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WH Press Corps Protests Blocked Access

The White House press corps today formally protested a White House decision to bar reporters from an event featuring President Obama and the surviving members of the Apollo 11 moon mission, a gathering that would have naturally lent itself to wide coverage.

Obama met with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to mark the 45th anniversary of the mission. Neil Armstrong died in 2012.

The protest was lodged by Major Garrett of CBS, who is an officer of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the problem was that Obama “has a very busy schedule.”

Really? A busy schedule? This president?

ABC White House reporter Jonathan Karl smelled a rat.

“Couldn’t he have been maybe five minutes later for the fundraiser out in Seattle?” Karl wondered, referring to Obama’s trip out West today. “I find that explanation a little hard to believe.”

By which he meant it was a lot hard to believe. The press corps gets shoveled in and out of these events and it takes no more than a few minutes.

Earnest disingenuously threw in a jibe – right out of the Jay Carney playbook – about the press corps complaining it didn’t get enough time during such events, known as “pool sprays.” Karl responded that the complaints centered on getting “a couple of minutes” instead of a few seconds to see the president.

Karl posited another explanation:

“Is it because some of those Apollo astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, shortly before he  died, going to Congress – was very critical of this president for the way he has handled the space program?”

Earnest was appalled. “Absolutely not!” he said.

27 thoughts on “WH Press Corps Protests Blocked Access”

  1. Bingo! An older astronaut, seeing the prgram gutted by an indifferent pres, might commit some truth in front of the press. That just FEELS right.

  2. We are in so much trouble. The PRESS. The MSM we all know has done disgusting coverage of important news for the last several years.
    I would like to suggest that as many reporters as possible all go stand outside with their own protest signs.

    1. Hell, first thing you do is all stand up and just leave the briefing. Next time BO or Ernie are late.. more than 10 min, you pack up and leave. Do that a couple of times and Mr Transparent would get the message pretty quick. Of course you would need the networks and papers to have their reporters backs (yea right)

      Protest signs would be great also!

  3. Filing a complaint with this WH, will no doubt find its way to an IRS computer.

    Earnest was appalled. “Absolutely not!” he said. (in his Captain Renault voice).

  4. A little late in the game for them to be protesting now. A vast majority of the WH “Press” Corp forfeited their job duties the past 5 1/2 years in deference to King Barry The Zero…they don’t get any of my sympathy.

  5. This sycophant “WH press corps” dares to ‘Protest Blocked Access’…?!

    WOW! Where the F#CK has this “WH press corps” been??!!

    When WE, Readers of WhiteHouseDossier know how to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS & DEMAND ANSWERS from this Barack Hussein Obama regime better than this weak, sycophant “WH press corps”…

  6. Major Garrett & ABC’s Karl asked better questions, today. However, the rest of the WHP should have literally walked out of the briefing, or at least have reacted to Earnest’s totally disrespectful ‘excuses’ he used for bho with a loud ‘BOO’!

    I want to see the coverage of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission HEROES in the US Citizens’ White House who totally captured the admiration and inspired the minds of young and older Americans and of those around the World! jb

    1. In Obama’s eye’s, America is not exceptional, therefore, neither is its heroes.
      I too want to see these pioneers of space exploration, perhaps for the last time jb.

      1. I would like my sons to see it as well. That is along with all the younger people who did not get to see it as we did.
        This is pathetic.
        My children get to watch him order a stupid hamburger and play pool, but he is going to forbid our children from this.

  7. Why can’t the WHPC walk out collectively the next time they are
    excluded from an event?? Courage, Boys and Girls, courage!!

  8. Uh oh, Josh “I kid you not” Earnest, you forgot to burp the press babies and change their diapers. Better get busy tamping down this pathetic mini revolt. I suggest handing out more pacifiers, lollipops, and gold stars at the next press propaganda briefing. That’ll gentle them down.

  9. I never cease to be amazed at the utter selfishness of this schmuck! His Highness wanted a photo-op with the aging members of the historic Apollo 11 crew for his photo gallery library – no other reason, He doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about the space program – it’s too American Pie to suit him.

    Because he was afraid he might get some flack about his heartless cancellation of our manned space program, he decided to deny the press coverage to the public. It’s also an insult to the astronauts, as they should have been properly feted.
    But, not to worry, there must be a great Pete Souza photo floating around the internet by now. And that’s all that matters to this egomaniac.

    No sympathy here for the sycophants in the press corps. You made your bed…..

  10. The White House treats the WH Press Corps like naughty children who always ask embarrassing questions and have to be controlled. They get punished by being excluded from key events, are expected to “be nice” and are insulted at every turn. Why do they put up with that kind of tyrannical treatment?

  11. I could not connect to this site from ab 1pm – 10 pm yesterday…
    So not having read any comments yet.
    How in the he!! Has this 0 dude pushed the space program???
    NASA is now devoted to making muslooms feel good. Geese!

    1. Not on this subj. But I recently listened to Jon Krackauer’s book or should I say expose on Greg Mortensen, the guy who wrote THREE CUPS OF TEA about his supposed largesse in building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The book is called THREE CUPS OF DECEPTION–and it’s about what a gigantic liar and fraud Mortensen is, using his foundation as a personal ATM. And guess who donated part of his Nobel Peace Prize money to this character–yup, our hero. So one liar took down another.

      1. Star, do you recommend the book? I read (listened) to Krakauer’s book on Everest. I thought it was fascinating and appreciated his research.

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