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Live Stream – Obama Statement on Ukraine

President Obama this morning will make a statement from the South Lawn on the situation in the Ukraine. His remarks are scheduled to begin at 10:50 am ET. I will live stream the event here.

UPDATE: At 11:10 am, he’s 20 minutes late. Just like for last week’s statement. Says a lot about how the country is being run.

UPDATE 2: The event has concluded.

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48 Responses to Live Stream – Obama Statement on Ukraine

  1. I think that even Putin’s tired of Obama’s “red lines, sanctions, pen and phone”, that he has Obama’s calls go directly to voice mail

  2. Have it on mute, watching his body language is giving me giggle fits. As though his hand gestures are written into his speech. He’s also looking down more than he looks up.

    I really don’t care what he has to say, he doesn’t mean it anyhow ;)

    • No issue of us doing this or that if Putin does not back off.
      In other words there is not one word stated by him this morning.
      Does anyone feel better after hearing this little chat from him?

    • He essentially blamed Putin for allowing the Russian backed rebels to not allow the international inspectors no access to the crash scene.
      Evidently they are firing weapons into the air to keep the investigators away while removing bodies and aircraft parts.
      He again said that the issue should be resolved diplomatically.
      Talk, talk, talk.

  3. IMO:
    It’s time for the non-communist and non- islamic world to stop issuing ultimatums, sanctions, threats of this or that, and start using diplomacy and tact to call for peace and compassion.
    All we’re doing is pushing these people to dig their heels in deeper, and not making any progress at all. Acting like big bullies isn’t working.
    The Russians and the Ukraines aren’t monsters without feelings or human compassion who don’t care if hundreds of bodies are rotting in a farm field. They just closed ranks when other countries wanted to know who’s to blame, who to accuse, and who to bring to justice.
    If the world had just mourned the loss, asked for the return of bodies before they pointed fingers and accusations, the current situation might have been avoided.

    Why would our President even have to say that the Israeli’s have the “right” to defend themselves? That statement and theme is insulting to a soverign nation that is trying to stop others from killing it’s citizens.
    What he should have said: Hamas and the others must stop attacking Israel. period.

    • Also as I mentioned on a different thread. All money will be cut off now.
      I don’t know what type of threat or hold Hamas has on them, or if they are going along with it. That is why we have spys, etc.
      It is the same question I ask here. What type of threat or hold is being applied to many people that go along with everything here.

    • What he should have said: I was wrong to unilaterally provide funding to HAMAS in violation of US law. I am willing to plead guilty and immediately begin serving my five year sentence in Federal prison for my crime.

  4. I suffered through the speech with the sound on. Two things of note. I agree with srdem65 that who is Obama to tell Israel how to defend itself. Raaather arrogant.

    But mostly, I gagged when Obama said he wants the people of Ukraine to be able to make their own decisions, what’s right for them, yet this is the president who won’t let Americans do the same? From Obamacare to religious rights, to what our children eat in their school lunch, to how I must not fire any LGBT employee, even if they stink. Talk about the original Double Standard.

  5. “We have to make sure the truth gets out there”
    0 & truth are beyond an oxymoron.
    I can’t really listen …that whiny voice. But the above stuck out in a recap.
    Is 0 always late for the ego boost he gets keeping “them” waiting while he plays cards, shoots baby hoops on the closed door, watches the view, wondering when he should make an appearance again? Keep ’em waiting, speak, say ‘later’ & walk off without answering any questions.

    • Take consolation in knowing that what’s trending on Twitter is that The Price is Right fans are furious that Obama’s speech preempted their show. The comments are a riot. So much for Obama being the all-important person he sees himself.

    • Obama was 26 minutes late for a seven minute “chat” behind a makeshift POTUS podium, surrounded by grass. The White House feed said his prior “event” was signing an Executive Order protecting LGBT from workplace discrimination an hour earlier. He and his staff had time to send out half a dozen tweets regarding LGBT, but not to get him to his podium on time. His next “event” was another town hall related to “My Brother’s Keeper”, where the OFFICIAL POTUS Podium went.

      Perhaps POTUS is in need of a PODI-cure?

  6. I have just read (didn’t watch or listen) that Obama is demanding access to the crash site. Now, after it has been contaminated beyond recovery.

  7. I will wait until an appreciable number of Americans are killed either by terrorists purposely targeting Americans or as a result of the many world conflicts where America has no presence power or ability to influence.

    Most likely Obama will be late then and mumble stumble and go off to a fundraiser. Fundraisers are Obama’s post coital cigarette.

    Meanwhile the invasion along our border and subsequent illegal alien resettlement throughout the land will continue. An most likely a full progressive democrat communist will rule the country through
    regulatory edict.

    • And having weakened our military and refusing to release our energy devellopment potential which would make us secure and independent America in its kumbaya welfare state isolation will be a sitting duck.

  8. Obama’s “speech” is, of course, another goofy slow roll on a current world crisis. What I don’t understand is why Obama doesn’t release information on the incredible level of corruption Putin and his buddies engage in every day. Strategically, Obama could bring the Putin regime to its knees among the Russian people if he publicly exposed, in a very dramatic way, how Putin is screwing the Russian people. That’s the way to handle this. Put Putin out of business.

    Here’s the story of Putin’s corruption.

  9. Everyone keeps forgetting that it was Barry’s administration that opened this Ukrainian void; into which Putin just waltzed into. If they would have let the protests in Kiev work out through elections BEFORE tossing out the existing government they could have avoided this. Ukraine is like Libya which is like Syria all failures. Egypt is the noted exception but only because Sisi had a backbone and full support of the military to bounce the Brotherhood.

  10. We can do nothing about Ukraine. Obama sacrificed it to Putin months ago. We can keep the good Ukrainian people in hearts and minds and prayers for they will suffer yet again in history.

  11. Just seeing him pin The U.S. Congressional Medal on Ryan Pitts, makes me cringe. Obama is not worthy to pin a medal on true heroes.