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Obama Could Issue de Facto Amnesty

President Obama can offer de facto, albeit temporary, legalization to many of the 11 million immigrants here illegally, allowing them to work and operate normally in society as if they had lawfully entered the country.

According to Businessweek, Obama, who is considering unilateral actions in wake of the House’s rejection of immigration reform legislation he backs, could simply direct the Department of Homeland Security not to pursue the cases of those here illegally.

What’s more, Obama could grant them “deferred action” which, though it does not give them legal “status,” categorizes them as “lawfully present” and allows them to work. This is exactly what Obama did for younger immigrants who would have been subject to the “Dream Act,” which Congress refused to pass. Some 550,000 have qualified under the Obama plan.

According to Businessweek, Obama is under pressure to expand deferred action to those who would be covered under the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate but tabled by the House:

The National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic civil rights group, the AFL-CIO, and other immigrant advocates have urged the White House to extend deferred action—which can include authorization to work in the U.S.—to anyone who would have qualified for the “pathway to citizenship” under the terms of the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate last year.

That program would have covered people who’ve been in the U.S. since 2011 and don’t have serious criminal records, which accounts for about two-thirds of all undocumented immigrants. “These are people that we know are going to eventually be legalized by Congress,” says Marshall Fitz, director of immigration policy for the liberal Center for American Progress, who adds that polls show a majority of Americans support the Senate bill.

It’s not clear Obama will do this, though. He’ll have to weigh how much such a move would harm Democrats in November, given that immigration reform is increasingly seen as politically harmful as illegals swarm across the border.

But this is one of the major pieces of Obama’s hoped-for legacy. And he’s amply demonstrated that he’ll do what he thinks he can administratively to implement his agenda.

It may take until after Election Day, but I wouldn’t bet against a move to cement the presence of  millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, whether the border’s been secured or not. And whether Congress likes it or not.

76 thoughts on “Obama Could Issue de Facto Amnesty”

  1. “I will faithfully execute the bills that don’t pass Congress. After all, they went through the constitutional process.”

  2. From WND via Drudge –

    “U.N. seeking to intervene in U.S. border crisis” Now if that doesn’t just tick you off, what will? The UN, whose corruption is only matched by this administration’s, is going to dictate to the US how we will deal with this massive influx of illegals.

    If that’s the case, then the US needs to repudiate and pull out of the UN totally, and toss their collective butts in the Hudson.

    1. They’ve done this on other issues as well, for example, gun control. The US not only needs to pull out of the UN, we need to kick their butts physically out of our country. They are assuming that there is a world government, and they are it.

    2. They have tried to make other decisions for us too, for example, on gun control. We not only need to withdraw from the UN, but they need to be kicked out of the US in a very real, physical sense. They think there is a world government, and they are it.

        1. First, I do not believe any ‘poll’ from the far left leaning Center for American Progress! They probably asked for the office personnel to ‘raise their hands – both of them’ for their poll!

          Next, readers of WHD might consider contacting their state or the national site for information on the ‘American Laws for American Courts’ initiative that has been successful in introducing legislation in the states to pass ‘ALAC’ Acts to protect American citizens from the use of ‘foreign’ laws in their courts. They are making an impact, but that effort needs massive support before state legislatures are infiltrated by those who oppose the Constitution of USA.

          The UN would become ‘bankrupt’ if the USA pulled out their support! When Islamist nations leaders head the ‘Human Rights’ committee, it is luducrious (sp!) and an affront to every civil nation that has lost their soldiers in global conflicts in the pursuit of PEACE! jb

          1. Didn’t John Podesta, former head of the Center for American Progress, just begin work at the White House to help obama issue executive orders around congress?

  3. It may take until after Election Day, but I wouldn’t bet against a move to cement the presence of millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, whether the border’s been secured or not. And whether Congress likes it or not.

    As long as we are talking cement Obama and illegal aliens and Congress, I have a few ideas.

  4. OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    Let me get this one thing clear… You say that the great majority approve of amnesty…and yet you say that granting amnesty would hurt democrats in Nov… TELL ME AGAIN HOW THOSE TWO THINGS ARE BOTH TRUE!

  5. OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    Let me get this one thing clear… You say that the majority approve of amnesty…and yet you say that granting amnesty would hurt Democrats in Nov…



  6. It may take until after Election Day, but I wouldn’t bet against a move to cement the presence of millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, whether the border’s been secured or not. And whether Congress likes it or not.
    As long as we are talking cement AND Obama AND illegal immigrants AND Congress, I have a few suggestions.

      1. It is funny. Guess we have “cemented” our positions. Ah, what the heck.

        Anyway, this is something that warmed my black heart. There is an illegal “journalist” and “activist” who is an activist and runs around saying look at me, look at me — I am not legal, and yet here I am. Well, he got caught up in the dragnet and got arrested today. I am sure it was all a “misunderstanding”, and he will be released, courtesy of LaRaza and any dozen of immigration attorneys this guy probably has on speed dial. But in the meantime, black heart — warmed.

        1. Obviously he didn’t do any research about border states or security checkpoints before trying this publicity stunt in TX. Not much of a journalist, IMHO. He should be deported but will probably be released in a day or two and then invited to the WH for dinner.

          1. This guy is really a jerk and he is pretty well known for “tempting face” aka flaunting his illegality. That said, I was most surprised to see, at least from the little I checked, an almost overwhelming response that he should have been detained, and arrested and that some even think he should be deported. Perhaps not a big deal, but when this guy who has some notoriety is not actively supported by a left leaning (I am being kind) site like THP, it is a good little sign.

            This may blow up in Obama’s face big time — which is my fervent hope and we might be able to at least nip this, if not in the bud, at least get some control of it. Ok, not control — but awareness will bring some lazy “oversight”.
            That is, until the Republicans fold and go all in on Obama’s funding request. Against the temperament of their constituency.

            Anyhow, comments interesting.

  7. I have a feeling if he does that, there will be a huge backlash. the blacks & Mexican americans are beginning to turn against him as they all should

    1. I share that feeling. And though he may go through with what Keith fears, we can also–painstakingly–reverse that case by case after he is out of office. IF the will to do it will still be there. That’s what Obama always banks on: that in time people will just give up and let his will be done.

    2. Blacks in particular seem to be waking up to the reality that their slice of the pie is about to get much smaller. It’s a heartwarming thing to behold.

  8. 2014 will be the year the history books show the Democrat party threw their long time voter base under the bus for Latinos.

    Killing blacks chances for jobs to support illegals will be the knife in the back of that base. Well, at least those who see the issue without the glare of the lies.

    1. looks like a few more “bumps in the road” for BO and company if the Dems loses a majority of their voting base due to this. Except for the 78% Muslims who feel he is going a GREAT job.

      Next will see how many will try and vote.

  9. Right now, if I was one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fly regularly, I would be refusing to fly on any airline that has transported any of these kids, moms, what have you to other cities.

    Not as a boycott of the airline, they are just trying to make money. But for health reasons. The reports coming out of south Texas are saying that there are all kinds of diseases that many of the illegals are bringing into the country. Things from scabies to drug resistant TB. I don’t think the airlines are going to have the time or the money to fumigate their planes after transporting a group of illegals, so this is now putting the rest of the country at risk for a major outbreak of God only knows what.

    If someone else has already brought this up, I apologize. Been without internet for the past week.

    1. And you know what airline air is like. Every time my husband or I have traveled (coach), we have come down with respiratory ailments afterwards.

        1. Star, I’ve written this to you before: the government will not allow us to see the evidence. No photos, no interviews allowed on pain of prosecution. Only a few brave souls are challenging this. As for tb, you want to wait for an epidemic?

          1. We have TB already here–that is my point, Julie, for about I don’t know how many times. Maybe we haven’t heard of any big outbreaks bec there aren’t any–not bec we aren’t allowed… I have already decided not to return to another site because of the hateful and gross comments against our fellow humans. One person there was proud of using a “name” for Mexicans. Proud! The internet is making us all less than we are. Oh, well…I can’t change the world, I guess. But I sure can stay away from parts that aren’t teaching me or making me better.

          2. I don’t see the connection between worrying about the spread of disease and the name-calling. I don’t approve of the latter, but I am worried about the former. It doesn’t mean that I’m prejudiced or hard-hearted.

          3. There have been several cases of TB documented in the illegal aliens. The TB strain they’re bringing in from Central America is more drug resistant than the type seen in the US.

            One problem I see that is rarely discussed is that allowing all this illegal immigration from Central America is putting these kids in harms way. Many of the kids are being sexually abused by the coyotes. Some kids are being sold to sex traffickers. At the shelters some of the sex traffickers are trying to claim kids that aren’t theirs. The gangs and cartels are recruiting these kids also. Obama’s policies and refusal to seal the borders have enabled coyotes to make millions of dollars off these young kids. When they arrive here they immediately go to the front of the line for shelter and health care. Meanwhile, people in America, like our Veterans or poor children go without.

          4. One FOX reporter said even doctors and nurses are not allowed to being their cell phones into the processing centers. It must be horrific! Judging from the few photos that have been released, there are some bad looking hombres.
            One of my SIL’s is a teacher in the LAUSD system. He told the story of one Honduran teenager who showed up in his math class last year and didn’t even know how to sit in a chair! No joke!

    2. I did not see a suggestion for boycotting. The same idea crossed my mind with the companies that run ads with most of the MSM.
      My friends daughter is starting College. She was told she had to get a TB shot along with everyone else that attends the school.
      We have enough problems with our doctors quiting because of O Care.
      Now we have THOUSANDS of people (not just cute kids) walking over the border like they were invited to dinner.

      1. There’s a “tb shot” nowadays? I didn’t know that, but speaking of serious diseases that can be immunized against, did you know that at the World Cup they found the polio virus in one area of sewage? They could even point it as having originated in Africa. Amazing.

      1. Bec many parents are not vaccinating–this has been discussed for many yrs now…We might give the crossers whooping cough. This stuff works both ways.

        You know what I don’t get–many people travel to other countries for a vacation, countries where they don’t have immunity to all the bugs, If we think those countries are so disease-ridden, why do we go there? Every country has diseases, and many have poor sanitation–yet we go there.

          1. I don’t know where that is–but I am sure it feeds this diseased foreigner deal nicely. If American kids are all vaccinated (not), then just the crossers would be infecting each other.

        1. Here are the facts:

          “California is currently experiencing a pertussis epidemic. Pertussis is cyclical and peaks every 3-5 years as the numbers of susceptible persons in the population increases due to waning of immunity following both vaccination and disease. The last epidemic in California occurred in 2010, however, the overall incidence of pertussis has increased since the 1990s.”

          If you look at the numbers of pertussis cases by county in that document, you will see a substantial increase in pertussis incidence in Yolo, Sacramento and Solano counties. Note that, due to severe budget constraints caused by the recession, those three counties alone voted in 2009 against health clinic access and coverage for undocumented immigrants.

          Draw your own conclusions.

          1. Based on that–I say, as I said before, at least vaccinate kids and adults while in custody–they will be that far ahead of the game if they go back or encounter an unvaccinated American. It’s called ahieving herd mentality–a medical term, not an insult.

        2. Because when smart people go overseas, they check with the State Department and get the recommended vaccinations before they go, and they also take any recommended prophylactic drugs while they are there. Not saying everyone does, but those recommendations are out there and available for all.

  10. Remember the woman voter who became infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign for saying Barack Obama would “pay for my gas and my mortgage.”?

    What a difference 6 years makes.

    ‘He was not who we thought or expected him to be. Just like the Wizard of Oz, Obama has turned out to be nothing more than a man behind a curtain.” she told an interviewer.

    She also said “Truth and honesty are important, he lied about everything.”

    Obama is losing his base due to his lies for 6 years.

    1. I welcome this: Obama IS bringing us together on this one issue. Related is the story of two black women candidates outstripping Rahm Emanuel early in the mayoral race. Just wait until the Latinos come up with their own pro-amnesty candidate–all hell will break loose.

      1. A recent poll shows that Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union, would beat Emanuel by 9 percentage points if the election was held today.
        Toni Preckwinkle, President of the Cook County Board would beat Emanuel by a whopping 24 point margin.

  11. In November there is an election that even Chrissy Matthews is now conceding to the Reps taking the Senate.

    These hundreds of thousands of illegal alien “children” will be registering in your local school systems in September.

    When families see how many of the new students cannot learn because they do not speak the language, require special education, special language classes and material support, and their taxes go up to pay for it, how many will be voting for Democrats who pushed this on them without consent?

    the timing of the school start and the election cannot be good for Democrats hoping to keep the Senate.

    1. Excellent point, Sanchez.

      I read a blog post somewhere this morning contending that the numbers of illegals coming across the border now far exceeds the estimates of the administration when they planned this invasion. I think they figured that the pictures of the “poor children” would start surfacing closer to the election and tear at the hearts of people. But the illegals didn’t get the memo, streaming across the border far in advance of the schedule.

      It would be funny, if it weren’t a total disaster.

    2. Not to mention that insurance companies will be releasing their health insurance premiums for the upcoming year in September. Preliminary estimates are for increases of 12 – 25%.

  12. Off topic:
    I just read on Drudge:
    GCHQ Dark Arts: Leaked documents reveal online maniputlation, Facebook, YouTube snooping.
    A fresh set of documents released by Edward Snowden shows how the UK Intelligence agency can manipulate online polls and debates, spread messages, snoop on YouTube and track Facebook users.

  13. Keith, 11M illegals is probably a gross underexaggeration. It’s probably closer to 20-30M illegals now.

    Obama has left the door open and the lights on for the last six years for the specific purpose of gathering as many future DEM voters as possible and granting them permanent legal status (de facto amnesty) which he can do with the stroke of a pen. There is no need for ‘immigration refom’. All the illegals want is permanent legal status. The majority care nothing about citizenship, fines, or speaking English

    One reporter who actually spoke to some of the illegals who were released from a processing center said they told him they were ‘shocked’ that they were detained; they were told that they would be welcomed with open arms into the US.

    Aside from the ‘unaccompanied minors’, there are tens of thousands of adults who have slipped over the border and have already disappeared into the woodwork. It’s been going on for 2-3 years. They will never be deported…or even discovered.

    CA has a new ’15 Now’ initiative that could be on the ballot next year – raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. The bait is out there and the welcome mat is sitting on our border..

  14. If there are so many discontent with Obama’s handling of this situation and the Dreamers Act, why aren’t people flooding their reps complaining on this issue?
    I wrote and called my rep and two senators in D.C.
    I’m willing to go with others in front of my rep’s and senators’ offices to protest their lack of support for sending back this flood of illegals.
    It seems to me the situation will get worse and worse.
    I came here in 1961 and have seen the total transformation of this nation. As I was doing my daily walk, I was recalling what life was like back at that time. We’re in deep trouble.

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  16. I have an idea

    Too many Americans that truly work for a living, can’t. We have seen how many business leaders call for increased immigration.
    I am all for it and fine with it. After all who need a viable income have one.
    So why not:
    Suggest Americans submit applications for employment with EVERY company that has called for illegal immigrants, because they cannot fill their jobs!

    I honestly did apply at three of them and I was told they were not hiring. Send copies of the denials onto congress and the White house.

    1. Good idea. And I hope you send your not hiring letters to your Congresscritters as well. Let’s just hope the bureaucratic machinery moves at the rate of molasses like it usually does and you don’t go out on some blacklist….:) Hey, Obama’s Amerika and I trust no one.

  17. He’s already done the de facto amnesty by NOT deporting the known millions, by his EO “dream act” and by moving the new wave into other locations and releasing them, to ostensibly show in court eventually, which won’t happen.

  18. Obama’s legacy is in place ….the worst President ever in our history.

    Obama’s incompetence has caused great harm to our nation as our strength has been diminished. We are no longer feared nor admired.

    Rather than unite, he has created an environment of animosity and class warfare. He has refused to reach across the aisle.

    Rather than make good on his promise of transparency, he has destroyed IRS hard drives and shut the republicans out of policy meetings for the last 6 years. Obama lied to the american people with regards to the cause of the attack in Benghazi. He refused to allow Congress or the public to read the Obamacare bill in a decent time frame but chose to “strong arm” elected officials to vote for the bills passage instead. And now we know, we can not keep our doctor or our hospital and premiums will rise for most families and small businesses. Hardly a transparent administration.

    Rather than support our military as Commander-In-Chief, he chose to close down the World War II memorials to our veterans, issue ‘pink slip’ to our soldiers and officers serving abroad and lastly, and he negotiated the release of 5 terrorists for one american soldier…a soldier who deserted his post and comrades.

    Obama that will wait until after the November elections before issuing his “autocratic directive” allowing the illegal aliens to stay and work. This should take place just about the time we all receive our Obamacare healthcare premium hikes for 2015.

    History will not be kind to Obama.

    1. If the progressive social democrat marxists win again in November he will go down as Amerika’s saviour. And history books will be written by the official Ministry of Education and Agitprop.

  19. Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 (Citizenship): By the constitution of the United States, congress have power to establish an uniform rule of naturalization.

    Congress has the authority for determining naturalization, that is, how immigrants become citizens. Such laws must apply uniformly and cannot be modified by the states.

  20. Every Sheriff should declare Obama as “Persona Non Grata” in their respective Counties. They should also ban the sending of illegals to their respective Counties. All GOP Governors and truly Patriotic Governors need to tell DHS and Obama the illegals are not welcome to their states. Citizen’s should protest peacefully and peacefully demonstrate whenever bus load of illegals comes to their town or city.

  21. Look for it and worse to happen. Even after 6 years, the article should be taken seriously.

    This from the summary of “Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote in the United States? Why Not”
    By Stanley Renshon September 2008
    In recent years, a concerted effort has been gathering force to allow new immigrants to the United States to vote without becoming citizens. It is being mounted by an alliance of liberal (or progressive, if you prefer) academics and law professors, local and state political leaders most often associated with the Democratic Party or other progressive parties like the Greens, and community and immigration activists. They are working in tandem to decouple the legal standing to vote from American citizenship.

  22. I look forward to your posts, they make me smile. Not an easy to do these days. I wonder what will become of this Country. I just spent a month in New York City with family and it seems that New Yorkers are too busy with their own stuff to be aware of what’s going on.

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