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Biden Admits “Change” Didn’t Happen

Really, it’s time to perform some neurological testing on the vice president. I even know someone who can do it.

Forget his presidential campaign. I’m concerned about what will happen if he is forced to assume the presidency during the next two and a half years.

I mean, I’m beginning to think the prospect of impeaching President Obama is a national security threat.

Speaking at the annual convention of Generation Progress, the youth branch of the left-wing Center for American Progress think-tank, Biden announced that Obama’s promised change didn’t happen – an assertion which, given the shambles the country is in, is actually, debatable – and left unsaid but clearly implied that he was the one who could fix the problem.

Look folks, this is within our power to change. Everybody says because we tried in ’08 and it didn’t happen, it’s not possible. Wrong. We’ve gone through these periods before. We’ve gone through these periods.

Folks, this is totally within our power . . . Change — change for the better — is absolutely possible, and I believe it’s close to inevitable if you’re the drivers of it.

Serious political analysts are wondering if this is an attempt by Biden to distance himself from the White House in order to help his potential run for the presidency. BUT THE VICE PRESIDENT CANNOT DISTANCE HIMSELF FROM THE WHITE HOUSE BECAUSE HE’S IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

I think, more likely, it’s a cry for help.

Biden then went on to imitate a gay waiter. According to US News & World Report:

Biden then set a scene. It’s 15 years earlier and a group of businesswomen and men are at a restaurant for lunch. “And a waiter with a distinct lisp came up and asked for their order and someone said, ‘Well let me tell you what I’d like,'” Biden said, feminizing his voice and pretending to be a restaurant patron picking on the waiter.

“Everyone around that table, although they thought it was awful, wouldn’t say anything.” Because, as Biden put it, this was “appropriate behavior” – the consensus would have been that it’s OK to make fun of someone who is gay.

“Imagine what would happen today in any major city in America if some horse’s tail said that at a luncheon?” Biden mused. “Everyone else at that table would turn around and say, ‘What in the hell are you talking about man?'”

This touching vignette was part of Biden’s attempt to pat himself on the back for getting out ahead of Obama on gay marriage by announcing he was for it while Obama was still “evolving” on the issue.

“I’d like to think I did my part for marriage equality,” Biden said Wednesday. Yes, he proved through his union with Jill that people who occasionally plunge into imbecility can have successful marriages too.

20 Responses to Biden Admits “Change” Didn’t Happen

  1. How very interesting of MrBiden to admit that things haven’t changed for the better in the US.
    Such statements bring to mind thoughts of where we would be today if the Dems had never jammed Obamacare down the throats of all Americans, but had directed their efforts to expanding Medicaide and a few tweaks of the commercial insurance industry.
    What if they had used their super majority to actually enforce and update our immigration policies, had never allowed the Feds to push funny-money into our financial system, and the many alphabet agencies has simply carried out their missions instead of attacking the American way?
    Would we be better off if all of that hadn’t happened; we’ll never know of course, but it’s something to think about.

    Suppose our Preezy had bypassed all of his foolish and childish actions and instead acted like the leader of the free world who believed that the US was really a major peace-keeper for all?
    So many what-ifs that it’s hard to realize this downhill slide of our country and a world at war happened in less than 6 years.

    • You forget how drunk with power the Dems were in 2009. There wasn’t anything stopping ACA. That legislative crap sandwich was still sitting in a desk drawer where Hillary left it in 1994, and there wasn’t any way it wasn’t getting through Congress. They put the Lord and Savior’s name on it. It was so important to them, they proudly announced that they were abandoning it “to focus on other things important to the American people” only to return to it three weeks later, when they realized that doing stuff is really hard.

  2. Malaysian Airliner shot down over Ukraine………..unbelievable……… Putin called Obama. I guess the President did not learn from the News this time. What a waste of life………..

    The really said part is in the back of my mind I wonder if our President will have the audacity to go yo a fundraiser tonight in NY.

    • I heard on the radio that he refused a question about this when he was getting ready to leave for a fund raiser.
      Jen Psaki (State Dept) claiming that is all details they have (plane went down).
      No info on issue of if there were American Citizens of flight.
      She will inform if call is made to Ukraine or Russia.
      Reporter said missle was Russian made.
      They are discussing reports and discussion but don’t have detail of this. (Separists)
      Note on bottom of screen: O was briefed on this crash.
      The reporter said that missile has been transiting to separist in Ukraine. She will check on this.
      Reporter said it has been concern about these missile.
      Broadly speaking she said they don’t have details to sepeculate who is to blame.
      She again said she cannot tell us if Americans on board till she gets details.
      I took notes the best I could.

    • Why wouldn’t he go to the scheduled fundraiser tonight? It does not affect him personally. He has important intellectuals to party with and have stimulating conversations late into the evening. After all, he went fundraising hours after our Ambassador and 3 others were murdered in Benghazi.

    • And I would wager the patrons in that restaurant didn’t make fun of him, either, as it wasn’t considered “OK” to make fun of gay people…as if 15 years ago was the Stone Age.

      Just another fabricated story to serve their agenda.

  3. While Biden may be a goof, at least he does not hate his country the way Obama does. He also gets along with Congress unlike Obama who does not seem to get along with anyone. Biden would be a big step up from Obama because he knows his limitations (I think).
    One of Obama’s biggest character flaws is his incredible arrogance coupled with massive ignorance….a very dangerous combination.