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Perry: Illegals Committed 3,000 Murders in Five Years

Uhh, this sounds like a problem.

According to Texas Gov. Rick Perry:

Texas citizens are being put in jeopardy by this porous border . . .

There have been, over the course of the last five years . . . over 203,000 individuals who have come into Texas illegally, who have been booked into our county jails. Those individuals have been accounted for over 3,000 homicides and over 8,000 sexual assaults.

Not sure what to make of those numbers.┬áIf they’re correct,that’s a lot of avoidable mayhem.

Maybe President Obama should look into this. He’s got time, he’ll be back from fundraising tonight and golf isn’t until Saturday.

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  1. As I commented to Grace on another post, now that the Congress will be taking its long August recess, it’s an opportune time for border governors like Perry to seize the initiative. Good for him!

    1. Add to the out and out murders the poor children and others whose dead bodies are being found washing up from the river and in the deserts….that too is murder.
      Catch them and send them all back to their countries of origin. If they catch adults and teen gang members lock them up and throw away the keys.

    2. I hope for your hope Julie. But, in all honesty, I think the only thing that will happen is they will all be relocated throughout the US,traceable only by the government benefits they receive and the crimes they commit.

      That said, I commend Governor Perry. I wish he could or would do more. I am now an advocate of closing our southern borders to all until they are secure.

  2. I live in Houston, texas and those numbers if not correct are very close. we are the home of shelia Jackson lee and mayor anise parker. those 2 ladies and believe me I use that term loosely are trying their best to turn texas blue. Houston, Austin & San Antonio have already gone blue, just hoping the rest doesn’t. if it does the our economy will be as bad as the rest of the USA’s. in the past, a depression / recession normally hits Houston last and Houston is normally the first to bounce back. but if these 2 people and the rest of the bleeding heart liberals have their way, texas will be like New York & California in the very near future!

  3. Seems to me that a typical cross section of citizens from Mexico and Central America would not commit crimes at this rate. Maybe there is an extra interest on behalf of gang members to come here (it’s where the money is) and so they are disproportionately represented. Since coming here illegally involves breaking the law in the first place, it might be reasonable to surmise that we have excluded from consideration a portion of the population who wants to be ethical. I don’t doubt that some come from economic desperation that overwhelms their sense sense of right and wrong, but at least some who decide to come may be less than ideal candidates for citizenship. (We do let in some legally – theoretically they might be more of the ideal segment.)

  4. Problem is…once they step foot on American soil, they’re here for good now that Obama has shredded out immigration laws.

    The C.A. criminals are the most violent according to everything I have learned living in the sanctuary city of L.A. They are even feared by Mexican gangs. Saw a few of the ‘children’ flashing gang signs while they were waiting in the processing center. They’re probably out on the streets now.
    What was it Pelosi said? Think of the Baby Jesus? Holy cr*p!

  5. It is so difficult to fathom that the President of the United States would actually desire the chaos and crime that his “phone and pen” policies have wrought, but sadly, that is the case.

    Every thing about this “crisis” was planned out in meeting between VJ and the La Raza radicals. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” while creating thousands of future Democratic voters. And homicides? Wasn’t Fast and Furious about creating chaos so they could advance their gun control agenda? This is simply another way to accomplish that same goal.

  6. Ironically, Kalifornia has lost many jobs as the natives relocate to Texas for better opportunities. When Obama showed up on the scene, the handwriting was on the wall. Turning Texas Blue is his greatest second term goal.

    I’ve noticed that he and former Dallas mayor, Ron Kirk are practically inseparable. They travel together overseas on AF1 – even golf and vacation together. It always raises red flags. Kirk was a do-nothing trade rep – but I think there’s more to it. Obama definitely has TX on his mind! Good luck to you!

    1. i remember all of the new Yorkers and Californians that moved to texas back during carter’s rule. texas was bright red at the time and was about the only state that had jobs. if you rented a uhaul somewhere other than texas you paid round trip charges. they came for better jobs or at least a job and better lives for their families. only problem is they stayed and slowly but surly are turning texas blue. I’m afraid that she, texas won’t survive all the liberals that are moving to our state this time and will be bright blue!

      1. There’s hope for Texas. Most likely there are now a whole bunch of conservatives planning on hooking up that Uhaul and heading for Texas.

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  8. Governor Perry is courageous to directly address the years of bho’s negligence regarding the FACTS and the effects of out-of-control illegal immigration. Border states have been dealing with that issue on their own for many countless years!

    As a Texan, who no longer lives there, I have family members still in Texas and others living in all of the border states from there to California and in the Gulf States. The crimes committed by illegals that Perry cites are just the tip of the iceberg! The crimes attributed to illegals have been increasing for all Border and the Gulf States.

    With many thousands of illegals secretly, at first, transported by our Gov’t to cities throughout all 50 States over the past year(s), the crime rates will continue to rise as they have along the Border. The sheer magnitude of the pressure and stress on communities’ already limited resources – housing, food banks, charitable groups, health clinics, police and safety, education – are inflicting instability and frustration and division among American citizens.

    That is Alinsky’s CHAOS THEORY clearly working for the progressive socialists Czars and WH Advisors to bho for their goals of centralizing and expanding Fed Gov’t control over every aspect of the lives of the citizens! Why won’t the LSMedia speak out and stand against what are the ‘obviously harmful results’ of the bho WH policies? jb

    1. He sent folks to “study” if the Guard should be sent up. When a study is created, it will take 3-6 months for a determination. Then, it will take another 90 days to get the troops down there. JOKE!

  9. Keith — has anyone published a picture of the illegal kids by category?

    1. How many are 16 years or older? under 5 years? 6 to 10? 11 to 15?
    2. How many arrived accompanied by a parent or other adult? Are they counted as part of the 57,000 unaccompanied kids are are they in addition to the 57,000 figure? How many total?
    3. How many of them (and their adult escorts) are pregnant?
    4. How many are under 5 years old? 10 to 5 years old? 11 to 15?

    I’m surprised I can’t find this break down of 57,000 into a better picture. Just that figure and some vague references to gang members and late teens, and pictures of women carrying babies.

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