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Reid: The Border is Secure

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today said the border is secure.

No, not the Canadian border. Not the border between California and the Pacific Ocean. Not the border between Scotland and England.

The border between the U.S. and Mexico.

What? No, this isn’t one of my satire pieces. He said it. Have a look for yourself.

Everyone here: The border is secure. Uhh, (Sen.) Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.

Oh please, please, please give me some of what he’s smoking. I could use a break from reality too.

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37 Responses to Reid: The Border is Secure

  1. Since Obama has provided tranquility for much of the world, particularly Jews in Israel, Christians in America, the jobless, the homeless, and dogs, cats, birds, fish and spiders, we know it has to be true that our border is secure. We know all of those children that are on the news each day that aren’t citizens or legal immigrants simply appeared from outer space. Nothing to worry about people. Obama has everything under control.

    • Don’t forget those endangered mice (or rats?) that will be fenced off leaving cattle ranchers without water for their herds.

  2. i have had personal experience with a family of people like this they lived by “if I say it, it must be so”. They could have proof (as in pictures of them taken during their misconduct/law breaking) and they would live in the denial to the death! They had multiple psych evals, and were deemed mentally ill, so mentally ill that NO AMOUNT of therapy would fix them, and medication wasn’t an option because it was a PERSONALITY disorder, not a mood/brain disorder. Personality disorders are so deep seated and embedded it IS who they are. They have Anti-social, Narcissistic, Borderline Personality Disorders. Seriously think Reid needs a Psych Evaluation!!!!!

  3. bam..bam…bam…bam… (that’s the sound of me banging my head on my desk).

    This man is delusional. And I’m willing to bet this Sen. Heinrich has never even been to the border.

    • While I get exhausted with min. by min. updates of things handeled wrong. I keep thinking of all the bad leaders/people of this world. They must play our news as their Saturday Night Live Show. As we are frustrated they are having a great laugh.
      Also imagine during that time, they have started betting on the worse thing/choices that are being done/made here.

  4. Don’t know what Harry smokes, but he’s hallucinating. Last week he was convinced that SCOTUS had five white men. Crack pot or crack head?

  5. OK, I’m game, if you are.
    Of course our border is secure now. The Agents have “caught” every one of the men, women and children who stepped foot in Texas from the Mexican side of our border. We have proof of that; there are many videos and photos of all the poor, huddled masses sitting in detention centers while they are seeking safety in the arms and pocktetbooks of all Americans.
    The Border Agents have captured thousands of illegal aliens trying to enter the US but have to let them go, let them go on their way to your town, or wherever they wish.
    Of course, “secure” in most people’s minds means that no one can sneak into our country without facing deportation back to whence they came, but SenReid has his own reality.

  6. I find it really disturbing and infuriating how Reid, Obama and Pelosi can just go out and flat out lie to the American people on a daily basis.

    I find it even more enraging that the media don’t call them on their BS.

  7. Ok Reid, I propose a nice camping trip to the southern portion of Pima, Santa Cruz or Cochise County, AZ. You can bring your tent (won’t need water in Pima County as the City of Tucson places water stations down there) some food & enjoy nature for a few days. Go see how damn secure the border is!
    & don’t worry about cell service, amnesty goons have been working on satellite cell towers in case some poor confused ‘undocumented’ get lost stumbling around down there.

  8. No Keith, you do not want what Harry Reid has (at least not any time soon); it’s called “crazy old senile person dimentia.”

  9. He must have a special flap in the back of his pants to roll his tail up and hide it. I,can’t figuremhowmhe hides his horns. He is nothing but Satan in disguise.

    What pisses me off is how the press stood there and did not make a sound or challenge him. Sam Donaldson would not let him get away with that.

  10. Since it is so secure, Old Hairy should get on Old Paint and mosey on down to the border and read the illegal undocumented alien immigrants some good Old cowboy poetry.

    He’s just so damned corrupt and evil even by WDC standards.

  11. Who is that guy with the phone stuck in his face next to him?
    Where are all those people walking around him going?
    What is in the water there????
    Perhaps a little ol fashioned truth serum is required! Sickening!