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Kerry’s Pinpoint Operation

Thanks, Mr. Secretary of State, for pinpointing the latest locus of dishonesty from within this administration.

As you may be aware, John Kerry, was caught Sunday on an open mike sneering about the Israeli Gaza operation, which was billed by the Israelis as a “pinpoint” strike.

KERRY: It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation! It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation!

AIDE ON THE PHONE: It’s escalating significantly – it just underscores the need for a ceasefire.

KERRY: We’ve got to get over there. Thank you, John. I think, John, we ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.

This is so revealing, in several ways:

1. It puts the lie to the White House contention that the administration believes Israel has “the right to defend itself,” supports its right to prevent missiles landing on its soil, and so forth. We already knew it was a lie, because the statements were vague and lacked a specific endorsement of Israel’s specific actions. But here’s the proof, laced with contempt.

2. It demonstrates that the direct impetus behind the White House quest for a ceasefire is not to stop Hamas, but to stop Israel. Kerry is very clear about who needs to stand down. It’s our Israeli allies.

3. Kerry in fact did leave for the Middle East later in the day. Who sent him? Notice, Kerry sent himself. The president at the moment Kerry was delivering these words was packing his bags to go golfing.

Funny, just before coming across this on Sunday, I had just had a conversation with a liberal friend of mine in which I acknowledged that, yes, Kerry did seem genuinely passionate about backing the Israeli operation, even if the president didn’t.


Kerry’s passion, clearly, is not for the Israelis. His and Obama’s support for them is a pose, another charade from the House of Charades. Words from this administration are merely tools for manipulating the public and advancing Obama’s interests.

The contempt is not just for Israel, it’s for you.

24 Responses to Kerry’s Pinpoint Operation

  1. Thanks Keith for putting this on for everyone to see.
    I just read on Fox News (scroll) that O to deliver a statement
    on Ukraine at 10:50ET.
    It did not mention him giving statement about Israel and their True
    intentions on the matter.

  2. Another thin-skinned bully who revealed himself yesterday on national TV.
    What is it about this WhiteHouse and their minions that they think they have the right or duty to force others into situations they alone believe is right?
    We have a duty bound honor to support Israel and protect it’s people. If the current WhiteHouse doesn’t agree with promises made by other administrations, then that’s too bad for them.
    It’s not just an anti-Israel sentiment seeping from under the doors of the WhiteHouse, it’s a full-blown anti-Semite attitude they don’t even try to hide anymore.

    SecKerry is a fool who thinks he can force others to do his will, just as MrObama believes his will should be obeyed by everyone, here and abroad, even as he castigated the USA for past actions.
    Who are we to try to prevent Israel from defending themselves from constant attacks while we kill foreigners in their own countries by use of our military and anonymous drones?
    Hypocrites, all.

    • Well stated srdem65. What I do not understand is the issue of
      us still sending money. Why wasn’t that cut off way before this past week. Hamas needs not to receive any cut of that money from us.
      That should have been the first thing out of O’s mouth within this past week. We will CUT OFF MONEY.

  3. Nice article. A searing indictment of Swift Boat John Kerry and Dictator Obama.. Never an honest word about anything or anybody with these band of serial liars. Makes you wonder how they comport themselves in their private lives with Family and “Friends”. On second thought no it doesn’t, I’ll bet their personal lives are a moral cesspool.

  4. My understanding of the current crisis was that the match which lighted it was the abduction and murder of the three Jewish youths. Everyone, including Obama, expected the Israelis to just lump it, but when a Palestinian youth was murdered in retaliation, the world including Obama came down hard on Israel. Ever since then, everything has been the Israelis’ fault, and the three dead Yeshiva students are as if they had never existed, let alone have been killed. Am I mistaken?

    • Yes it seems to me they are blaming Isreal. Hamas is firing rockets from inside homes and using UN schools to store them. They rockets found were returned to the local police who appear to be Hamas supports so basically they were given back to Hamas. All money should be cut off to them till they stop.

  5. Never could figure out the basis of Obama’s contempt for Israel, but it’s certainly been longstanding. It’s also surprising, considering the solid support that he got from American Jews in both his elections.

    Perhaps it’s related to the mutual animosity toward Netanyahu, who is probably even more hardheaded than Obama, but at least has strong leadership traits.
    Netanyahu refuses to take any crap from Obama, and I’m sure that irritates our president no end.

    Perhaps what’s most galling about all of this are Obama’s statements about our solid alliance with Israel, etc, etc. Just more lies from our guy.

      • One source of Obama’s disdain of Israel may be the sermons of Jeremiah Wright. If we remember, Wright (a close friend of Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan) often railed against “the Jews” and Israel. Sunday after Sunday. Year after year. It’s important to note that Wright was a Muslim before his “conversion” to Christianity (again). Wright’s sermons sounded like they were written more for a Wahabi congregation than for a Christian community.

  6. Can we call Kerry M. Francois Kerry? After all, I put him in the same
    catagory as the french in France who are having demonstrations
    that are anti israel and pro Islam. I will never understand the french.

  7. Also I will never understand why the liberals and the dems are always
    anti Israel. It just goes against the grain of we americans who back
    Israel. Someone explain please.

  8. True.
    Contempt tor America and even more so for IsraeI

    This administration is full of bad actors
    The transformation will be complete on two years and America ail be a socialist country with trappings but no rule of law

  9. Again Keith you are right on! Kerry sent himself? Is this what Jarrett, Michelle, Reid, Pelosi, etc.. do too in the face of no leadership? ugh. sickening

  10. Kerry is disgusting…not surprising though since this Herman Munster lookalike is just another puppet on Obama’s stage! Obama’s lack of support for Israel is a disgrace. He supports Hamas directly and indirectly…until and unless he and his Puppet Carnival are removed entirely, this country is on the way to an unrecoverable disaster.