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Obama to Israel: Defend Yourself! Except, Don’t.

I’m always deeply amused when I hear certain politicians – like say, the president – intone that Israel has the right to defend itself.

It’s the equivalent of when politicians – like, say, the president – avow, I take full responsibility for what happened.

Because the next sentence always provides a contradiction. How many times did we hear President Obama or former Secretary of State Clinton say they take responsibility for things that happen under their watch and then go right ahead and blame someone else?

So it is with Israel, which supposedly is out ally, the one Mideast nation whose back we always got, and whose right to defend herself we say we fully support.

Said Obama to assembled Muslims at last night’s White House Iftar Dinner:

And I will say very clearly, no country can accept rocket fired indiscriminately at citizens. And so, we’ve been very clear that Israel has the right to defend itself against what I consider to be inexcusable attacks from Hamas.

So sayeth Obama! Then sayeth Obama:

I believe further escalation benefits no one, least of all the Israeli and the Palestinian people.

That is, Israel has the right to defend itself AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T DEFEND ITSELF.

If not through escalation – i.e. military action – how is Israel supposed to ward off attack? Just crouch in shelters and pray the Iron Dome takes care of the rockets being showered upon it? Like deer in the forest hoping the rain will end?

At the same time, on top of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza that we’ve worked long and hard to alleviate, the death and injury of Palestinian civilians is a tragedy, which is why we’ve emphasized the need to protect civilians, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Certainly the death and injury of Palestinian civilians is a tragedy. And such death and injury is occurring because that’s where Hamas is hiding. Is not the warning to protect civilians, regardless of who they are or where they live little more than a demand for Israel to stand down?

Our goal has been and continues to be peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Peace and security for Palestinians? Is Israel, unprovoked, attacking Palestinians? Endangering their security?

The biggest danger to Palestinians’ security is the Hamas organization the Palestinians themselves voted for.

More broadly, however, the situation in Gaza reminds us again that the status quo is unsustainable and that the only path to true security is a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, where differences are resolved peacefully and in ways that respect the dignity of all people.

Israel is faced with a population of people, from the shopkeeper to the extremist firing missiles, who seek to plunge the Jews into the sea. Obama, when Israel is under attack, should be expressing more than caveated support. He should unequivocally make clear who the aggressor and provocateurs are, and who is the democratic ally of the United States.

Unless, of course, he’s confused about that.

Speaking from the house floor Monday, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) wasn’t the least bit confused. If only my fellow Jews who populate the Democratic Party had the same sense of clarity.

21 Responses to Obama to Israel: Defend Yourself! Except, Don’t.

  1. The Palestines, Hamas, or whatever they call themselves have been poking a lethal stick at Israel for a long time now. I commend the Israeli’s for their restraint, but to claim they have a right to defend themselves is insulting when that “right” seems to mean they should hide in bomb shelters or catapult iron balls into empty lots.

    This is all our fault, MrObama’s fault, and the fault of our sissy-fied State Department to allow the radical religous fiends to attack, by any means, a country and people we are bound to protect.
    Surely, it can’t be beyond our will or capability to once and for all defeat, destroy, and eliminate the evil-doers who wish to kill all Jews and turn Israel into a bloody desert.

  2. Let me be clear. Obama is on the side of the Islamic terrorists. Plain and simple. He always praises Islam. He never mentions their attack on Christians. He is intent on destroying the freedom of American Christian’s to practice their religion. His White House confers with Muslim Brotherhood terrorist’s. Obama is for terrorism against the defenseless unborn. Obama is pro-terrorism.

  3. Well of course the Israelis are supposed to “just crouch in shelters and pray the Iron Dome takes care of the rockets being showered upon it.” That’s how leftist respond to threats. That’s how they want U.S. subjects (we’re no longer citizens, not since Obamacare came along) to react to home invasion/riots/armed robbery, etc. Huddle and pray for police protection.

  4. yesterday during the press briefing Josh Earnest had a perfect opportunity to highlight why so many palestinians have died (ie, they’re being used as shields by hamas), but no, that wouldn’t be allowable by this administration.

    OT, I think that little punk is worse than the last little punk and could benefit from being knocked down a notch or 3 off his little pedestal.

  5. President- Muslim-Bother-Caliphate-Builder is speaking to his Muslim brothers when he says, “Finally peace is possible.” Israel’s destruction is theirs for the taking now.

  6. I always said Israel would be my choice to live,if our country doesn’t go back to being the America we once knew before Obamadinajad took over as dictator!
    I know I can’t live there,I don’t remember the reason why..but I’ve been told I couldn’t.
    Anyway,oblammer always talks from both sides of his mouth.He makes me sick! He is nothing but a liar and every BAD word you can think of!
    Thanks for listening to me vent!…ツ°

    • I don’t know why you were told you cannot. You may not be able to get citizenship, if you are not Jewish or show that a grandparent was but as far I know, there should be no problem living there.

      • Thanks Sadie for your reply.
        Well I am not Jewish,but I will check into the situation!Hopefully , I won’t have to go live in Israel,and HOPEFULLY, America , will once again will return to being the country we were all proud of. It will take a little more than hard work and may be impossible, because of what obama has done, but we can always hope!

  7. Many of you have probably seen this on MOTUS, but for those who haven’t . . .

    Obama to Israel: “You have NO RIGHT to your borders!”
    Obama to Ukraine: “You have EVERY RIGHT to your borders!”
    Obama to USA: “What borders?”