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Obama Headed West for Three-Day Fundraising Tour

President Obama Tuesday will embark on a three-day West Coast swing to drum up cash for Democrats, making himself the star attraction at no less than five fundraising events.

Obama departs early this afternoon for Seattle, where events to benefit the Democratic National Committee and Senate Democrats are on tap. On Wednesday in San Francisco Obama will host an event for House Democrats and then move on to Los Angeles for a DNC fundraiser.

Before getting out of Los Angeles Thursday he’ll hold another DNC fundraiser. He’ll also stage an “official” event on the economy in the city that will force taxpayers to pick up some of the tab for the trip.

No word yet on whether the bear will get loose on the West Coast and raid a Seattle Starbucks or scoop up some Cobb salad in LA, though one figures this is now inevitable.

And Michelle Obama is getting back into the act, fundraising for the Democratic National Committee in Chicago Thursday and in Washington Monday.

Meanwhile, Hamas and Israel agreed to a three-day ceasefire to give Obama time to raise money.

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  1. L.A. Times and USA Today picked up on the rumor that the Obama’s are buying that Rancho Mirage house that’s been on the market at 4.5 million.

    There’s been lots of back and forth trips recently by both Obamas, hmmm? hmmm? hmmm? Guess that means we’ve been financing their househunting trips too.

      1. Rancho Mirage, about 100 miles from L.A. I think a comprable house, like ones he vacays in Hawaii, are in the 30-40 million range. He probably figured out he’d have to make the mortgage payments. This house sold ten years ago for about 12 million, maybe he’s going to flip it :D

    1. Heard local reports that it’s in escrow. It must be a winter vacay house – you would have to be crazy to play golf in that summer heat.
      My guess is their permanent house will be in SoCal – Malibu or BH where they can be close to Rancho Mirage and Malia’s new career in Hollywood.
      The thought of these parasites living in my city gives me nightmares!

    2. Sure hope their new digs are big enough to hold all the new “citizens” moving to California…. (not that he will ever see them).

    3. Typical of the new modern Presidents — they get filthy rich now by taking taxpayer monies and that includes the Clintons. Pigs that they are — breaks my heart that they hold the highest office just to advance their bank accounts. No one has respect for the President anymore and Bush was a saint compared to these greedy liars.

    4. Nice that today greedy pols like the Obamas and the Clintons seek the presidency to enrich themselves stealing taxpayer monies. Money won’t protect them from the masses when they rise up one of these days.

    1. And the DNC should –but won’t –pick up the tab.

      Obama is the perfect Kardashian fan — so gaga over the shiny-the vain – the shallow. Never is he with anyone of substance.

      Obama – the movie – coming to a theater near you. Produced and directed by Malia Obama.

  2. This comes with mixed blessings. It infuriates me that he spends our time and money raising $ for the DNC but it does keep him away from making real decisions, in which he is an utter failure.

    QUESTION: we document his golf rounds, vacations, but how many fundraisers has he attended while in office in comparison to past Presidents?

    After a while its just dereliction of duty.


    1. He knows it infuriates people, thats why he puts it out there that he’s going to three or more fundraisers, just to stick it to us! He acts like an adolescent high school kid, the way he acts, he may be a little retarded. Its hard to understand that a grown man could be so uncaring. He knows the American people are finished with him, so he’ll take us for all we are worth, just to stick it to us again and again, until he’s gone and one way or another HE WILL BE GONE!

  3. He’ll NEED the three days away once he watches MSNBC to find out that the Federal court has shot down another aspect of Obamacare.

    1. This is HUGE! It will likely go to SCOTUS but there is NO defense for this debacle. Millions will be without subsidies if their ins. exceeds 8% of their income. And how does this affect the millions who already have the subsides? What a mess!
      Wait until the employer mandate kicks in AFTER the election. I think it’s safe to say Obamacare is DOA!

      1. It was passed in the middle of the night. No one read it.
        No one is discussing the number of people who were layed off prior to this mess kicking in.
        I still think that O and everyone who voted for this mess, should all sit down together and take turns reading it out loud.

  4. I was flipping through channels late last night and lo and behold there was Nancy Pelosi on the Colbert show wearing her Wedgewood blue pantsuit and her Wedgewood blue high heels with a big string of pearls around her neck with matching pearl earrings . I swear she was drunk the way she was speaking and acting. The entire 10 minute segment is now on the Huffington website. It’s disgusting the way these politicians are embarrassing our country.

      1. I haven’t seen her since Megan Kelly took her down a couple of weeks ago on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision. I thought then that her complexion looked awful: leprous white patches and too much shine. All that stuff is catching up with her.

    1. Nancy is getting a lot of air time of late. Mr. GQ at Morning Joe “interviewed” her today. I try, try really hard actually, to watch Morning Joe so I can see how the other side is thinking, but it was too painful today. I switched to HGTV!

      1. I can only watch “Imus in the Morning” on FBN -OR- “Mike & Mike” on ESPN.

        I REFUSE to watch anything on MSNBC.

  5. Junius a few posts back raised some interesting questions about where the money comes from and where it goes. Does Obama really turn it all over to Democrats running in 2014? I seem to remember a Democratic Senator from Indiana, Evan Bayh, raising millions for a re-election campaign which never happened.

    1. I believe, was once informed, heard that:
      the candidate can claim all the donated money for his personal use if he claims it as “unearned income” on his tax return.
      A lot of them do that, others donate the money to other candidates, some just find ways to spend the money without any oversight by anyone.
      Thar’s money in that there pollytics, son.

      1. Answer this question: How did the Obamas get to be multi-millionaires while living off of Dictator Obama’s yearly government salary of 400K? Pretty remarkable feat riveled only by Harry Reid’s amassing of his own multi-million dollar stash. And no it wasn’t from the sales of Dictator Obama’s Ayers written lying propaganda tome about his misspent life that accounts for the Obamas’ millions.

        The Obamas are funneling rivers of cash into their pockets at these events and no one in the hack press has the honesty or guts to ask how much is coming back out of their greedy pockets.

    1. As if Obamacare wasn’t enough of a FUBAR enterprise that no one person can explain, this is just another pile-on to make things worse.

  6. Awww…..must be nice to live the life of NERO!!!

    Why isn’t he moving back to his beloved Chicago.
    Doesn’t he identify with “his people” there anymore, or did he just use them to get what he wanted and then tosses them under the bus??? (has he ever made any statements about the shootings there??)

    1. They’ve come out of the shadows now. Chicago is the petri dish for corruption. These two cockroaches are basking in the sunlight courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

    2. I think he has “new people “. A lot of them just surged over what used to be our southern border. Lots of them in CA — maybe not Rancho Mirage –but then Obama has never been one prone to details or subtlety. The Hispanic the immigrant and the entire rainbow of sexual preference — these are now his people. The black, the African Americans — conquered and so yesterday dude.

  7. From the internet. Rancho home will be a vacation place where the loving couple can meet after they split up when his term ends. Either divorce or really long separation, like forever. Lots of Golf courses near by as well.

    Reading the book “Blood feud” BO looks more like a bunny than a bear. The bear reference must be sarcasm ! LOL This book seems to say that Val Jar is the real president. She is working long hours and he is not.

  8. What hurts me so much is that Obama the money grubber sends like 48 million or billion dollars to the Palestinian terrorists so that they can buy more weapons (Obama knows that they buy weapons with the money!) BUT HE WON’T GET OUR AMERICAN SOLDIER OUT OF THE MEXICAN JAIL ‘CAUSE HE HAD SOME WEAPONS IN HIS CAR!! OBAMA IS ANTI-AMERICAN AND DEFINITELY ANTI-SEMETIC AND PRO-ARAB IF HE CAN SEND MONEY TO THE TERRORISTS THAT ARE BOMBING ISRAEL EVERYDAY BUT WON’T EVEN GET OUR AMERICAN OUT OF JAIL IN MEXICO. C’MON PEOPLE RAISE A FUSS ABOUT THAT POOR GUY STILL IN JAIL FOR NOTHING MIND YOU! THE POOR GUY IS PROBABLY GETTING SO SICK AND OBAMA LOVES THE POWER OF KEEPING HIM THERE! WHAT A CREEP. I know I am shouting but I can’t help it, everything Obama does is so mean, so dumb and he is just so greedy.

  9. The democrats are all communists now, not the American Democrat party of old. They should all move to a communist country and see how they like it, poor misguided fools and baby killers too, millions of human life in the garbage thanks to the Democrat party. Remember ,they believe in the extermination of human life they do believe in the killing of babies, having a baby is a natural thing for women not a disease — they scream it from the hilltops under the guise of WOMEN’S HEALTH? Hillary Clinton’s grandchild, hers is the only treasured life? All this fundraising? what for, to steal and fraud the elections again. What kind of people would give money to this worst president of the United States and his communist party?

    1. II see them more as fascist — corporate and state. But a quibble really with your point. The pulling back of the curtain ain’t pretty –and their hubris in their corruption is pretty astonishing.

  10. Good! It means less time to meddle, make boring pointless, dreary speeches in a weird cadence. Nobody listens to Obama except his rank and file. He should extend the trip through the weekend and play some golf. Won’t be missed and he should stay off the phone and stop bothering world leaders who are actually engaged in solving real problems. John Kerry should also join him on the golf course.

  11. He’s not allowed to use AF1 for these parties? Why does he get away with it, ’cause he’s black? or part black? Obama has more nerve than brains! No shame either, typical welfare recipients.

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