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Obama Demands Ukraine-Russia Ceasefire

Though he did not specifically cast blame, President Obama today said the missile that downed the Malaysian airliner was fired from Russian rebel territory in Ukraine and called for an immediate ceasefire in order to allow investigators to determine the exact circumstances of the shoot down.

The president said the US could so far confirm only one American death.

Obama spoke at midday from the White House briefing room:

In order to facilitate that investigation, Russia, pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine must adhere to an immediate cease-fire. Evidence must not be tampered with. Investigators need to access the crash site. And the solemn task of returning those who were lost onboard the plane to their loved ones needs to go forward immediately.

He demanded a peaceful settlement:

More broadly, I think it’s important for us to recognize that this outrageous event underscores that it is time for peace and security to be restored in Ukraine. For months we’ve supported a pathway to peace, and the Ukrainian government has reached out to all Ukrainians, put forward a peace plan and lived up to a cease-fire, despite repeated violations by the separatists, violations that took the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and personnel.

And he added some tough guy stuff:

Moreover, time and again, Russia has refused to take the concrete steps necessary to de-escalate the situation. I spoke to President Putin yesterday in the wake of additional sanctions that we had imposed. He said he wasn’t happy with them, and I told him that we have been very clear from the outset that we want Russia to take the path that would result in peace in Ukraine, but so far, at least, Russia has failed to take that path.

Not sure what will happen. Pretty sure it won’t be the result of demands by Obama.

12 thoughts on “Obama Demands Ukraine-Russia Ceasefire”

  1. He said the Ukrainians had reached out to all Ukrainians.
    They also reached out to us. We did not help. I think we sent those packaged meals, if I am remembering correctly.
    He did not say a word other than the sanctions. He should have told Putin no more entrance into the U.S. No more buisness deals with the U.S.
    He should have said there Pipe Line Issue will go forward today.
    Which will help us and the people who now demand on oil from Russia.

  2. All hat and no cattle.
    I’ll bet Putin is shaking in his boots.
    He had better watch it,….we could unleash the bear on him.

    1. Demands — just like his FSA and all the amnesty dreamers and illegals demand the taxpayers and government take care of them.

  3. Typical. Dictator Obama roars into the press room in the chauffeured Obamamobile, rolls down the rear window where he lounging in the back seat, delivers a meaningless, nonsensical statement that will have absolutely no effect on the latest foreign policy disaster, and figuring he’s done enough, rolls the tinted limo window back up and peels out while cracking his first icy cold malt liqour 40, signaling the start of another weekend of debauchery at Camp David. At taxpayers’ expense naturally. Ahhhh life is grand when your a Dictator.

    As worthless as teats on a bull.

  4. I seem to recall evidence indicating Obama used USAID Money to help finance the overthrow of Ukraine’s legitimate former pro Russian government. — (who are now the insurgents)

    Putin holds some pretty good cards.. The Russians now own the space race, and for all practical purposes the Space Station.. Without Russian Natural Gas..Europe could be looking at a very long cold winter.. Effectively Russian Currency is now backed by fossil fuel exports, US Currency is backed by the government’s ability to print more money

    It was just about a year ago in Obama-Kerry told us the gas attack the killed hundreds of people in Syria couldn’t possibly have been fired by Obama’s Good Rebels.. Putin said not so fast, the UN was unable to determine who fired the rockets — and a later study by MIT indicated Assad’s forces didn’t have a delivery system that could have reached the impact point from the positions they held at the time of the attack..

    I’m not jumping to conclusions…I don’t trust Putin or Obama

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