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Obama Mistook ISIS for Bad ’70s TV Show

White House Dossier has uncovered the reason why President Obama failed to stop the ISIS Islamist terrorist group before it overran half of Iraq and established a Caliphate.

It was an honest mistake.

According to White House sources, Obama late last year was shown this video, which suggests clearly that ISIS is not a terrorist group at all, but the heroine of bad TV show from the 1970s.

Have a look. Note the bear in the video, which may have represented Russia to the president and his advisors, and clearly posed some peril. But ISIS actually helps the Americans in the video to neutralize the bear, and then make the bear seem kind of friendly.

This will all become clear when you have a look.

White House Dossier will be sure to keep you updated if there are further developments.

5 Responses to Obama Mistook ISIS for Bad ’70s TV Show

  1. Keith – I think that you are the young fella climbing the tree — hairline seems about the same and your ability to stay ahead of the bear also impressive.

  2. As a child of the 70s, I remember this Saturday show very well. It was paired with Shazam! (which was Captain Marvel’s catchphrase).

    I believe ISIS was the non-cartoon first female superhero on TV.
    She was hot (at least this 6 year old thought so).

  3. Off topic:
    I just pulled Drudge up, scrolled down on the right:
    Clashes in Paris as Thousands March against Isreal Ofensive.
    It states several thousand walked calmly at first. There were clashes at Bastille Square with projectiles being thrown onto police, who than used tear gas. A small group tried to break into Synagogues, in Central Paris according to Police source.