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WH: Obama Will Eat all the Cheeseburgers He Wants!

ABC White House reporter Jonathan Karl wanted to know today if maybe it was a “mistake” for ¬†President Obama to continue on his¬†merry way Thursday amid the downing of the Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine. You know, like heading to the Charcoal Pit in Delaware to wolf down a cheeseburger and then flying off to fundraisers in New York.

Well, suggested White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, the president can run the world and eat cheeseburgers at the same time!

Earnest declared that Obama will do the very same thing this week. Because this president is a man of principle, a man of constancy, and he will not be deterred from utter unseriousness.

34 thoughts on “WH: Obama Will Eat all the Cheeseburgers He Wants!”

  1. Jon should not have let Jay Jr. off the hook. Just hearing Earnest continue to refer to the empty suit as “COMANDER IN CHIEF causes me to cringe…

  2. Keith, The barbaric destruction of the Malaysian Airliner and the innocent passengers by Russia is simply a ‘blip’ and ‘irritation’ to bho who knows well Putin’s ‘reunification plans’ for the USSR which started long before the 2008 Election with the invasion of Georgia.

    The most senior leaders of Georgia came to the USA to pled for America to aid in his citizens’ resistance, because they had no standing army to defend themselves just as other small ‘break-away’ new nations that formed after the USSR ‘break-up’ were vulnerable.

    Putin, like bho, is unruffled by any international outcry against him. Others are always to BLAME’! jb

      1. What about the Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes on 3 July 1988?
        BTW, have you read the book by Michel Brun “Incident at Sakhalin” ( It proves that the USSR didn’t shot down this plane.
        The Malaysian flight was shot down over the Ukranian territory, and it hasn’t been proven yet that it was done by so-called “pro-Russian rebels”.
        In 2001 Ukraine shot down a Russian Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 over the Black Sea on 4 October 2001, en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Novosibirsk, Russia. 78 people died.
        What right have you got to say that Russia did this?

  3. Earnest lies and propagandizes as slickly as Jay Carney. Too bad Josh can’t see how foolish and ridiculous he sounds. The same with the clown in the White House.

  4. Cheeseburger in Paradise:

    I like mine with lettuce n tomato,
    The border is secure, bring me my French fry potatoe,
    Served up with some ice cold beer,
    I got a pen, so watch me sneer.


  5. Right now Obama — playing golf, eating cheeseburgers, playing the bear is loose, issuing EOs and edicts — operating at the top of his ability. These things he can do. He is a hollow mean spirited man. A man to be scorned for his arrogance and grandiosity. Barack Obama has never earned a thing in his miserable life. And he never will. The world is full of sycophants and spineless people whose self worth is stroked by idolatry and they will support him the rest of his natural life.

  6. look on the bright side Keith: the more Obama’s out doing photo ops with besotted audiences, the less time he has to make offensive comments about Israel!

  7. A few phone calls while ‘on the fly’ (literally and figuratively) is what Obama considers ‘work. It really is gobsmacking – the audacity of this sicko sociopath. His abnormal behavior is unprecedented. What the heck is going on in that WH?
    On another note, he looked unbelievably TAN this morning.. It must have been a gay old time at Camp David this weekend – round-the-clock golf and partying.

  8. And Earnest wasn’t kidding about the week to come. Most of Obama’s schedule consists of a bunch of fundraisers.

    His presidency gets more and more surreal.

  9. Another spokesflack said the Bamster will continue his busy fundraising schedule without interruption because if he were to change his schedule it would cause the public to be alarmed.

    In other words, if the public saw Obama taking his primary responsibilities seriously, we’d know that something must have gone terribly wrong.

  10. In this instance, I think the fundraisers are smoke and mirrors for why O is really flying to California. TMZ reports he’s taping a Jimmy Kimmel show. Like that’s really really important now. Another website said that the trip is because the O’s are in escrow for a $4.5m house in Rancho Mirage and Barry is carrying a check to cover the closing costs. Isn’t that what EBT cards are for?

  11. A lady in flyover country

    Obama and Michelle will take their extravagant Vineyard vacation, separate planes, of course. Again, courtesy of the poor (& getting poorer) U.S. taxpayer.

  12. Speaking for all the low-info people in my circle (family and friends), they have no idea where MrO is, or what he’s doing there. They might see a brief clip of him on TV saying something about something, but then they hurriedly look to the reality TV shows for “real” stuff.
    The WhiteHouse PR group thinks if he is shown having a burger or a shake with the little people it makes him more loveable or less imperial, but that’s assuming the low-infos even know what he’s doing – and they don’t. Don’t care either.

    All of the most devoted O-bots believe that MrsO shops at Target, that MrO is just a regular guy, and nothing will change as long as the MSM is covering for them. The low-infos don’t care what they do.

    1. The lo-info, contented-with-their-uninformed opinion people are a danger to the U.S. I know a few and they are offended if you try to bring a few facts to their attention.

    2. The media in this country is so complicit — there should be professional or legal repercussions for crossing the line between reporting and propaganda. I know this won’t happen. But the media is as responsible for all the ills that have befallen this country as the Dems and little dik.

      I see no interest in the IRS computer failure, not just Lois Lerner, or her immediate buddies, but now even obscure people within her circle and command. And yet — nothing.

      Hell in a hand basket — basket made by Obama and the Progressive Socialists and carried by the media.

  13. I wonder how long Ernest will last.

    First, streams of Gibbserish, then a Carney Barker, and now a man who’s Ernest.

    Could they have planned it to be more comical?

  14. I watch a newsman speak today who was in Israel. That was on a BBC video. I have not seen the newsman speak on Fox (from Israel), that have been covering this issue for the past week.
    Does anyone have any idea why not?

    1. Agreed Jeff. The Ministry of Propaganda, formally the MSM, are going to beat on Perry with a passion.
      But at least he took the first step.
      “The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”.

      1. Exactly, the agenda-driven corrupt mainstream media are sharpening their knives and deploying their troops.

        Mark Levin said that Perry should tell Obama to sue him. This “president” wannabe dictator needs to be mocked.

  15. Josh Earnest? That name has to be a joke, right?

    josh – to jest

    earnest – serious in intention

    Perfect name for a press secretary for this administration.

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