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The Obama Morning News || June 24, 2014

Koskinen: Lerner backup tapes found . . . Fox News
The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing “backup tapes” — despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled. 

Republicans weigh $1.5B for border . . . Bloomberg
House Republican leaders proposed giving President Obama less than half of his $3.7 billion emergency request to address an influx of migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Conservatives slam Boehner offer . . . Newsmax
Conservatives slammed House Speaker Boehner’s plan for $1.5 billion to address the illegal immigration crisis, with some saying Republicans should spend no additional taxpayer money.

Jeb: Send the kids home . . . Politico
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says in a new op-ed that the vast majority of children who have crossed the border illegally must be sent back home, and he called on the House GOP to take action on immigration reform.

Thousands of migrant kids no-shows . . . Dallas Morning News
In general, 46 percent of juveniles don’t show up for their immigration court hearings.

FAA lifts ban on flights to Israel . . . Associated Press
The Federal Aviation Administration has lifted its ban on U.S. flights in and out of Israel, which the agency had imposed out of concern for the risk of planes being hit by Hamas rockets.

ISIS: We’re coming for you, Barack . . . Washington Times
U.S. officials said Wednesday that not only are Sunni radicals with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant “worse than al Qaeda,” but that the group has a message for the president: “We’re coming for you, Barack Obama.”

Gun prosecutions down . . . Washington Times
While Obama decries gun violence and presses for more laws to restrict ownership, his Justice Department has prosecuted 25 percent fewer cases referred by the ATF.

Costly regulations slated post-election . . . Examiner
A Republican group is suggesting that President Obama’s administration is purposely delaying the implementation of controversial government regulations until after the midterm elections.

Obama locks out the press again . . . Politico
Obama went to the West Coast to meet donors from two top Democratic super PACs, but the press wasn’t invited.

Rubio wades into gay marriage debate . . . Politico
Marco Rubio jumped head first into the culture wars on Wednesday to blast what he sees as “growing intolerance” against those who oppose same-sex marriage.

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 24, 2014

  1. How is it possible that 67,000 illiterate invaders are going to cost us anything but the price of a one-way return ticket to C.A.? Not only did Obama commit a treasonous act by orchestrating the invasion, he wants us to pay for it. A Machiavellian plot if ever I saw one.

    Obama’s cowardly act of using the ‘children’ to further his agenda to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America’ into a third world communist country is the highest form of treason. He should receive the ultimate punishment. He is reducing all of us to the lowest common denominator. The middle class will be forever destroyed after the full implementation of Obamacare and the flood of third worlders. It’s unsustainable!

  2. Reading the above tag “ISIS: We’re coming for you Barack”, I found this humorous comment.
    ” He isn’t hard to find. Just checkout the local golf course or DNC fundraiser”. NJman

  3. Jeb Bush must be drinking or something. He says send them home?

    And not one dime should go to this effort. The border needs to be secured or closed with whatever law enforcement power is available, the families, children, gang members, murderers, rapists, and others needed to be rounded up placed on buses, equipped with security and medical personnel and returned to their countries. What happens to them after that is up to their families, their country and the non profit, charitable organizations either in country or who operate on an international humanitarian basis. Personally I would like the UN building in NY cleared out and all the tin dictator phony “diplomats” assigned to refugee watch.

    But none of that is going to happen. Obama is going on vacation and so is Congress, there is virtually no order at the border other than the care and relocation of these illegals. By the time September rolls around they will have been scattered throughout the US, traceable only by the welfare benefits they will receive and the crimes they commit.