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The Wit of Ronald Reagan

This ran on the CBS program Sunday Morning day before yesterday.

The piece is ostensibly about how Reagan was methodical about his humor, but it’s really an excuse to air some of Reagan’s famous jokes and take a trip down memory lane.

Funny how kind CBS is to Reagan. You’d have never seen something like this when he was president.

Maybe one day they’ll portray George W. Bush as an aw shucks kind of guy who led America through one of the most difficult periods in its history.


3 thoughts on “The Wit of Ronald Reagan”

  1. During MrReagan’s term as POTUS, I was a true-blue Dem so that he wasn’t all that much to me. His appeal to most Americans was a mystery to me, but that was then.
    Now that I’m no longer blue anything, all I see is someone from the past who wouldn’t have a chance in today’s political field.
    We’ve all changed just as the US has changed, and the fascination or allure of the Reagan years seem to be something the Dems are fixated upon, rather than today’s Repubs who mostly don’t remember much about him at all.
    We need someone of either party who can address today’s problems from the digital excesses, the foreign murderous wildfires that keep burning, and our population that needs to get back to work and off of the public dole.

  2. Thanks Keith!
    I miss the comfort I felt while he served as our President.
    Today is a nightmare.
    I did not fear the future of my Country.

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