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Andrea Mitchell Gets on the President’s Case

Et tu, Andrea Mitchell?

The NBC correspondent has come to the conclusion that unseriousness sends the wrong message during serious times. Here’s what she said on the TV today:

This isn’t politics. This is the optics of leadership. And the golf course is not the best place to be, even though you don’t really see him out there.¬†Fundraising – those trips are being questioned for a good reason.

And she should know, she’s married to the most serious man in Washington.

I once met Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Mitchell at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. I think I mentioned this to you before.

Anyway, he was keeping rates nice and low and I said in mock seriousness, “Mr. Chairman, I just refinanced, and I wanted to thank you for my rate.”

He stared grimly at me. Mitchell, appreciating the joke, kind of chuckled and nudged him to lighted up. Without a word, he moved on.

Oh well, I guess I’ll take glum self-importance over childish irresponsibility when it comes to running the country.

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  1. Andrea could go a step further with that. Back in the days of his first campaign he would not tolerate topics other than “the issues”. The issues are what The People want to hear, he’d storm. They are not interested in distractions.

    Of course he was only half right. People were interested in his minister, his terroristic pal, how it came to be that a Snob Hill vacant lot could be subdivided, with the smaller strip of it transferring title from Mrs. Rezko to Barack and Michelle.

    Now issues trouble him. Distractions are much more palatable to the tarnished little man.

  2. How right you are Keith about the seriousness.
    Here in Arkansas we have Senator Pryor against Tom Cotton for US Senator.
    Last weekend a liberal long time Arkansas Democrat operative who calls himself a newsperson talked about Mark Pryor’s parents Former Senator David Pryor and his wife Barbara campaigning for son Mark and stating that “a warm smile and firm handshake work wonders on constituients, a veiled reference to what he called the “wooden” Tom Cotton, conservative Harvard Law Grad and Vietnam Vet Congressman.
    My first thought was Barack Obama’s fake smile and constant glad handing.
    Which does Arkansas want? I will take the wooden conservative veteran Tom Cotton over Pryor who has backed Obama and Reid 90% of the time In his voting record.

    • No,it’s not. These pathetic sycophants are merely trying to nudge their fallen hero back on the noble path of righteousness.

      As a general rule, Obama could slaughter puppies on the White House lawn and these people would say it was racist and unenlightened to criticize.

    • To her credit, she did manage to throw dirt on Reagan here.

      O/T (?) NBC is said to be looking for a replacement for David Gregory on Meet The Press, down some 43% since 2008. Joe and Mika are apparently out because NBC doesn’t want a host who is “partisan”.

      Precisely how does the Peacock Network define “partisan”?

  3. To my friends at WHD.
    I checked out this site this morning and I thought you might be interested.
    AFA stands for American Family Association, a conservative Christian site.
    This link provides you information on the voting records of your representatives on many of the latest bills.
    I found it very informative.

    It also provides info on each congresscritter.

  4. Can’t imagine anything worse than being married to Greenspan. I bet he gets up on week-end mornings and dons a suit and tie before sitting down to breakfast at home.

  5. Leaders are not perfect, and they’re not always right, but, most importantly, they learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them the next time around.

    Obama is a leader by title only. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes, perhaps because he doesn’t think that he makes mistakes. This week, we’ve heard repeatedly about how he has repeatedly gone to fundraisers immediately after major crises, starting with Benghazi and continuing to the present.

    And the tone deaf response has always been about how he has all the technology tools available while he’s traveling to conduct business.

    And his defenders are few and far between.

      • He does not see defying the urgings of EVERYONE to be a mistake–he is “standing his ground.” Just more childish behavior. Yes, I can, you can’t stop me.

        • Yes, like the fundraising. The media faintly points out that his fundraiser count is off-the-charts, and he steps up the number of fundraisers per-day, as well as their geographical distance (read: cost) from D.C. In Obama’s mind, who is going to stop him? Obama is an epic troll.

  6. Is it just me not remembering correctly, it seems that Obama is doing so many fund raisers at a time when he needs to be paying attention to what is going on that could affect our country drastically. He says he is keeping up with everything even as he golfs,vacations,plays pool and drinks beer. No mind can go in all those directions what with having to study speeches and other things that have to be handled along with jets being shot down, many people being shot in the streets where they live. This man is spread too thin and no way is he doing the job we are paying him to do. FIRE HIM

    • He was never been the one who was doing the job of president. That has always been ValJar and whatever co-conspirators she brought with her.

  7. Yeah, well I’m calling that a racist comment. She’s using racial profiling to call him lazy, incompetent, and un-serious.


  8. “Optics of Leadership” What in hell does that mean? Either you’re a leader or you’re not. Just another propaganda slogan dreamed up by the hack media to cover for Dictator Obama not being a leader. I can just hear their reasoning, “It’s not as if our dear Obama is not a leader, we all know he is the bestest leader of our dreams, he’s just got his “optics” all wrong. By the way I thought Dictator Obama doesn’t do photo optics.

      • Image is not difficult to spell either. But I agree with both of you: it’s just the latest buzz word like cool and square were when I was in high school. All these people who come up with these words are stuck back in that stage of life.

          • Obama doesn’t care about “optics.” Everything he and his inner circle do is a colossal middle-finger to the few remaining producers in this doomed society. Optics? “Can you see us pissing away your tax dollars?” is the only “optics” they care about.

  9. OT. The Administration’s CAIR advisor has apparently informed the FAA that little dik doesn’t want the ban on US flights to Israel to end.
    Obama foolishly believes Israel will risk their country and bend to his whim, will and transparent attempts at economic pressure. They know better than most the difference between friend or foe.

  10. Andrea Mitchell…
    The poster “Main Stream Media” babe, sycophant for Obama (2008-today) on the propaganda networks of NBC News & MSNBC

  11. I think 0’s staff has weighed the pros and cons of the constant fundraising during multiple crises and they have decided that, no matter how bad it looks, it’s vital for the Dems not to lose the Senate this year. That is their biggest fear.