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Hillary: Bill was Abused by His Mother

Hillary Clinton claimed Bill Clinton’s sex mania resulted from abuse he suffered from his mother, Virginia Kelley, as a child, according to Pulitzer Prize winning author Lucinda Franks.

Franks interviewed Hillary a year after the Monica Lewinsky story broke but chose not to publish the information at the time. Now it’s coming out as part of a soon-to-be-released book by Franks. The New York Daily News obtained a copy of the galleys.

According to the Daily News account:

She was a “doozy,” Hillary said, according to the book.

Kelley, who was married to Bill’s abusive alcoholic stepfather Roger Clinton during the future President’s formative years, hurt her son “in ways you wouldn’t believe,” the then-First Lady continued, according to Franks.

“He was abused. When a mother does what she does, it affects you forever,” Hillary said, according to the new book.

She did not specify the nature of the abuse but said it was the source of her husband’s infidelities. “I am not going into it, but I’ll say that when this happens in children, it scars you,” she said, according to Franks’ account. “You keep looking in all the wrong places for the parent who abused you.”

The tail of abuse suggests a reason – or an rationalization – available for Hillary to justify her remaining with Clinton despite the many humiliations he inflicted on her through his cheating.

Personally, having watched and covered the Clintons for many years, I do not think theirs is merely a marriage of convenience that serves both their ambitions, although it’s no doubt partially that. If he had told her 25 years ago he wanted to devote the rest of his life to chimney sweeping, I doubt she would have hung around.

But I think in some odd way they love each other. She finds him exciting, and he finds her . . . well I’m not sure what, exactly, he finds her. Smart, I guess. But now we see another tie binding her to him, that of the caretaker helping the poor little boy who can’t help acting out.

Whatever. This, and other revelations and charges coming out, is all very bad for her. Do Americans really want to revive the sordid Clinton saga and put it in the White House? Is that what the country needs at the moment?

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  1. I cant wait to hear the excuses HRH Michelle will use to explain her ‘marriage’ to “Barack Hussein Obama”…
    -Because, come on, we can all see there is no ‘love’ between Michelle & “Barack Hussein Obama” unless they have to deal with/so a family photo op with the spoiled daughters.

    1. Not to muddy your comment but why buy the little 16 year old
      Princes a car she can’t drive for a year. Guess he likes to waste money idiot. He obviously has never bought a car or knows
      the Zen of the economy.

  2. Puhleese. These two will stop at nothing to retain power. If Bill Clinton was abused as a child that still does not excuse his whore mongering. They certainly had the money and the resources for him to get help. This is just another bid by HRH Hillary to gain some kind of sympathy and try to look like just another – I was going to say commoner, but that puts all of us regular “folks” in a negative light. We are regular every day people. Hillary and Bill are just plain common.

    1. Agree. I don’t buy this for a minute.

      Everything that Hillary says is carefully scripted and for a specific purpose.

      Doubt that this is any different.

  3. How convenient his mother is not around to defend herself. These people lie at the drop of a hat. I wouldn’t put it past them to have made this whole story up.

  4. All these years later, Hillary is still enabling/trying to explain Bill’s abhorrent behavior. This is beyond sad. And he’s still at it, by recent accounts.

  5. Keith, Here is my theory, the Dems are for sure going to run a woman in 2016. After the first African American president it is now time for the “first Woman President”. If Hillary decides for health and grandma reasons not to run, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being groomed to be the anointed woman candidate. She may encounter token primary opposition but it is clear to me she is being prepared for when Hillary bows out.

    The Dems are in lockstep about most everything these days, do you think they are going to leave something as important as a presidential nominee to the voters?

    This poses a potential problem for any male GOP candidate. Any hard criticism will be met with outcries of “abuse” and “bullying” and worse.

    Short of war or an attack on the Homeland, the 2016 election is going to be to a great extent about gender. The same low info Obama voters and countless more women are going to come out to vote for the “first Woman President” . The GOP needs to find a way to disarm this tactic or we will be looking at President Warren in 2 1/2 years.

      1. I couldn’t agree more.
        I just wanted someone else to say it ;-)

        How about Gov. Palin? She sure stirred me up with her acceptance speech 7 years ago and she has been laying groundwork supporting conservatives all over the country.

        In a nation that loves second chances when done right, I hope Gov. Palin joins the race.

  6. OT. I wish I could say this was an OT palate cleanser following this recent Clinton revelation.

    I saw a snippet of the Honduran President on Greta. Bottom line when he and the Prezzies of Nick, and Venez. meet with our very own imperial President bad things will happen. I got this queasy feeling when the Honduran President was sort of going on about cooperation, mi ninos, su ninos: mi casa, su casa; mi country, su casa.

    Heck, as it is little dik thinks we should fly planes over so the “children don’t have to make the dangerous journey “.

    Part of my Reptilian brain makes me think had Hugo Chavez lived we would have heard more about flexibility with Venezuela, etc. Our new allies will be Latin dictators , marching on our way , lockstep to socialism or facism and poverty and slums for some, oligarchy and riches for others. One big central , south , north American cesspool. Not looking good. Further “cooperation coming our way.”

    BTW, where the heck is Sean Penn? He should be on this like white on rice.

    There has to be more to this invasion of illegals than Dem voters — they can do that with multiples and dead people and some Republicans.

    Toilet paper shortages in our future?

    1. Bottom line Grace, we need to take the senate and keep the house in 2014.
      If we do, we can stop O in his tracks and make the last two years of his tenure the torture that he deserves.

  7. Ain’t no debt limit high enough
    Ain’t no Clinton Justification Low enough
    Ain’t no pant suit wide enough
    To keep me from leading you in 2016

    His mother abused her fatherless child and that is why he PERJURED himself. I wish Bill Clinton had come out and said the honest thing…….Look at who I am married to……can you blame me?? Every male and half the females in the US would have agreed with him and moved on with life.

    From the Dana Carvey Show……..the perfect imitation of HRC ever! The whole skit is pretty funny but the imitation is at 2:25 into the skit.

    The Best Dana Carvey Ever!- Tom Brokaw filming clips ahead announcing Gerald Ford’s death senselessly at the age of 83.

    1. Had to sign in to watch and I decided not. But thanks for linking it. I remember some great DC skits on HRC.

      It’s pretty amazing the reasons, excuses, lies that these people come up with to rationalize their behaviours.

  8. Boo-hoo. A lot of people have had dysfunctional childhoods. That is no excuse for the lying, corrupt, abusive sexual relations.
    Did his parents make him wear a blue dress. Keep your lame excuses for those who care. Neither of you deserve any sympathy.

    1. Right you are. Many, many people – too many, including myself – are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I’ve never in my life used it as an excuse for anything.

  9. Convenient that it comes out now when there is no one that can dispute the story.

    I still think if things get dire enough HRC will come ‘out’ with Huma. Voting against her would be sexist, ageist and homophobic. Now if she could only get a statement from a Native American group that indicates she is part Indian, she would be in!

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