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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 23, 2014

9:20 am || Attends a fundraiser for House Democrats; Four Seasons, San Francisco
Noon || Attends a second fundraiser for House Democrats; private residence, Los Altos Hills, California
1:20 pm || Departs San Fransisco
2:30 pm || Arrives Los Angeles
4:55 pm || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Los Angeles

All times Pacific

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 23, 2014”

  1. 3 cities, 5 fundraisers.
    Not even the illusion of “official business”.

    Is the DNC paying his salary, or are we?

    About all he does these days is pimp himself out for donations from those evil 1%-ers.

    POTUS: Pimp Of The United States. Fitting? Sure looks that way.

  2. OT. WH responded to petition for its beer recipe in 12 days. One month and 12 days after the petition to free Sgt. Tamooresi from the Mexican hellhole he is in still there, the petition is still logged in and no action taken.

    And while clamoring about the “crisis” at the border, Congress will continue to holiday in a few short days. Crisis untreated and unresolved.

    Bunch of worthless public servants. All of them, including Obama, should be fired for dereliction of duty. Every single one of them. Start again. What a sham.

    1. IMHO, Grace, that should be the signal for the states to go ahead without the federal government as Rick Perry did in TX today.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. I would really like to see Jan Brewer break out. She got whacked by Obama and DOJ. And as far as the rest of Republican governors, mayors etc. go — they need to stop this influx of illegal immigrants into their cities and communities. With Obama zoned out — this time on vacation — and Congress on holiday the state conservatives are going to have to earn their place.

        1. Yea, Gov Brewer was whack-a-moled! We already knew her son is in State mental hosp…what did 0 say to her?
          Now we are seeing Gov ads with a bunch of bright eyed conservatives promising to fence off our border & use the National Guard on our border. I wish I could believe they really believe they can do this.
          D in AZ.

  3. “Sixty-seven percent (67%) of likely U.S. Voters say America is a more divided nation than it was four years ago” – Obama promised to unite and promised transparency. Both promises were made solely to win the election as Obama could care less about the american people and the american way of life.

    He chooses to fly around the country and play golf while Michelle Obama plans their next family vacation.

  4. What a disgusting, pathetic evil little creature is Dictator Obama. Actions speak louder than words. In Dictator Obama’s case actions shout louder than words. He is beneath contempt.

  5. From the US Constitution………regarding a Recess Appointments.

    The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

    As noted by defeats in front of SCOTUS, the President has not done well figuring this out……….In line with the Founding Fathers, believe in a balance of power between the Three Branches of Government.

    I want to see a Constitutional Amendment that says when the President is in Recess such as a taking off three days to raise funds in the middle of the week, taking 8 weeks of vacations and such then the With a simple majority of both the House and Senate combined to remove a Senior Federal Official. After a set number of fundraisers, they can remove one official for everyone after the set number.

    The President gets 3 weeks Vacation after that one official for every day over the limit. So, Mr Obama went away this week and he has gone over his limit. Susan Rice, and Josh Earnest could be removed. When they to Martha’s Vineyard a vote could be made to remove Valjar.

    Congressional Anti-Recess Act?

    1. We can’t even do the easy, unlikely we will act on something like the Congressional Anti Recess Act — although it’s a good idea.

      Back in the day elsewhere you could just have a palace guard revolt while they were away and send the lot of them off to the country or the convent or wherever. Hey, I’d even be willing to give the Obamas an early start on that Rancho Mirage retreat.

  6. This is way OT but since Obama is safely fund raising for the rest of the week … in addition to Israel … there is a massacre of Christians and Christianity in Iraq and the Middle East. While I am not fully on board with the Anchoress’ approach here, some of the commentary of others about the destruction of ancient Christianity is heart wrenching. And, for my part, I think the ever so popular Pope Francis could be a little more vocal and proactive on this. Just sayin’. Anyway, I just put this here because it is getting so little attention world wide. America is no longer a defender or human rights or religious liberty — unless you are multi sexual, not American, and definitely not Christian–

    1. I heard about the church being destroyed that was built in the 1800’s some time. Terrible, Terrible things flowing all over the place.

    1. Here in Tucson, Bush visited for a fundraiser. The dem pop ( of which there are MANY) demanded the Rep party pay for police OT. I think it got washed away, but they made a big stink.
      I don’t care what party, if you come to my town & we ” need” to “protect” you. Pay for it! Most towns & cities are almost bankrupt & don’t need these unnecessary expenses.

  7. I am so very sick of paying for this person’s salary as I struggle to pay for the basic needs in life. Go away Obama!!!!!!!!!!

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