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Video Exclusive || Obama Conducts Oval Office Meeting

Another scoop. Two in one morning. Yeah, I still got it.

In honor of both Bastille Day and our president, I present to you today this surreptitiously recorded videotape of a meeting between President Obama and his senior staff. I don’t know why he is conducting the affair in a French accent, but I think both you and I appreciate that this president is a man of the world.

It appears the customary amount of progress was achieved during the meeting.

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    • X2. I have mentioned this a couple of times.
      He does not even put on a show of being busy behind his desk, going over the Long List. They could squirt a little mist on his forehead, stick a bunch of think files with empty paper in them, Have the phone in hand pretending to talk to someone important.
      So I think the film is spot on.

  1. I usually put a lot of stock in what you post, Keith, but I think you may be wrong on this one. I’m pretty sure it’s the IRS hearings.

  2. HA! Good to see they included the WH chef and golfing buddy in the important meeting. ValJ and Susan R look a little pale, but otherwise on point.

    This is OT but ironic.

    In an article on The Hill about Democrats distancing themselves from Obama there was this statement.

    “I think what you’re going to see is a lot of people following the Thad Cochran strategy: Talk about how you’ve been delivering for your state,” she said, referring to the Mississippi GOP senator who recently defeated a Tea Party challenger.

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    Very fitting considering how Cochran and Barbour colluded with the Dems and ran a thoroughly corrupt campaign still under challenge. Dems using Repubs as examples. Same same. No difference.

    We are a sinking ship with very few operable lifeboats.