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MSNBC Gets Badly Pranked

Just a sample of the smart journalism you’ve been missing since you turned off MSNBC.

17 thoughts on “MSNBC Gets Badly Pranked”

  1. Sorry, I promised my family that I would never watch anything or anyone on MSNBC again as it raised my BP too high and caused me to rant like a crazy person.

    ot: the Preezy and his handlers have been watching the ‘net and the MSM only to find that his ‘loose bear’ photo ops are a disaster. Therefore, he will give us his opinion on the downed airliner and what he thinks about the situation in the Ukraine in about 2 hours.

  2. O’Reilly was kind to her last night, saying she probably didn’t HEAR what he said to keep on asking the guy to say more. Bernie Goldberg was O’Reilly’s guest and said MSNBC was crazy to air live a person they didn’t know who said he was calling from the Ukraine. Don’t those rubes have caller ID? I think the caller was equally astonished that his one-liner comment, which I suspect was all he figured he’d get in, got an opportunity for a two-fer. Goldberg went on to say that MSNBC should never have allowed a non-journalist to sit and report on such a huge breaking news story. However, that begs the question, does MSNBC actually hire any real journalists?? I don’t think so. They are all on-air personalities.

      1. Come on–they have some decent brains on Morning Joe, more so than F&F, anyhow. I don’t always agree, but they do some research–the ones who make me cringe or hand me an unintentional laugh are Mika, that well dressed guy we call GQ, Donny, and Robinson.

        1. Actually Star, I never watch F&F because it’s pretty much a dog and pony show with children being interviewed after they saved a cat in a tree. A waste of airtime.

          I suffer through Morning Joe but Donny drives me nuts. The GQ dude is the most rabid anti GOP of the bunch. And with Joe lately not on the same set, Mika has ruled the conversation with her eye roll and grimace. It’s a tough slog.

          1. F&F is morning entertainment just like the rest of the morning “news” shows. I cannot recall where F&F has called the show a news program.

            In total, the names I maned are their stars in prime time. The morning shows are for entertaining the late sleepers and unemployed!

        2. Imus in Morning on FBN is what I try to watch every morning :-)

          Its sarcastic, offensive, potty humor… Yet, I have learned about so many interesting books from Imus.

          –but I Luv Imus because I grew up in NJ and my mom would have Imus on the car radio (WNBC) as she dropped me off at elementary school. (no wonder my sense of humor is so messed up -LOL)

  3. What a bunch of Morons at MSNBC. I hear their new slogan is MSNBC, WE ARE SORRY FOR (INSERT HERE). Of course, you can leave off (INSERT HERE) and it works.

    How any major news network can go on the air without at least a 30 second delay is beyond me. Their need to be first with something is greater than their need to be correct. It is irritating that Howard Stern Fans do these jokes during a crisis. However, they do show how bad these news networks really are.

    Bernie Goldberg was correct. They do vett these people. The guy yesterday called himself Sargeant. Why would you put an anonymous person on the air??

    Asiana Air was another example at how lazy and stupid they are in the newsroom. Capt Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, Bang Ding Ow……… no one saw this is still beyond me.

      1. Carlson is far above anyone at MSDNC. She is not just a pretty face.

        Prior to joining FNC, Carlson worked at CBS News where she served as a correspondent and co-anchor of the CBS Saturday Early Show. While at CBS, Carlson covered breaking news events, including the Columbia space shuttle disaster, the capture of the Washington D.C. sniper, the World Trade Center attack on September 11th and the execution of Timothy McVeigh. Before her time at CBS, Carlson served as an anchor and reporter for KXAS-TV (NBC 5) in Dallas, Texas, WOIO-TV (CBS 19) in Cleveland, OH and WCPO-TV (ABC 9) in Cincinnati, OH. She began her television career in Richmond, VA as a political reporter for WRIC-TV (ABC 8).

        Carlson is the recipient of the prestigious American Women in Radio and Television “Best Series” award for her 30-part series on domestic violence and two National Emmy awards for her work at CBS News. In 1989, before beginning her career in television, she was the first classical violinist to be crowned Miss America. Additionally, she is a national celebrity spokesperson for the March of Dimes, serves on the Miss America Organization Board and is a Sunday school teacher.

        Carlson is originally from Minnesota. She graduated with honors from Stanford University and also studied at Oxford University in England.

  4. Made them look like the incompetent reporters they are. From the anchor to the booth…No one apparently fact checked this guy.

  5. Dear God, next time one of Howard Sterns groupies calls MSNBC please please let them call Al Sharpton. That would never have slipped by him and he would have put those “punk faggots”* in their place.

    *Al Sharpton quote

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