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White House: Obama Aiding World “Tranquility”

Tranquility? In this world? Planet earth?

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today spun himself right into outer space with the unworldly claim that President Obama is somehow improving the “tranquility” of the planet.

Applying the term “tranquil” to the world as it exists today is about like mixing “cuddly” and “pit bull with rabies.”

Said Earnest at today’s White House briefing:

I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the tranquility of the global community.

This is not just the latest sign that the White House has lost touch. It’s an insult to those who are on the  wrong end of a world in chaos, like the kids sent by their parents from Central America to our border, the innocents being slaughtered in Syria, and the people in Iraq who have suddenly gained the honor of living in the first Caliphate since the 11th century or whatever.

ABC News White House reporter Jonathan Karl seemed a little taken aback, quizzing Earnest about the tranquility assessment, which the press secretary wisely declined to repeat. Karl listed some of the tragedies around the world, to which Earnest peeped that, well, we’ve eliminated Syria’s chemical weapons.

Syria’s declared chemical weapons, Earnest eventually added.

32 thoughts on “White House: Obama Aiding World “Tranquility””

  1. Ok, well, um…
    Sure, the streets at Martha’sVineyard are probably tranquill for now.
    Nothing much happening on my street this afternoon, either.
    So, uh, thanks, MrO.

    What idiots live in the WhiteHouse.

  2. Keith or fellow readers. As I am trying feel better after listening to his answer,(sarc)
    I would like to ask how long is the class that is taken by a Press Secretary person to learn how to talk in circles?
    Yes I understand (sometimes) the answer may need to be long, however it seems to me that he is just going on and on. No one feels secure with the answer.
    Are the reporters punished if someone says ENOUGH! Get to the point! Stop taken up our time with your Circle Talk.

  3. I can’t even summon the energy to get mad anymore; I am struggling to find a full time job, after working part time for two years and I am officially broke. The clusterf$&ck of nonsense that passes from governing from both parties is really in outer space.

  4. Tranquility ???
    Ask the people of Israel who are diving into bomb shelters about tranquility.
    How stupid do they think we are ?
    I still say these press briefings should come with a laugh track.

  5. With every word and every deed, Obama’s Ministry of Information further beclowns themselves.

    The guy who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know is the scariest guy in any room.

  6. I’m sure you probably just forgot amid all the other crises, but let’s not forget our close ally Israel, which is being attacked from three directions while the world yawns. Obama can’t even summon up a clear condemnation of Hamas, which he continues to fund.

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  10. Until Obama I had no idea there were so many insane people, truly, truly, insane people in the Democrat Party. And Obama has managed to find the most insane of them all and hire them to fill every position in his administration.

    1. This is true at the state level, as well. They have quite a farm club.

      Google “Graeme Zielinski.” I am sure he’ll be filling some position in the Obama administration very soon. He has been a loyal footsoldier and must be rewarded for his good works.

      Going to D.C. for Democrats is like getting a swanky apartment in Pyongyang.

      1. f…ing nazis — democrats don’t believe in religion now, just the democratic party, love exterminating human babies, they are turning America into a third world country filled with scabies, tuberculosis and whatever diseases pour into our cities and towns. Just like the Nazis, believe only in the party — especially those Supreme Court women, so twisted, wanting to abort every human baby. These stormtroopers must be stopped America. The democrat party, nazi/communist party of America. And no one stops them from illegal activity and breaking America’s laws?

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  13. I’m a fairly smart guy that’s lived a relatively successfull life but I don’t know, “what the hell that even means”………….I’ll admit that those words do sound nice strung together but they are in fact just words with no meaning that make a nice sound bite for those who want to believe good things.

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