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The Obama Morning News || Wednesday, June 16, 2014

Misperceptions behind immigration surge . . . Fox News
A new intelligence assessment concludes that misperceptions about U.S. immigration policy – and not Central American violence – are fueling the surge of thousands of children illegally crossing the Mexican border.

Republicans slash Obama border request . . . Newsmax
Republicans will grant only part of the $3.7 billion President Obama requested to address a surge of migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border, the House Appropriations chairman said.

White House defies Issa subpoena . . . Reuters
The White House said on Tuesday that political adviser David Simas would not answer a subpoena to appear on Wednesday before a congressional oversight committee, saying he was immune from being compelled to testify.

Cheney: US must prepare for another 9/11 . . . Newsmax
Terrorists are building better weapons and want to use them on the United States, so Republicans need to make sure to elect someone who will make it a priority to stop them, former Vice President Dick Cheney said.

Obama supporter backs Boehner suit . . . Washington Times
Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, will say in House testimony today that Obama is trampling the founders’ vision for the country in his push to circumvent Congress.

Five questions about Boehner suit . . . Politico
Number One: It doesn’t have much of a chance. But strange things can happen.

CBO: Dark clouds on the budget . . . Politico
The nonpartisan agency said Tuesday that it expects the deficit to begin growing again in coming years, and continue growing to levels unseen since the wake of World War II.

Obama to unveil climate initiatives . . . New York Times
Obama will announce a series of climate change initiatives on Wednesday aimed at guarding the electricity supply; improving local planning for flooding, coastal erosion and storm surges; and better predicting landslide risks.

Lew calls for “economic patriotism” . . . Politico
Treasury Secretary calls on Congress to immediately pass legislation to block U.S.-based multinational companies from moving their headquarters overseas in order to get a lower tax rate.

Obama’s travel draws ire of critics . . . Newsmax
His legislative agenda is going nowhere, but a restless President Barack Obama is traveling everywhere.

Christie headed to Iowa . . . New York Times
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey will make his most significant and elaborate return to the presidential arena this week amid indications that, despite his tribulations, his political standing has stabilized.

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || Wednesday, June 16, 2014

  1. With the Obama News this morning being but a list of socialist ideals and dreams to bring America down to her knees, I’m hijacking for a moment to take you back 45 years to 9:32 am EDT.
    Apollo 11 lifted off from pad 39a and the history of mankind was forever changed:
    I feel for our young people today having absolutely nothing of American accomplishment to look up to, to inspire them. As I reflect upon sitting in front of that RCA those 45 years ago, I realize how little this generation has to look forward to.
    We can bring America back if we want, but we better want it quick, we’re running out of time.

    • Wonderful article. I feel for my kids everyday, and wonder/worry what will they have/have not 45 years from now.
      Yes I watched all kinds of things going on at that time that were bad/however the accomplisment and achievment was there as well.
      Now: I keep track of only a terrible Long List that no one has the guts to look into.
      However everyone here brings comfort to me with at least the attention needed and the discussion what should be or can be done.

    • Thanks for the link, it’s comforting to be reminded of the good things now and then.
      My Grandmother was amazed . She remarked that she was born before the automobile, electricity, and TVs, and lived long enough to see space travel. She claimed she was so “lucky”.

      • Thanks for mentioning your grandmother. Yes a lot of us were blessed to have 3 generations to witness the lift off. At the same time compare what our grandparents and parents thoughts as well.

      • Was over in Kansas last week helping my own mother recover from surgery. She’s only 78 but it wasn’t until she was in Junior High School that they had electricity and she never did have indoor bathroom plumbing until she married Dad.
        Hard for me to picture mom not having even the basic of conveniences just back in the 30’s and 40’s but rural America was far, far different then.

    • That memory makes me yearn for those days again when astronauts were America’s heroes. Thanks, Geoff. I miss your Friday Follies.

      • Trying to get them back up. They’ve been stubbornly insisting on a summer break for some reason. (I think they’re secretly French.) I’m off to the Great Smoky Mountains on Friday but look for a Follies return August 1. Sadly I don’t expect any problem finding material.

      • Brought back memories of my days in the aerospace industry (16 yrs). Yes, I represented the arms makers by day, was in the streets on the weekends (demos). They gave me a dime and said don’t get us in the papers. But we also watched all the liftoffs in the conference room–it never got old. We felt like we were part of something.

  2. I beg to differ with Politico on the poor chance Boehner’s suit has against Obama. It is the one scandal out of all in which Congress does have “standing” because Obama arbitrarily changed so many parts of Obamacare which Congress passed and he signed into law. If the courts say a President can over-rule established law (one of Obama’s favorite expressions!), the Constitution is worthless.

    The only problem is the damn thing will take too long: Obama will be going out of office right about the time a decision comes down.

  3. I’m not surprised any more Lee. The Obama administration is corrupt and lawless with Obama as Medusa’s head and the DOJ, IRS, EPA etc as the snakes attached to it.

  4. It does not matter what the misconceptions, perceptions or whatever are…..both democrats and republicans have wasted most of the year thus far, championing the cause of illegal immigrants. Now, they are championing the cause of those coming in on this current wave, which seems endless. It is official, democrats are working for their special interests, ethnic front groups (which are all Hispanic), and the billionaires who want cheap skilled labor from India and China and the republicans who are beholden to the chamber of commerce who want cheap unskilled labor from latin america. So basically they are all sitting up in DC, doing back door amnesty or dreaming or whatever they are calling it today, and all of this on OUR tax dime. The US government and business hard at work for everyone EXCEPT the US tax paying citizen. I have an idea, in order to pay for and process and house and feed all these people….every millionaire and billionaire in the country should be assessed a “refugee tax” so that they can pay to look after the people that they want here. And leave the rest of us the hell alone. When are people going to wake up!!!

  5. just read this: The Obama administration has awarded a $50 million contract to a charitable group to buy a Texas resort hotel and transform it in to a 600 bed facility for juvenile illegal aliens.

    Is this a joke? or is this for real? there was a time when I would understand the difference but this administration is so far out of touch and Obama has stuck it to the taxpayer so much so often that I don’t know anymore.

    if that is the case, then we, the taxpayer, will be spending $83,000 per illegal alien.

  6. Just read an article that says the GOP fund raising is down because big givers are afraid of an audit! Guess the IRS is still at it!

  7. Economic patriotism?

    No, it is Washington’s version of an economic Berlin Wall.

    I am old enough to remember when Berlin was divided. I remember walking the streets of that city while the hated Wall still stood. And I shall never, ever forget one graffito on the Western side: “Halt. Hier endet die Freiheit.”

    I remember seeing images of that hated wall of stone and steel, backed with the force of thousands of bullets, being jubilantly torn down in a country so distant. Never once did I imagine that I would one day live to see a different sort of wall–a wall of theft and government avarice, backed with the force of thousands of beltway bureaucrats–being slowly put up around the very same nation that did the most to cause the fall of the Berlin Wall.