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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10:35 am || Meets with Apollo 11 representatives to recognize the 45th anniversary of the moonlanding
12:10 pm || Signs H.R. 803, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; South Court Auditorium
1:00 pm || Departs the White House
3:15 pm PDT || Arrives Seattle, Washington
5:05 pm PDT || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Seattle
6:00 pm PDT || Attends a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence; Bellevue, Washington
7:25 pm PDT || Departs Seattle, Washington
9:10 pm PDT || Arrives San Francisco

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of White House briefing at 11:00 am

31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 22, 2014

  1. Well, from the schedule, there are no dumbass speeches to make this work related. Maybe the Dems will have to pick up the AF1 tab on this.

    Yeah. Right.

    I hear Obamas might buy a house in CA. Not if they have to actually pay for it they won’t.

  2. My younger son and his family live on Mercer Island. Tonight he and his wife are having their anniversary dinner in Bellevue…he said they were going in in separate cars and meeting because of traffic problems on the bridge from Seattle to Bellevue now due to construction…he works in downtown Seattle and she in Bellevue….tomorrow night may be a nightmare for the locals….does Obama care???

      • Thanks.
        She will be leaving her clinic and coming home today about the time that he is getting there and crossing the bridge…she will be going the opposite direction on the bridge…if they let her on at all.
        He will see it getting out of downtown Seattle after work and coming East.
        LOL…I love them dearly but they deserve it…they voted for the person…East/West Coast liberals….she is worse than he is…we do not discuss politics but I will be unable to hold back a snarky remark this afternoon.

        • That is she will be coming home from Bellevue to Mercer Island Obama is going over to Bellevue. My son will be coming home from to Seattle with Bam going the same direction.
          I hope they told the baby-sitter they would be late.

  3. This guy’s obsession with fundraisers is just mind boggling…and he doesn’t give a crap what people think.

    And poor Josh Earnest. He has to make ridiculous excuses for Obama’s behavior and looks like a complete moron when he does so.

    This is the president of the United States?

    • This is JE’s dream job. Ticket to ride for lying to the American public on a daily basis.

      Apple computer, hired Lisa Jackson aka Richard Monroe from EPA and it looks like Carney might end up there as well.

      So, I don’t think good ole’ Josh gives one lick about what he has to do to “secure his future”. Sometimes you have to work your way up from the gutter….

      • New baby on the way–one he will hardly see–he has made his bed. I am so judgy today! My daughter is headed to the ER with a paralyzed left arm–heaven knows what THIS is–but she has no insurance and thinks she can get Medicaid even while working at Wendy’s. Should be a pleasant day. What do I care if our fun-loving president sashays around the West Coast–sorry for those caught in traffic, tho.

        • Star. I hope everything works out for your daughter. This just shouldn’t be. Anyway — good thoughts for her health and care.

  4. Hey guys No Christians left In Mosul.

    Think Obama will mention that when he attends services Sunday?/sarc Or maybe just give the bible thumpers a shout out from the golf cart?

      • Once in a great, great while. The girls are getting a little too old to be holding hands with their parents. But if I’m not mistaken, the leader of the Episcopal church across from the WH is a Latino? There might be something in it for Obama to go.

  5. Yesterday didn’t he sign an executive order about GBLT issues? And now he’s going to San Francisco? Maybe I’m just over-thinking things…

  6. One question never asked by our fearless attack dogs in the propaganda press is who exactly keeps shoveling all of this cold, hard cash into Dictator Obama’s bottomless pockets at all of these nonstop fund (bribery) events? How much is foreign money? How much is from people who have been awarded huge government contracts? How much is from government employee unions? Where does all of this money end up? How much is, in the time honored Chicago Tradition skimmed off the top? Lastly, who is paying for all of this jetting around and staying at posh hotels? Well media hacks? Do your damn jobs. For once if you have even a smidgen of integrity left.

    • Excellent questions.
      Can you imagine if SOMEONE, ANYONE in the “WH press corps” had the GUTS-BALLS-NERVE-etc. to look into or ‘investigate’ all these Obama “fundraisers”?

      -If a prominent Rep politician took a free lunch worth about $60 on a Wed. afternoon it would be the most important story in the MSM and Obama would issue a stern statement. Yet NO ONE looks into/reports about all these expensive (thousands $ a ticket) Obama “fundraisers”.

  7. Oh thank you Obama for the new don’t fire the gays law. But what happened to your gay friends of long ago from the crazy church that you went to before you became fundraiser President?