fundraising town”.

  1. Sorry, but I long ago quit complaining about his golf games, fundraising etc. The less time he has to “fundamentally change” this country the better. He’s even lost Mika and Adrea: two of my favorite comediennes.

    1. You know, I do care. Because when he was running, serious people tried to point out that Obama was ill suited for being POTUS, and we were called racists, and haters, etc. That he shirks his duty; that his idea of “leadership” is issuing strongly worded proclamations; that he has taken presidential leisure and spending to an all-new level …

      I direct this criticism at THOSE people. Not Obama, to be honest. He could give a shit what I think/say. i’m nobody. He’s going to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of his life.

      No. I direct my comments at my fellow Americans. Especially those who voted for this dolt and fraud.

      1. Ugh. My own mom.
        I tried to explain reality but she thinks I know nothing, after all i don’t approve of her msm news.

    2. Barack Obama is largely irrelevant. He has always been a figurehead. The powers that be, headed up by Valerie Jarrett, continue to work hard at fundamentally transforming Amerika while Barack Obama flies across country, blaming every one and every thing. He is a small and petty man whose life is defined by golf, and partying, and lies. And he has a whole cadre of czars, bureaucrats, and former Democrats now Progressive Socialists to do the heavy lifting.

    1. No offense Keith, but I kinda blame you & the sycophants in this Obama “WH press corps” for letting Obama get away with all of this…
      -NO ONE in this “WH press corps” has the GUTS-NERVE-SMARTS to ‘Ask a REAL QUESTION’ at a “daily brief” and ‘DEMAND an ANSWER’ or make a sense and go on the MSM and explain why the Obama White House will not/can not answer a simple question.

      1. ahh, but they ARE getting a tad restless. Both this article and the one he links to are very encouraging.

  2. I don’t care who did it before because I never heard about it. Now it’s so in-your-face by this little horrible fraud it is a disgrace to the office.

    1. Remember when the Nobel Peace Price actually meant something? He has destroyed everything important to most civilized people.

      1. Nobel Peace Prize —pfffttttt…. that’s not important. He is nominated for an Emmy, yes, an Emmy, this year (for that silly Between the Ferns or whatever it was). And I’m sure he will win it. And that is more important than any of this trivial stuff we talk about here. /sarc

        1. I hate to repeat–but I posted the other day that he donated some of his peace prize money to Greg Mortenson–that guy who wrote THREE CUPS OF TEA and set himself up as a saint building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has been outed now as a liar, using donations for person expenses. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

          1. Glad you repeated it. When I get behind reading comments, it is almost impossible to catch up and I missed it before when you posted that.

  3. According to the Wash Times, at that Rhimes thing he said the American people don’t have time for Benghazi or Obamacare and get confused and then quit their jobs. This made NO SENSE! Does he think no one pays attention anymore–he’s probably almost right. Almost nobody does. A good friend told me she now watches Al Jazeera to get the truth–and she’s Jewish. The world has gone mad.

    1. A former FBI counter-terrorism team told me also watches this channel because he finds it more objective than the MSM. He also said he was very concerned about the ability of the illegal aliens being “resettled” by Obama to fly on planes without a photo id (even a new one specially made for this situation) using a form that can easily be counterfeited.

  4. Fundraising in Chicago. Well Mooch certainly has HER priorities, just like her husband.
    Meanwhile, the both ignore this. Look at the racial makeup of who’s getting shot/killed in Chicago, “that toddiling/fundraising town”.

  5. The President continues to prove that he isn’t President of the United States. He is President of the Democratic Party of The United States. The DNC is still in debt from the 2012 election and the 2014 election is 3 months away.

    Presidents usually have a somewhat flexible schedule to allow for crisis’. The fundraisers are not flexible and if cancelled that money is not collected. These people are paying $35k a plate for 30 seconds with the President.

    The problem is that the President is a ceremonial President and is not capable of Governing. As a State Senator in IL , he voted Present over 100 times. He does not want to be on record. It is easier to blame Republicans than work with them. The biggest problem is his Aministration is made up from the same mold of The President. All theory and no action.

    I hope on the First Tuesday in November, the US Citizens create the civilized revolution that was designed by the framers of the Constitution in 1787.

    1. He was gobsmacked when we took the house in 2010.
      Let’s take the senate and keep the house in 2014 and watch him melt down.
      The very fact that the dems do not want to be seen with him or her should tell you something.

  6. As we have heard from Billary “What difference does it make?”

    Val Jar has been running the country for the last 6 years anyway.

  7. Obama’s whole presidency has been about “optics.” Think Beau Bergdahl for instance. Think the awful, terrible, disgraceful, disgusting, no good video that was supposed to have driven the radical Islamists into a big enough frenzy to attack our people in Libya. The tiny minds of the Obama Administration think the brains of Americans are only as deep as what they see with their eyes and hear with their ears. And while that is true of some Americans, more and more of us are waking up and smelling the stink emanating from this administration.
    the bottom line is this. They.don’

    1. Yep !
      They don’t care what we think because they are imperialists.
      Unless there is massive voter fraud in the next elections, we win.

      1. Voter fraud? All they need are enough Establishment Republicans who are afraid of Conservatives to back Democrats to win. They don’ need no stinkin’ voter fraud.

  8. “the president made a little speech and then spent 90 MINUTES hanging out. Ninety minutes. We don’t know what he was doing because the press was shoveled out of sight following the remarks.”

    Look we all have to cut Dictator Obama a little slack regarding what he was doing for the missing 90 minutes:

    It takes time to count out all that cold hard cash he scooped up at the fundraiser including sorting the cash by bill denominations – Say at least 50 minutes.

    Factor in stuffing the cash into the money belt he wears to these events, again each bill denomination into a specific pocket on the money belt – That’s another 20 minutes at least.

    Then of course it would be a snub to the useful idiot, excuse me I meant the host of the event, not to snort up a few lines, chug a few drinks, and maybe even fire up a choom stick before leaving for his taxpayer paid lavish suite – Tote up another 20 minutes performing this backbreaking chore and you arrive at a grand total of 90 minutes of intense labor for our Dear Leader. Whew! No wonder he looks so tired all the time.

    And to everyone who thinks that these fund raising (bribery) gigs are a piece of cake. To paraphrase the Donna Somers song “Dictator Obama works hard for his free money.” So let’s all take a collective deep breath and try to truly appreciate what a living hell life is for Dictator Obama.

    As for the press being shut out, to quote our bestest Secretary of State evah, Hillary the Butcher of Bengahzi, Clinton ” At this point what difference does it make”.

  9. Congress, Republicans and some Democrats, are aware of what Obama is doing and has been doing since taking office. Yet, nothing has been done about stopping or removing him. It is within Congress’ power to take action, and they have had more than enough time to do so. I do not understand the mindset of Congress. What are they afraid of, or has everyone been paid off, warned, threatened…makes no sense.

    He can still text Beyonce…after all he was caught on camera doing just that during the election campaign…

  10. They just said Iran is holding 3 journalist one has dual citizenship one
    being Iranian. Well sounds like time for the Vineyard.

  11. “Done raising money yet”? N-E-V-E-R.
    As I mentioned before, the Last Lady is in Chicago attending a fundraiser on what is called “the Gold Coast”, home to many of Chicago’s rich and famous.
    In a not so affluent neighborhood, a benefit to raise money for the funeral of Shamiya Adams, struck and killed by a bullet fired by a gang member.
    Shamiya was 11 years old.
    Now which fundraiser will Mooch show up at? Anybody. That’s ok, I already know the answer.

  12. My connection cut out again.
    Well. Let me say, in the 1980’s I lived 40 miles north of LA & worked downtown. It was a three to four round trip each day to go to & fro work. I would have most definitely stayed home & lost pay over it if this numnuts came to town then. Traffic is much worse these days (I was there last year outside rush hour & it sucked) and he is selfish & arrogant to stop traffic. And keep an in labor female from crossing the street to get to the hospital.

  13. Um…
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    but is a rebuttal that discounts that part of the sentence in front of it

    toe the line means to literally put your foot on a line that dares you to take an action
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