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The Obama Morning News || July 23, 2014

Lerner’s hard drive was “scratched” . . . Daily Caller
Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive was “scratched” and the data on it was still recoverable. But the IRS did not try to recover the data, despite recommendations from in-house IRS IT experts to outsource the project.

WH to keep handing out subsidies . . . Daily Caller
The Obama administration will continue handing out Obamacare subsidies to federal exchange customers despite a federal court’s ruling Tuesday that the subsidies are illegal.

The next Obamacare legal fight . . . Examiner
A conservative watchdog group has been preparing for the next big court case challenging the health care law.

Agents able to scam  Obamacare . . . Associated Press
Undercover investigators using fake identities were able to secure taxpayer-subsidized health insurance under Obamacare. The weak link seemed to be call centers that handled applications for thousands of consumers unable to get through online.

Benghazi killers were right next door . . . Fox News
Members of the Islamist extremist militia blamed for the Benghazi terror attack had moved in next door to the U.S. Consulate months before the strike but “nothing was done” despite concerns about the dangerous neighbors

How Obama cuts cost of political trips . . . Examiner
If Obama includes a public event on a trip otherwise dedicated to convincing supporters to write checks, the DNC and other party arms that benefit only have to pay back a fraction of the Air Force One travel costs.

Santorum rips Israel travel ban . . . Newsmax
The FAA’s decision to ban U.S. jetliners from flying to Israel’s main airport for 24 hours is a stinging slap at Israel and a victory for Hamas, said former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Kerry flies to Tel Aviv despite ban . . . Associated Press
John Kerry flew into Israel’s main airport Wednesday despite a Federal Aviation Administration ban in an apparent sign of his determination to achieve a cease-fire agreement.

Meet Josh Earnest’s new deputy . . . Politico
Well-known among Washington reporters for his aggressive, behind-the-scenes approach, Eric Schultz will now be the backup for Earnest (who will soon have a newborn at home) at White House briefings.

Rick Perry seeks redemption . . . Washington Post
After humiliating fumbles, Perry’s 2012 campaign became a death march: He finished fifth in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses and dropped out soon after. This summer, Perry, 64, is back in the game.

Dole makes ad for Kansas lawmaker . . . Newsmax
Bob Dole, who turned 91 on Tuesday, has lost none of his political zest for “big challenges,” attacking Obamacare and the scandal-plagued Internal Revenue Service and Veterans Administration.

Palin explains speeding ticket . . . Politico
Palin was given a speeding ticket in her hometown last of Wasilla Wednesday for driving 63 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Her justification? “I wasn’t speeding, I was qualifying.”

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 23, 2014

  1. I don’t know if he went through with it, but Bloomberg said that he too was going to defy the FAA ban and fly to Tel Aviv. If he did it, it’s the first good thing he’s done in a long while.

  2. The Benghazi issue: More information that makes me so upset that we did not try to help.
    The note of them knowing which way to run (chilling).
    No one is answering to this.

  3. From the looks of it judicial rulings against Obamacare are being treated by this rogue lawless Administration as so much noise.

    And about those Navigators….