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Live Stream || Obama Delivers a Statement on Ukraine

The statement has concluded.

3 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Delivers a Statement on Ukraine

  1. Keith I would like to thank you for putting that comment by O on.
    I usually can’t stand to watch him but because of your effort I was going to watch and listen. The volume (thing) on my computer would not come on. I wiggled it, made sure it was all hooked up, etc.
    Someone fill me in on what he stated.

    • I missed the whole thing, but we can assume that MrO blathered about the doings of Russia and was ignored by, not only Russia, but every American and the rest of the world.

      memo; MrO
      We DON’T CARE about the Ukraine anymore since it seems that half of that country loves Russia. If they want it, so be it.
      We DO CARE about American borders, the IRS, the horrible VA, our military, and a whole lot more.
      We care about the USA and hope that you will quit acting as if you don’t have a clue and stop the abuses.