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White House Dodges Question About Whether Border is Secure

The White House today declined to endorse – though it didn’t explicitly reject – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s contention that the border with Mexico is secure.

Reid made the comment Tuesday after the weekly Senate Democratic lunch, at which possibly hashish brownies were served.

At least the White House demonstrated it’s not delusional. But it is still, of course, less than honest in refusing to admit the obvious.

This is actually painful to watch.

14 Responses to White House Dodges Question About Whether Border is Secure

  1. It was entertaining to watch Josh dance. He hasn’t had as much practice as Carney, but he’ll get the hang of it. After that dance, it leaves little doubt of the enormity of it all.

  2. What is seriously mentally wrong with these people?
    More importantly what is wrong with the people that keep voting Harry Reid, BARBARA lee, and all the other no knowings.

  3. If the press had guts….Every Day…. Every Question….

    “I have a two part question —

    Part A – Does the president believe that the border is secure and
    Part B – Insert other question of choice

    This administration shows the brainpower of 3-year olds and they should be treated as such.

  4. After Obama’s term ends, Earnest will star in the much easier role of Jim Phelps in ”Mission Impossible”.

    Although Earnest seems to be much more likeable than the smug, condescending Carney, he is repeatedly embarassed by trying to defend the indefensible.

    Obama gives him virtually nothing to work with, so his spinning looks totally foolish.,

    • What are you missing? As an honest and decent person, you’re missing a devious mind and the ability to lie, and lie, and lie some more, required attributes for the Press Secretary.

      • I mentioned quite some time ago:
        If one reporter is given an answer with no depth, the next reporter should ask the same question.
        I trying to remember the best response from a teacher when a student in class answers with a very poor answer to her queston.
        At least one response from a teacher I can remember is that the teacher rolled her eyes, and moved on to the next student who had at least read their homework.