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Michelle’s Unusual Blooper

Sorry, couldn’t resist this one. Have a look here to see the video.

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18 Responses to Michelle’s Unusual Blooper

  1. And?
    This isn’t shocking or unusual for our FLOTUS who, just like her husband, reads from the teleprompter without thinking about what they’re saying.
    She said the words without realizing what she said because she just parroted what was written.
    At a fundraiser, she actually said “hooray for me” when the teleprompter words were “hooray for ME (Maine).

    She is the stupidest FLOTUS in modern history.

    • LOL, I remember the Maine gaffe !

      MO needs to read Laura Bush’s book, Spoken from the Heart, and it should be required reading for all future first ladies. Her quiet elegance, compassion and humility was much ignored by the media.

      After she gets into the governor’s mansion and WH she writes about how carefully she chose her wardrobe, simply and understated, out of respect for the position of first lady and the citizens. The book was written after the Bush’s left office, so can’t help but think that was a little dig at our current FLOTUS.

    • I seem to be hearing that “sch” sound in words more and more from other people these days and it drives me bonkers. Don’t know if more people are talking that way or if I’m just tuned to it more.

  2. Keith, I’m schtruggling with your website today because of that annoying autoplay ad on the Michelle video! Non-stop flatulence.

  3. The local news folks here in L.A. were fawning over her visit yesterday…just don’t get it. One newslady remarked, “We have her to thank for making the sleeveless look fashionable…none of us in the news biz would be doing it otherwise!” Complete moron. Many L.A. news and weather ladies were going sleeveless a good three or four years before Mooch came along. Love how the Libs like to rewrite history even for stupid things like fashion trends!

  4. Um… I logged onto WHD and the heading said Michelle’s Unusual Blooper, and the video screen was showing the president making a statement…. pretty hilarious!