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Ex-Romney Spokesman Fails to Close the Door

I wouldn’t rule out a 2016 candidacy by Mitt Romney. I think it’s a very live possibility. He’s in an excellent position right now – the reluctant candidate profile works great. I’m not saying he’s playing games – he probably is reluctant to run – but he might do it.

A further piece of evidence for a run that most would probably count as evidence against a run is an appearance this week by former Romney spokesman Ryan Williams on Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg show.

Williams seems to suggest that Romney’s not running. But one of the things you learn as a reporter is to listen very closely to your subject’s words, especially if your subject is an experienced public relations operative. Such people tend to choose their words very carefully.

At no point during the interview does Williams say Romney definitely won’t run. This is what he does say:

Gov. Romney has been very clear that he is not planning on making a third run for president. He’s done it twice before. He’s put his family through this process.

A close look at the statement reveals that is it essentially meaningless and even includes diversionary information.

Romney is not planning on running. What that means merely is that he’s not sitting in the drawing room of one of his houses working up a strategy over cigars and cognacs.

He’s done it twice before. He’s put his family through this process. Okay, and so? This doesn’t preclude that he’ll put his family through the process again.

“Gov. Romney would be a very strong candidate,” Williams also says.

Uh, wait a second. That’s not consistent.

And Williams spends plenty of time talking about how Romney was right about this and that during the campaign.

It’s a non-denial dressed up as a denial. And if people keep demanding a curtain call, the star of last year’s run may well oblige them.

34 Responses to Ex-Romney Spokesman Fails to Close the Door

  1. I hope he runs. He is a brilliant leader who deserves another chance. Had it not been for voter fraud, he would’ve won. #mittromney2016

  2. I would vote for him–was the “one of his houses” crack a 1% thing? He needs to not let the other side define him and smear him. In other words, run a better campaign.

  3. Some baggage there: Romneycare in MA and he didn’t seem to want to try too hard last time around. Should have stood up to Candy Crowley and Chris Christie. Now there’s a pair.

  4. The moving finger of Fate has moved on for MrRomney ( or some old adage).
    The voters will be looking for a new, fresh candidate, just like they did when the voted for MrObama instead of MrsClinton, and then he won over SenMcClain.
    The next, best candidate will be a new face on the national scene, one with experience in a Governor’s Mansion.
    IMO, of course.

  5. Before he runs, I want to know why he put O in his place at the first debate, than backed off at the 2nd debate.
    Besides the thought that he didn’t want to look to mean, or tough.
    I don’t think that was the reason and if it was Romney would need to listen to his gut and not all the colleagues who said be nice because of _____.

  6. WTF? People were holding their noses to vote for him in 2012. There is absolutely no reason to think he is any more palatable now than he was then.
    Just say no Mitt.

  7. One huge advantage Romney would have if he ran again (and I hope he does) is that so far, any democrat candidate put forth is also white, old, and rich.The MSM can’t criticize Romney on these counts yet glorify Clinton or Warren for same. The blacks won’t come out in full force for Warren, that’s for sure, and there aren’t enough Native Americans to take her over the top. I’m not sure the black vote is all in for Hillary.

  8. I like Mr. Romney very much, and if he had been elected last time around, I firmly believe the USA and the world would be much better off today. But he’s such a nice person, far too nice and principled to fight in a dog-eat-dog campaign, as I suspect the next one will be.

  9. OH please NO ! He has been there and done that, and lost. Christians stayed home in mass last time. No reason they will vote for a Mormon this time.
    Just another rich recycled old white guy = loser !

    Dole, McCain, Romney – is this the best we can do ????

  10. Off Topic: Pull up Drudge:
    Anti Israel protesters rally across France, defying ban imposed after Synagogue clash. Thousands march though French cities.

    • Currently in Paris….have not seen any of this reported activity…just sayin’…do not put too much trust in media reports. They are all full of bologna, methinks.

  11. I would LOVE to see Romney run and take the White House. Yes, he is principled, but that doesn’t mean weak. One of the main tasks of the office is to negotiate and that is something Romney is very good at.
    I think that Christian’s would vote for Romney this time…because so many had buyer’s remorse last time (especially when they realize that almost everything that Romney said we should watch, actually happened). Yes folks, Romney was right on Russia, the Ukraine, the mid east and the economy. I think Romney would be the best president since Reagan. Please run, Mitt.

  12. Oh for crying out load go AWAY and take Sarah with you

    They are both are hurting more than helping at this point imo-

    being divisive and critical is not a strategy that will help anyone but the speakers

    We need new ideas – people willing to really put their money where their mouth is and not just talk and go back to their cozy enclaves feeling they made a difference and cashing their checks

  13. Contrary to some opinion, we don’t need a new face. We got the new face now, and it doesn’t work. We need a seasoned veteran who has managerial experience. Ideas do not produce results, action does. It would be a slugfest for Mitt, with the media of course.

    He could run on the ” i told you so” platform but that smacks of Palanesque rhetoric. If he does hit the go button, he needs to lay out a concise plan that the voter can digest. Simple and to the point. Be the fixit guy, not the gift giver.

    At this juncture, I see no other experienced manager that could successfully do the job, so yes, I would vote for Mitt.


  14. Never take a second bite out of the same crap sandwich. Romney blew it by not confronting Dictator Obama head on during the last campaign. If he had he would’ve won even in spite of the voter fraud and the IRS suppression of the Tea Party vote.

    Mitt did a real disservice to this country by not being a fighter and that is what we need in a Republican candidate.

    There are lots of much better potential candidates including Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz to name a few.

    Go away Mitt.

  15. I think there’s a lot of buyers’ remorse out there and a kind of “do-over” might make those folks feel a lot better about themselves. But it would depend on who the Dem is. Plus, it’s a tremendous advantage that Romney’s already been vetted (that is, trashed) by the media. What could they possibly say, that Harry Reid claims he didn’t pay taxes? ZzzzZZzzz.