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Obama Works in a Statement on the Plane Shoot Down

Sorry about that airplane crash thing.

Before departing Delaware for fundraisers in New York City, President Obama squeezed in a word about the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine.

Note the contrast . . .

H/T to Hot Air and Mark Hemingway.

53 Responses to Obama Works in a Statement on the Plane Shoot Down

  1. What contrast? You mean the contrast where Reagan’s military personally assisted in the genocide of 75,000 people in El Salvador, personally used our planes to track unknown settlements for the soldiers of the regime to enter, detain, brutally rape all the women and children, and then proceed to slit their throats in front of their family members and burn them alive?

    That contrast?

    • Wow, what a statement! Let me see, the guerrillas were supported by Cuba and were ready to topple the government.
      Should the U.S. have stayed away and let the country fall into chaos?
      Yes, many people died but you’re not substantiating your accusations.
      Now, if we look at present-day Nicaragua, we find the dictator Somoza replaced by another worse and also a pedophile named Ortega, who has been able to amass a considerable amount of money. Greedy socialist!

    • Thank you Keith.
      I am listening to the reporter John Huddy speaking live in Israel, risking his life. I as well just listened to President Reagan speak. Meantime O is raising money.

    • Reagan, truly a man that put the President in Presidential.
      I had put money on a bet that Barry “empty suit” wouldn’t cancel his fundraiser. Truly a man for No Season.

    • No sh*t Sherlock Obama. Duh, it is a tragedy, all those passengers were murdered. But I don’t have any expectations that you will demand justice for the American victims. You must have testicular fortitude to do that.

  2. No one could view the photos already available and not be moved by the humanity, the tragedy and loss.
    Prayers and sympathy to the loved ones who lost so much.

    Who cares anymore what MrO does or doesn’t do or say about anything.

  3. After seeing the video posted earlier this week (or was it last week) about his speech “recipe”, except for that brief few seconds about the airplane, he was mixing up the same batch as on the videos before.
    “It’s great to be in ______”
    “I want to thank _____ for that great introduction.”

    He never, never, never goes off script. Even in a tragedy (and only then because he has to).

  4. To be fair, we don’t have alot of information yet. Reagan obviously had alot of info, including names of American citizens who were victims.

    • To be fair to whom? There’s a manifest. The names are known. They will be made public once family members have been contacted. Do you actually think that the State Department hasn’t notified Obama about the American body count???

  5. Fox should have left Juan Williams twisting in the wind after NPR.
    He’s defending Obama and his fundraiser and jokes and lack of anything
    being Presidential. American’s dead hey how about Joe isn’t he great!
    Shameful he’s devoid of feelings for anyone but himself.

      • Thanks Sadie – great article. I have been saying this for 7 years now. Malignant narcissism is a very serious mental disorder.

        It was so evident from the beginning, after his nomination, when everything switched to ‘me, myself, and I’. He always appeared ‘solo’ – the Grant Park extravaganza was a perfect example. He gave his acceptance speech standing on the stage without one single family member at his side. Never happened before with any other President elect. It was Obama, the Singular.

        Fast forward to today. He never shares the stage with anyone. Until Bill Daley arrived on the scene 3-4 years ago, Obama would never walk beside his wife or kids. He always deplaned a few feet ahead of them…and never acknowledged them. Daley changed all of that. Now he sorta stays in lock step with them.

        There isn’t a day that passes that the Malignant Narcissist doesn’t appear on TV – solo. Pete Souza is on call 24/7. It’s all about Obama. Even the name – it’s in the singular – Obama, Obama, Obama.

        He isolates himself in the occupied territory of the WH with his mentor and our stealth president, Valjar. It is beneath him to associate with the hoi polloi in Congress. He is, in fact, the Phantom of the White House.

        And lastly,, he needs to remind himself that he is King of the World by putting himself on display every single day for the cameras and for his devoted subjects. He is drunk with power and, most likely, pot, cocaine and other substances. He is out of control, and his actions prove it. He should be declared mentally incompetent by a team of shrinks and frog-marched out of the WH.

        (End of rant)


  6. This man Obama is not incompetent. His every word and deed is intended to weaken the U.S. and beclown us on the world stage.