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Yes, He Did Go Golfing

Some of you may be perplexed that there was no report of the usual Saturday golf by President Obama. Have the combined world crises finally forced a full weekend or work?

Well, you can relax. Because he did relax. Saturday golf simply became Sunday golf. Saturday he was at Camp David doing who knows what.

Obama played with three of his usual partners, White House aides Mike Brush, Joe Paulsen, and Marvin Nicholson.

For the record, Sunday was outing number 25 for 2014 – nearly a a rate of once a week, despite the coldest winter in 100 years – and 182 for the Obama presidency.

14 thoughts on “Yes, He Did Go Golfing”

  1. While O is recovering from his busy golf game he gets to hear
    Gov. Rick Perry expected to announce to deploy Natl. Guard to the border. Just heard that on Fox.

      1. And I do hope that happens in every state along the border. God bless all the people who are standing up to this invasion of illegals.

  2. Is it true that he used Marine 1 to go from Camp David to Ft. Belvoir where he played and then went back to Camp David to bring the family back to the White House?


    One thing we can all agree on is his hatred for the American way of life of free enterprise and autonomy. Obama hates this country and middle class America.

    Talk about a war on women…..Obama is now promoting education and training for black and hispanic males. And, what about poor white males? More class and racial warfare from a man who promised to unite.

  4. We need to make sure the candidates for 2016 understand that the job of POTUS is a 24/7/365 job. Taking time off is acceptable only when there is no pressing issue; otherwise, we expect them in the office working for us.

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