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Twice as Many Say Obamacare has Hurt Them Than Helped

Thirty five percent of Americans believe that Obamacare has made them and their families worse off, while only 18 percent think they are better off, a new CNN poll finds. Forty six percent think the law has made no difference for them.

Incredibly, this demonstrates not only that twice as many think the Affordable Care Act has hurt them compared to those who feel helped, but that a whopping total of 81 percent believe the biggest piece of social legislation since the 1960s – and the centerpiece of Obama’s presidency – are of the opinion the law has either hurt them or made no difference to them at all.

Some 35 percent say “other families in this country are better off now that the major provisions of the health care law have taken effect,” a statistic that says very little, since someone somewhere must have benefited.

The poll continued to show an incredible degree of negativity about the law, with 59 percent disapproving, the second highest reading by CNN polling since March 2010. This, remember, at the moment we now know more that ever about what the law entails. Only 40 percent say they favor Obamacare.

The survey was conducted July 18-20.

20 Responses to Twice as Many Say Obamacare has Hurt Them Than Helped

  1. The Obamacare law is THE single most disruptive, most harmful, most radical law ever passed that hurts more than it would ever help. It is on life support and the plug is ready to be pulled.

  2. The issue of smaller companies laying off before O stuff kicked in.
    Jobs, held for long………..period of time. Small companies with small emploment personal, had to lay off a portion of those employees.
    Employees who were already covered with insurance outside of that employer.
    I have yet to see an estimate of how many people loss their jobs.
    Responsible people taking care of themselves got %#@.

  3. Obamacare has caused our rates to increase 19% each year for the last two years. We are self employed with a very high deductible and will soon be priced out of the market as we’ve been notified to expect our rates to DOUBLE effective Jan 2015.

    For those who have not been affected, wait until November 2015 when insurance companies have stated that they will mail out price changes.

    We are middle aged and and no longer need what Obama has determined as required “essential benefits”.

    It irritates me that my husband and I are being forced to pay for services we will never use such as: Maternity care, lactation devices, rehab services (no drug/alcohol problems), child pediatric, dental and vision care (raised two children now over the age of 18).

    Rather than using our money for preventative services and for our own current and future Rx needs, we MUST pay for “essential benefits” – this DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

    Single men should not have to pay for maternity or lactation devices. Those who do not drink or smoke should not have to pay for rehab services. Those without children should not be made to pay for pediatric healthcare,dental and vision. For what Obama has spent to date and the trillions of dollars to be spent over the next ten years, the government could have established health and well being clinics and provided services to those with out insurance.

    We should be able to pick and choose the healthcare coverage we need based upon our health needs….OBAMA is a community organizer with no experience in the business or healthcare industries yet he waved his hand and decreed that we all now have to pay more.

    • All of the ‘essential’ services you mentioned are non-essentials and were campaign freebies used strictly to garner the young female vote. As always, Obama hides behind women/children to pass his communist agendas. It’s happening now with the ‘invasion’ of the women/children from C.A. MO is doing the same thing with Let’s Move – funneling $$$ to the teacher’s unions and giving the govt control over our children.

      • Best analysis of ObamaCare G1.
        “Campaign freebies”, “hides behind women/children”, “Let’s Move”, and C.A. women/ children. Damn accurate.

      • I think that is more the point. The essence of insurance is you pay for things you may not need–like an angiogram–spread the cost around. The problem is all these things included should not be included.

  4. I hope the Dems take Nancy Pelosi’s advice and run on this record. I’m sure I’d be proud had I been coerced into voting for it, wouldn’t you?

  5. The sad part of this horrible law is that the people who are affected by it had no say in the passing of it…the people who passed it are NOT affected by it!

    • Probably includes most government employees, and some people who haven’t YET seen the effects in their employer-provided policies, and the subset of the population that is now benefiting at other people’s expense — e.g. the woman who quit her full-time job with benefits because she can now get insurance paid by other people when she works part-time.

  6. *YAWN*
    …Some “negative Obama story”…
    NO ONE IN THE ‘MAIN STREAM MEDIA’ will ever report or look into this story.

  7. It all boils down to this: If the Supremes hold to the letter of the law, they will strike down the federal subsidies, effectively killing off 85% of the new O’Care enrollees. And that, my friends, will be the final straw.

    By that time, we will hopefully control Congress and the ACA will not be a debatable point should the Dems wish to amend language.

    So, in the end, we wasted time, money and effort to develop a ridiculous plan that hurts many, helps very few.

    Will we ever learn?


  8. If you are on SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), and due to having worked your rear off all of your life, you were eligible for a higher level of disability payment than most, you will be highly impacted by this law.

    It was that if you were on SSDI, you were eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid acted as a buffer for a good portion of your medical expenses: prescriptions, doctor’s visits, testing, surgeries, etc. Now, due to ACA, if your income is above the minimum poverty level set by the feds, $11,670 p/yr for one person, you lose your Medicaid, and have to apply for additional insurance via ACA.

    Without the additional assistance, prescription medications needed to live jump from $3 or $6 p/mo to $150+. Tests that are needed to diagnose and help to plan treatments end up being delayed or cancelled outright due to the now skyrocketing co-pays, same with needed surgeries.

    Mind you, this is for SSDI for someone who has paid into the system for 35+ years, but ends up with a disability through no fault of their own. Illnesses such as MS, Parkinson’s, CTE, early onset Alzheimer’s, renal failure, or other debilitating illnesses that take away the ability to work, walk, or on some days even to think clearly. I’m not referring to the people that are scamming the system for a sore back, and end up getting caught reffing a football game, or the kid that was diagnosed with ADHA, and has been on the government teat all his life.

    The law will cause more and more of the seriously ill to delay treatments, and these delays can end up being fatal. The law will cause more and more to not buy meds due to the rocketing costs, meds to control a heart condition, or help the person slow the progression of memory loss. And what will happen to these people as time and illness continue to ravage their bodies? They will die, poor, without life insurance because they are barely scraping by as it is, and the local county will give them a pauper’s funeral, and bury them in an unmarked grave.

    God help us with this law. It will have the effect that Palin warned about. But, then again, that is the whole idea right? Thin the herd?

    • Shofar, you must understand that this law isn’t designed to help people. It is designed to increase federal government control, redistribute money from the private sector and people’s pockets into the coffers of the federal government, increase the out of pocket costs for individual’s, transfer health insurance from the employer and private companies to the federal government, and confuse people enough that eventually, we will be screaming for total and complete federal government takeover of all health decisions and all health care payments.

  9. I do apologize for this OT but I think it is most informative.

    Click this link to see the connection between the government and faith based organizations and others on the illegal alien assault on our borders. Included are location facilities, actors, funding, etc. It’s pretty comprehensive. And horrifying considering that this is our government bringing illegals into our country and relocating them with taxpayer funds.

    • ” A country is never killed, it commits suicide”
      This is Americas suicide, millions and millions of dollars at a time.
      Add this money to the trillions of US debt, makes me believe we can never recover.