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Not a Care in the World

President Obama is traveling in Delaware, where he’s giving speeches.

From the press pool report:

At approximately  12:50 pm, the motorcade stopped at the Charcoal Pit, a popular, established restaurant just north of Wilmington, Del. Known for its burgers and sundaes. Obama shook hands and mingled with many of the diners, stopping at one point to pick up seven-month old Jaidyn Oates, and pose for a photo.

He invoked Vice Presiident  Biden’s name a few names, noting to some diners, “Me and Joe, we share shakes all the time,” and to others, “Biden told me the burgers are pretty good.”

Just before hugging another young girl, whose mother lifted her across the booth to hug the president, Obama asked, “Do you give good hugs?”

At 1:01 pm Obama declared, “I’m starving!” He sat down to eat with Tanei Benjamin, who wrote the president  a year ago. The president ordered a 4-ounce “Pit special,”  which is burger with fries. He asked for it to be done medium well, and to have lettuce and tomato. He also asked for a  water with lemon.

Fortunately, nothing significant is going on in the world today.

The president now moves on to New York City for two fundraisers.

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: 23 U.S. citizens reportedly on board crashed Malaysian Airlines #MH17: Interior Ministry adviser, quoted by Interfax

      1. It is being reported that Obama spoke all of 38 SECONDS about the downed flight, saying, get this, “It looks like it MAY be a terrible tragedy” . No s*** Sherlock. He gave the usual yada yada “we’ll help” NOT ONE OUNCE OF REAL SYMPATHY OF EMPATHY. Cold, detached, as if to say, the plane accident got in the way of my remarks about the bridge and might interfere with my fund raising. UGH!!!

        1. …Its no one faults the airliner was shot down, and Obama will hear about anything about this incident in the media… So please dont ask any questions to Josh Earnest until Obama has a full investigation that is complete, and then Obama will make a statement…

        2. You make an important point when it comes to understanding how Obama responds to tragedy or key events (or anything else, for that matter.) He seems pathologically unable to show appropriate reactions worthy of a POTUS. He’s mechanical in his responses, robotic. His detachment, coldness, emotionless words, flat facial expressions, inability to be believably empathetic, puzzling comments, constant self references are emblematic of something very strange rattling around in his head.

      2. Obama did not even have the courtesy to call anyone about this. Biden called the Ukraine to offer our help in investigating. If I were the head of the Ukraine I would be insulted by that. This was an opportunity for us to turn people against Putin and in favor of us, especially in Malasia. But Obama does not want a good result for us. nor does he want to interrupt any chance of idolization or fund-raising.

  2. Nothing is more important than garnering money for Democrats. He’s going to be in my state next week, closing down the freeway while wildfires rage all around him, displacing people and burning down their homes but he still has to spend taxpayer’s money to lunch with his fellow traitors.

    1. “WH press pool” = always one mile away from Obama, unless the Obama regime gives permission for a ‘photo op’.

  3. My eleven-year-old daughter takes on more responsibility than this twit.

    I wonder if anyone ever turns to Obama and says, “Shhhhhh. Adults are discussing things.”

  4. Any card-carrying Delawarean KNOWS the Charcoal Pit was good in the 1950s and 1960s when the bread was made specifically for them for the cheese steaks with slices of beef so delicious and tender – NO ONE ordered a burger! It was all about the cheese steak. Today the Pit is a run of the mill restaurant that could be anywhere. Obama got duped into going there. Ha ha ha ha.

    Langley, you been there?

    1. New Yorker,
      It has been years (late 1990s when I would go on dates) since Ive been to the Charcol Pit (just of RT.40/Pulaski Hwy) so I have no Idea what was happened to them.

  5. How can this man eat any wonderful hamburger when his wife if craming things that most of the children want nothing to do with.
    The parents and local school officials can figure out want to feed their kids without her stepping in.
    I forgot about the fries as well. Other than that He should be behind a desk doing his job.
    Did he get any photos taken of him eating?
    It still insults my intelligence when he whined that he would not go to the border because of the photo issue.

    1. He pays as much attention to her as students would like to. But Obama does not need his wife’s permission to spend money on food.

  6. off topic: Shepard Smith on Fox just announced that:
    Isreal has started defense expansion by land, sea, and air on Gaza border. Local person said firing from every direction.
    As this is going on O is raising money and eating hamburgers.

    1. All power in Gaza has been cut. Jerusalim Post said invasion has begun. They want to get to weapons storage and missiles commented by Shepard Smith.

      1. Shepard Smith on Fox got news from Sky News.
        Netanyahu has instructed Israleli Military to begin Gaza Ground Offensive in Gaza.
        Watching missiles landing now on Fox.

        1. I have heard that comment before. I usually do not watch his show. At the moment two major things are going on.
          Do you have news source online at this moment that you are watching what is going on?

  7. After reading this montage of MrObama’s actions and words today, I was suddenly hit with a sadness, a feeling of being alone here to face the world without anyone leading or protecting us.
    How can a man be more clueless, less of a leader, more Peter Pan-ish than our President is today?

    1. Srdem65 I appreciate and agree with your comment.
      He is to busy raising money.
      I am watching an attack going on in Gaza on Fox.
      Has anyone seen what is going on in Gaza on any other news channel?

  8. The World in Crisis is not important to Obama and his ‘Fun-raisers’.
    Attention has to be focused on HIM…24/7..365.!

    ‘Karma’ has a hell of a future for the Soul-less.
    The Pit-Special will be on the ‘menu”.

  9. “I’m starving!”

    Imagine if George W said that and was eating a hamburger while all this was going on today…we’d hear about it for years.

    1. I would like to know how many leaders of Country’s are raising money in the last two hours instead of looking in to what is going on in Israel and the plane being shot down by a missile.

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  11. FOX just said Biden said HE was sending a team to the Ukraine to investigate. Obama cannot even bother to pretend he is involved.

    What is the likelihood the Israelis told Obama they were about to invade Gaza? Normally I would think high but they may have been afraid Obama would call Hamas. If Israel did alert Obama in advance, then Obama should not have left on his useless trip.

    1. After obama released those terriost and I was Israel, I wouldn’t tell Obama jack! I believe that none of our (former) Allies believe or trust Obama MO.

  12. An offensive strike in the Gaza Strip, invaders on the boarder, planes falling out the sky, every Democrat govt employee emails have been lost and hard drive destroyed.

    What do you have to say, Mr President? I’m starving and it is George Bush’s fault (implied).

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