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Sunday Open Thread || July 20, 2014

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    1. Nothing but nothing, makes me angrier than Obama’s illegal, deliberate, malevolent destruction of our borders. Of course he knew about the CA invasion – he orchestrated it. If I lived in one of those countries I would do exactly what the invaders are going. It’s an open invitation
      What I do not understand is his apparent (non) relationship with the new Prez of Mexico. Why haven’t the WH reporters asked him about it? The invaders have to cross into Mexico and heretofore, Mexico booted them out post-haste.
      Does Obama have a secret arrangement with Nieto?

      The Obama’s were thick as thieves with the Calderons – TWO State dinners! Plus a gazillion trips back and forth over the border by both families. Malia even made that ‘unaccompanied’ trip to Mexico a couple of years ago. while Calderon was still in office.

      Something smells here. Either Obama and the wife are jealous of the movie-star looks of Mexico’s first family and choose to shun them….or it’s a conspiracy. Start asking questions, dammit! The Coyote-in-Chief is a wanton criminal!

    2. I watched the Faux-cahontas video. Those people wear their sexism right on their sleeve. Warren’s qualification? She’s a woman. That’s it.

  1. Grandson asked “why did they shoot down that plane?”.
    My answer “because they had the weapon that shoots planes out of the sky”.
    Sometimes, the Occam’s Razor answer is the only one that makes sense.
    Why were men with big guns preventing the retrieval of bodies and examination of the downed plane? occam’s razor – because they could.
    Why did a commercial airliner fly over an active war zone – because they wanted to make the trip shorter to save the fuel it would have cost to fly another route.
    All of the outrage directed at Russia’s Putin isn’t going to make him do anything he doesn’t think is in his best interests, nor will it allow the crash site to be investigated by foreign interests who want to assign blame to Russian insurgents.
    The best and probably only possible outcome to this tragedy is the return of the remains to their home countries and loved ones.

    1. There is some evidence that they were not on the correct route and that they thought it was another cargo plane, which apparently is A-OK for shooting down. What I am not sure of is why we get to say who investigates, who does what, who should not do what.

      1. What I still do not understand. Why the sheet had 23 Americans and it took so…………..long for us to verify that.
        They did not explain why such a wrong amount was listed on it.
        Yes I am grateful we did not loose so many Americans.
        As far as who investigates. O should have told Putin to back off, we lost one American to many on that flight that was shot down from a MISSILE!!!!!!
        I know previous men in office would have stated that on public TV ASAP.
        The whimpsy sanctions as well speak loud on how O feels.

        1. I don’t believe it took that long to notify relatives. Call me skeptical but I would believe they are trying to hide how many were really on board to give Obama time to find a video to blame it on.

          1. I pray for all the people from all Countries shot down by a Missile. A missile. I just made the point that I do not understand the list.

          2. The sheet that listed the passengers.
            I just don’t understand how it listed certain people.Than that changed to one.
            There may be a simple reason, such as someone picked up the wrong list.

        2. Apparently they were initially mistaken for the Aussies that were on board. By who?? I don’t know. Malaysia Airlines? US Embassy in The Hague? With Malaysia airs incompetence being displayed for the past 4 months I’d say they screwed it up but the State Dept, USEMB The Hague or the Consulate in Amsterdam should have been able to fix that SNAFU rather quickly. But when the Ambassador to The Netherlands, Tim Broas, sole qualification is “Bundler for the Obama campaign what do you expect?

      2. RT (Russian Television) sent up the balloon about “correct route” and “flying too low”. Investigations are generally under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Of course, following Russia’s downing of flt KAL 007.

    1. The Mayor and City Council of Chicago should decree that the whole city will be a “gun-free zone” and that should take care of this kind of criminal behaviour.

      1. It is gun free but those darn blasted criminals and gang members absolutely refuse to give up their gun even in a buy back. What’s a poor Dem mayor suppose to do?

    2. NBC is claiming that 40 or so have been shot so far.
      Question: what or why
      Is this just gang warfare, or personal or what.
      Why are families still living there and not hiding under an overpass or asking for asylum in Grosse Pointe?

  2. Because sometimes it’s all just too much to deal with… here’s a laugh for you. I did post this on an earlier thread this week, but it may have gotten lost.

    It’s a fake political ad for KY, but I find it ironic that even the fake ad making fun of all the money in politics wants donations!! Enjoy…

    1. PERFECT and Timely! Thanks Art.

      Now wipe that smile off your face …

      Seven Republican senators have now been linked to the racial attacks against conservative Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.
      The financial report for Thad Cochran’s super PAC was released earlier this week and contains two alarming details.

      First, it shows that the following seven GOP senators gave a total of $160,000 to Thad Cochran’s super PAC:

      1. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — $50,000 — (202) 224-2541 —
      2. Bob Corker (R-TN) — $30,000 — (202) 224-3344 —
      3. Rob Portman (R-OH) — $25,000 — (202) 224-3353 —
      4. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) — $25,000 — (202) 224-5251 —
      5. Richard Burr (R-NC) — $20,000 — (202) 224-3154 —
      6. Roy Blunt (R-MO) — $5,000 — (202) 224-5721 —
      7. Mike Crapo (R-ID) — $5,000 — (202) 224-6142 —

      Second, it shows that the PAC then gave a similar amount to a liberal group to run racial attacks against Chris McDaniel.
      These senators fully funded ads that urged Democrats to cross over and vote in the republican primary and claimed that a McDaniel win would be a loss “for race relationships between blacks and whites.”
      They also helped pay for fliers that said, “The Tea Party Intends to Prevent You From Voting” and suggested McDaniel would roll back civil rights.

      And perhaps worst of all, they helped pay thousand of dollars to Democratic activists to do so called “canvasing” to turn out votes for Cochran.

      These seven Republican senators not only supported a 41-year incumbent who regularly votes with the Democrats, but they also funded a shadowy group to get Democrats to hijack the election.

      1. I believe I heard Mark Levin talking about that list of senators and it still sickens me. I will have no choice however but to vote for the evil Mitch McConnel in the fall. I cannot vote for the Obama puppet Alison Grimes. I think if Ky had an open primary, candidate Matt Bevin would be on the ticket instead of McConnell. But, I could be wrong, because what happened in Miss. could have happened here too if that were the case. It is all so sickening. I’m more and more in favor of term limits. Period.

        1. See, now I wouldn’t, but it’s not my state and I’m not a Republican. I would just sit it out, and I wrote my Congressman, the only Republican on the Oregon delegation, that I would sit this one out unless the GOP did something about the situation in MS. The party always has that attitude: oh well, they have nowhere else to go. I hope the Republicans win the Senate but without McConnell and Cochran.

  3. Today the world celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Video of first moon landing made by American spacecraft Apollo 11, on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong took “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    1. I wish I would have saved an older black and white TV.
      So I can show my kids how we watched the landing back than.
      One person getting up to adust the antenna would have bit a wee bit of history to show along with the wonderful landing on the moon.

      1. I did not have a TV and I called a nearby bar to see if they would have it on. Like you said–black and white TV. Small. As we peered at it, I felt a tickle–a cockroach was crawling up my leg! Memorable in more ways than one!

  4. We are the ones responsible for the chaos in America.
    Many people on this site have complained about the lack of concern for the elements that are taking this Country apart.
    It is a shame that some degree of outrage is just beginning after almost 6 years with this regime in charge.
    Some say it a duty as an American to vote, I would agree with that.
    I is also a duty to know who you are voting for ?
    Too many people vote the party line without doing their due diligence.

    ****blog pimp alert*****

    We have made grievous mistakes both in 2008 and again in 2012 in electing Barack Obama.
    Perhaps the recent events will serve to wake some people up.

        1. Voting is a good start Star but it depends on who is casting the vote.
          My pays no attention as to what is going on the political front but he votes.
          When I asked him who he is voting for, he said the democrat.
          This is what we are up against.
          Willful ignorance will destroy this Country.

          1. We are the ones that allow the voter fraud to continue for instance.
            We are the ones that watch as our Country is being overrun by a Marxist regime.
            We are the ones that keep voting in the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
            All of them despise the Tea Party movement and are determined to eradicate it because of it’s conservative leanings.
            I held my nose and voted for McCain because I saw no other choice.
            I detested the fact that he was afraid to take Obama to the mat,….same thing with Romney.
            Now, look where we are !
            Our voices are finally being heard through agencies like Judicial Watch and the various Tea Party groups that are tired of being run over.

            “We the People” includes all of us, not just you.

      1. As I have mentioned I believe whoever is behind this terrible move planned that if they throw everything at us at one time it would be harder to stop.
        As far a speaking out. That is what I do not see. In public I do not see people holding a newspaper are their Phone with their head shaking or having a worried look.
        We all look like ants.

    1. What is with the “we” did this and “we” made mistakes. I did not vote for these clowns and I bet few on this site did.

      I live in a state (ca) filled with lo info voters. Even at this late date the people I come in contact are totally ignorant of what the O man has done. Not a clue and they think “he means well” . Blame the folks that did not want to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon, or the ones that fell for the 1% idea that was planted. Blame the folks that only get their info from TV or the newspapers. But not us on this blog.

      1. I agree. That that “we” (here) are so great, but many of us knew Obama was a wrong number from the jump–before the jump. The sealed transcripts, the Lightbringer nonsense, tide control, the fake Greek columns, OMG. I am not promoting voter fraud–I am not even convinced it’s significant. I did not vote for Schumer and his “like.” Are we thinking the educational system is now so bad it cannot sustain a democracy? It may come to that.

        1. My own sister is a die-hard Obama voter. We just don’t discuss–not that she is up on the news anyhow. The other day she said she knew he had screwed up, but she still would not talk about it–much less say anything like I was right or anything. Talk about a divider–this president has divided states, parties, families, ethnic groups, everything you can think of.

  5. Newt Gingrich describes Josh Earnest’s line that Obama “substantially improved the tranquillity of the global community” as a Freudian slip. He explains that what Josh is channeling is Obama’s personal tranquillity and not the reality of the world.

    In a comment a while back, I played an armchair psychologist and tried to describe what I saw in Obama’s pattern of behavior: He always runs away into his own little world when the pressure of personal responsibility mounts or when a crisis arises.

    Newt is the master at communicating what many of us are trying to make sense of in the unreasonable and dangerous behavior of this president.

          1. Call me a silly old romantic, but I love this story. Simple pleasures, bingo night, an offered lifesaver. ” To my friends who stood with me during my darkest days, brightened up the rest, and overlooked my faults, of which I have many”.
            I use that toast now and then.
            RIP Mr. Garner.

          2. Murphy’s Romance was wonderful, James Garner, Sally Field and other actors that just took your breath away. Also, recently, The Notebook — terrific with james Garner. Feel so bad about him today. He was great! A real talent and sexy too. Also, see him in Victor Victoria, don’t miss that one!

  6. James Garner passed away………

    He was in one of my favorite Political Comedies with Jack Lemon and Dan Ackroyd called “My Fellow Americans”. Jack Lemon and Garner were two ex Presidents who hated each other. They discovered a scandal in the current administration and were being chased across the U.S. Very Amusing!

    There were countless other movies and shows such as the Great Escape and Rockford Files. He had a great career and an interesting life! We should all be so blessed! RIP

      1. A true man’s man was James Garner. And I am a man. Comfortable in my manhood. Not afraid to cry…

        No wait, I was made fun of in the first grade for crying when I spilled my milk. So the crying thing is definitely out.

    1. Awe, he was great. One of the very few actors who stayed married to his one true love.
      We watch The Rockford Files Sunday nights on ME TV!

  7. I mentioned it on a previous thread. The major protest against Isreal in Paris. I pulled it up on Drudge.
    I have not heard a word about it on the MSM.
    I always wanted to visit Paris. After seeing this article, I no longer have that wish.

    1. The msm is too busy vilifying Israel and reporting the Gaza body count. The Paris protest included 3,000 rioters. There are only one million Jews living in Europe (most of which live in France about 600,000-750,000).

      There are six million muslims living in France, about 10% of the population – the tipping point.

      1. I do feel they should be noting the Israel issue and the plane issue, however at least bringing the Paris issue to many Americans attention should have been noted.

  8. I just read what Kerry rambled on Fox.
    He said O is prepared to take additonal steps: “Everything less American troops is on the table.

    1. Murphy’s Romance was wonderful, James Garner, Sally Field and other actors that just took your breath away. Also, recently, The Notebook — terrific with james Garner. Feel so bad about him today. He was great! A real talent and sexy too. Also, see him in Victor Victoria, don’t miss that one!

  9. Obama stated that he would transform this nation.

    The number of illegal immigrants entering our borders has increased from approximately 8,000 to 160,000 under the Obama administration.

    Obama has jeopardized our way of life and has placed the security, safety and welfare of all americans in danger. Purposefully.

    The taxpayer that will be ultimately responsible for providing welfare, education and Obamacare healthcare to these illegal immigrants, which means we will have to pay for pediatric healthcare, dental and vision not too mention the thousands of adults entering this country.

    Caring for our own families has become an even greater challenge under Obama ….just as he planned. Obama’s ultimate goal is to create a ruling class and a working class.

    1. Someone mentioned the other day. How thousands of people just walk on though Mexico. Than the welcome mat is just about laid for the thousands walking over the border. Our Border Patrol no longer doing the job of keeping us safe, but now given other jobs to do.
      The issue of kids is one thing. What the MSM leaves out are all the adults coming though.
      We have cameras looking down in our lap at stop lights, cameras looking down from space at us, phone calls being listened to, emails being read, etc, and our border is wide open!
      Yes someone earlier on this thread mentioned O can’t secure our border and he is going to mention to INVESTIGATE what happen with a missile and what is going on with Israel.
      A child could figure out how to secure the border.

  10. What two-faced phony politicians Kerry and Obama are, Kerry talks trash on an open mike against one of our two only allies?? And Obama says use restraint to Israel? Instead of bolstering them to get rid of a TERROR organization? Apparently, these two like terrorists because they hang out with them — traitors both of them. These two guys accept these dirty groups, its beyond unbelievable. Obama likes Putin apparently, and is afraid of him probably. This is a President for the American people? No way.

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