As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || July 18, 2014

Pressure builds for mandate decision . . . The Hill
The White House needs to make a decision soon on whether ObamaCare’s controversial employer mandate will take effect in 2015.

Another Obamacare waiver! . . . Daily Caller
The Obama administration issued yet another waiver to get out of Obamacare — for all the U.S. territories. 

Obama determined to ease deportations . . . Huffington Post
As Republicans blame President Obama’s executive actions for the crisis along the border, the president assured members of his own party that he won’t back down from his plans to ease deportations.

Boehner doubtful on border request . . . Washington Post
House Speaker Boehner raised doubts Thursday that Congress will be able to fulfill Obama’s border crisis funding request before lawmakers leave Washington for their summer recess in two weeks.

GOP blasts Obama for jetliner response . . . Examiner
Republicans are assailing Obama’s decision to attend two fundraisers in New York City after 295 people perished when a Malaysian passenger jet was shot down in Ukraine and Israel launched a ground war in Gaza the same day.

McCain: White House “cowardly” . . . Politico
“It’s just been cowardly, it’s a cowardly administration that failed to give the Ukrainians weapons with which to defend themselves,” McCain said.

Obama, Putin discuss downed plane . . . Associated Press
Obama was on a phone call with Putin when news of the downed plane broke. Putin mentioned those early reports in the call, but provided no details of what the two leaders said about it.

Biden touts Lefty creds. . . Politico
“I don’t take a backseat to anyone when it comes to fighting some of the toughest progressive battles the country’s seen,” the vice president told liberals.

Paul deletes anti-Israeli books . . . Free Beacon
Sen. Rand Paul’s (R., Ky.) office deleted from his official Senate website a “student reading list” that promoted anti-Israel books, shortly after the Weekly Standard published an article highlighting recommendations.

WH gate crasher to run for Congress . . . Newsmax
Tareq Salahi gained fame crashing a White House party and now he’s looking to crash a U.S. House race after the primary loss of former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Dem base OK with Clinton but wants Warren . . . Politico
They pine for the unattainable — the crusading senator from Massachusetts — never mind that Warren has said every which way it’s not happening.

The bear is a cub . . . Free Beacon
“The bear is loose!” Obama has been saying, whenever he leaves the White House to visit Starbucks, or sandwich shops, or burger joints, or BBQ shacks, or neighborhood diners. But the bear is in Moscow.

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 18, 2014

  1. Boehner is doubtful on border request.
    I am concerned to know how many people are walking across our border today.
    Yes I know their was two major news issues between Israel and the Plane being shot down. However I am concerned how many people are walking across our border like a welcome mat was placed for them.
    The children are one issue, however the issue of many older teens and adults are coming in and being released.
    Not to mention the medical issues they may have.
    Our grandmothers still have to take off their shoes and be touched before flying.

    • All I can say is that I hope Boehner is playing games. If the Congress goes on August recess before they can deal with the request for money so much the better. Let Obama stew.

      • The Republicans are no better than the democrats if they give that miserable piece of you know what any money? Send them all back — we don’t need the diseases and the teenage militant gangs that are coming here! Republicans are no better, they do nothing, the Republicans talk and talk but all they care about is themselves — what a horrible government we have now, no one to protect the people???

  2. Make no mistake about it Obama is a bear…Yogi and his loveable sidekick “Boo Boo” Biden. They are skipping about scavenging for food while the rest of the world deals with real problems.

    • Bear my foot! He wishes he was a bear, he’s more like an organ monkey with his hand out begging for money all the time from everyone — freaking fundraisers, while people lay dying in Ukraine and the fighting going on with our BEST FRIEND in the Middle East, Israel. He doesn’t even try to hide the greed!